The Division

Season 4 Episode 18

Baby, the Rain Must Fall

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jun 13, 2004 on Lifetime

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  • Babies, Babies and more Babies.

    There's a lot going on in this episode. Honestly, it's a solid episode for many reasons, but the main case seems to take a backseat in importance to just about everything else.

    Noticeably this season (and the second half of Season 3) we often see the inspectors working outside their main partnerships as necessary. Here Magda and Nate take frontseat on the main case of a murdered DA.

    Jinny is also back, baby in tow. We don't see her working much on the case, but she does do some interviews here and there.

    What the case mostly comes down is looking into the DA's active cases as well as his own personal black book to try and find his killer. Especially as the man is an admitted bisexual who was recently diagnosed with HIV--and has spent much of the past several months contacting past lovers who might also be infected.

    But like I said, while this episode does entertain, it's not so much because of the case.

    However, the writers do use parts of the episode as a bit of a platform to discuss HIV and how most people are so worried about protecting themselves from pregnancy and what not, they are stupid in regards to protecting themselves from HIV--as they see it a disease of the 80's and not a real viable threat.

    I can understand some people seeing the preaching as heavy handed though the intention is meant to be good. I do have to think though it was sort of hypocritical of both Jinny and Magda however for going off on people for having unprotected sex when we know that both have had unprotected sex in the past. Jinny in particular has made it known that when she was drinking she often had unprotected sex with men she barely knew. While the sober Jinny doesn't do this, she is also rather lucky that she never wound up in a similar position, so the preaching seems rather odd from her and a few other people who could have easily seen themselves on the other side of the coin.

    Most of this episode however seems to revolve around babies. Jinny is back, and had brought baby John into the Division, but she is also paranoid as heck. Everybody wants to pick up and touch the baby, but she is leery about him catching something. Granted, it's tough to blame her at the beginning when there are about thirty people surrounding the poor kid at the beginning, however she also runs away and makes excuses when Kate, Stacey and Nate try to come near the baby.

    However, as usual, a talk with Kate helps and Jinny realizes her paranoia is normal. Oh yeah, and Kate isn't immune from paranoia either.

    One has to wonder though if Jinny is so worried about her newborn being around other people, why did she bring him to work? Doesn't Hank often work from home?

    There is also something very adorable about seeing all these big burly uniformed cops cooing over this tiny baby. Even Nate seems completeley smitten and overjoyed. Oh, and side note on Nate...he seems downright cheery this episode. Very glad to see him back on track and also cleanly shaven once again.

    Speaking of Kate's paranoia, Kate spends much of the episode paranoid about the fact that Katie Ann isn't walking. While she is advised that this is normal, it of course doesn't stop Kate from obsessing.

    Raina also has her own baby issues this episode. She has been working undercover as a hooker, but during her stint a young woman is arrested for stabbing her pimp (I think it was her pimp). However, what Raina is concerned about is the young woman is screaming about having a baby as she is being dragged away. Is this woman telling the truth? Is there a baby left home alone somewhere?

    The problem is that in booking, the young woman gets lost in the system and it takes Raina most of the episode to track her down. By the time she does she finds out the woman does have a baby who has been home alone all day without food. It is up to Raina to see if she can make it in time.

    The last subplot involves Stacey and amazingly, no babies. Stacey is looking for more real responsibility and is a bit dismayed when she finds out that Kate expects her to instead dispense a bunch of subpoenas for a case. Not exactly the kind of thing she is looking to do. But things become infinitely more interesting when one of her routine deliveries is anything but routine.

    Stacey find herself coming upon a man who has turned his gun on his battered girlfriend. As he tells an unnarmed Stacey who is trying to protect the woman, he plans on killing the girlfriend and then himself. It is up to Stacey to talk him down without the use of a gun.

    Once again, Stacey proves just how far she has come by proving successfully in getting the man to put down his gun. It's hard to feel anything but proud about how far she has come, especially in light of the fact of learning that her mom pretty much told her that she would wind up getting killed on the job for not being brave or smart enough. Bravery and brains don't seem to be a problem for this young recruit.

    The last montage is a tearjerker and is ties up all the major plot lines. Maybe it's just I'm a softie, but I admit to a few watering eyes.

    Final montages is something The Division has always used to great success at the end of episodes--usually in reference to personal storylines.

    Here we start seeing Jinny finally giving in and allowing her fellow cops to handle John. Then we see Stacey returning from her ordeal only to receive a handshake and hug from Kate. Kate is obviously proud and has earned a great deal of respect for Stacey. Then we are taken to Raina running down the hallway and finding what she has been looking for all along--the arrested woman's healthy baby. We end on Kate finally watching Katie Ann take her first steps.

    Okay, maybe I'm a sap, but the final montage was a keeper.
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