The Division

Season 4 Episode 20

Be Careful What You Wish For

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jun 27, 2004 on Lifetime

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  • The last regular episode...

    Well, this marks the last "regular" episode of "The Division". By "regular" I really mean it's the third to last episode of the series, but as the last two make up the fourth season finale (and subsequently series finale), this is our last regular go of things at Central Division.

    Since I was not a regular watcher of this show during its original run, I do not know if the writers/producers/actors knew that this was the end of the series or if they thought they were just wrapping up another season, but I have to say knowing that we are nearing the end probably does influence my reviews at this point.

    But this is a great installment and if nothing else "The Division" seems to be going out on the right note. Definitely no lacking in quality here.

    This episode is also interesting in that it has a different feel to it--both in writing and in visual style than some of the more normal case episodes. However, the different feel and style works. But more on the style after the basics are out of the way.

    A seven months pregnant woman is reported missing by her husband and her family. The husband has been gone all day and notes her missing car and keys when he gets home after a day of rock climbing.

    It doesn't take long however for Jinny to locate the car and doesn't take much longer for a search team led by Raina and Nate to discover the pregnant woman's body dumped off a ravine near the rock climbing area.

    Storywise, what's different about this case as opposed to the norm is that it doesn't take all episode to figure out who is responsible nor find the body. The body is found early on and the husband is arrested based on the initial evidence right after.

    For most of the episode, there is little doubt that the husband is the killer. It's more an issue of finding enough evidence to hold up in court and to figure out how he pulled it off, considering he was seen rock climbing at some point and his car never left the lot of the climb site.

    Raina, Magda, Jinny and even Stacey are pretty well convinced from the get go that it has to be the husband. Especially with the revelation that he has had numerous affairs during the short term of his marriage. However with not enough evidence to stand up in court, they eventually have to let him go and Kate recommends they start looking for other suspects.

    No matter though, because it is the husband all along. He tried to deflect the murder on his dead wife's sister (one of the women he had an affair with), but the gang figures it out and makes the arrest.

    Visually, the episode is different in that we are given three or four scenes of Kate, Stacey and the inspectors sitting around brainstorming and trying to come up with possible scenarios for how the husband (and possibly other suspects) pulled the murder off. As they brainstorm and speculate and the camera pans around the circle, black and white scenes are interspersed of all the various possibilities that they are describing. So in essence, we do get to see the crime in flashbacks and are introduced to our players that way.

    On the one hand you would think a case where you know who the killer is early on would be boring, but for whatever reason, this works. Probably because there is a sense of wanting to see justice served and for the inspectors to outsmart the nuclear physicist killer. Partly it also might be because the crime itself is just so heinous (ridding yourself of wife and unborn child) that it's hard to turn away so any sympathy on the part of the husband is minimal.

    Another positive about this episode is that it showcases Kate, Stacey, Magda, Jinny, Nate and Raina all pretty equally. The personal stuff is left out here, which is fine, as there will be plenty of that in the season finale leading up to the Jinny/Hank wedding. Since this is the end, it's nice to see them take equal parts and solve this crime together. While most of the cases this season have been group efforts, none more so than this one.

    Another nice touch was that for one of the first times we saw a little frustration on the part of Nate for all the male bashing going on around him from his co-workers. While the women were quick to want to convict the evil husband (who was evil here), Nate was a little more hesitant. As he huffily pointed out to Raina, not all men are evil monsters. This was a nice touch because as much as the police force is male dominated, Nate is working in a female dominated environment and at times it must get to him. Not that Nate doesn't like his co-workers, but its only natural for him to be frustrated when the women are going off on the male gender. This is the first time we saw a slight bit of annoyance from him.

    Oh, and Stacey finally tells Kate she's ready to go on patrol. All in all this was an interesting and suspenseful installment and a good way to go out for the "regular" episodes.
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