The Division

Season 4 Episode 1

Bite Me

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 11, 2004 on Lifetime

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  • It’s a season of many changes, mainly haircuts and a new officer comes aboard…

    The main case of the fourth season opener, involves a pit bull attack which kills the owner. Nate and Raina are sent to interview the wife who was also hurt in the attack. She reveals the dog attacked her first and then attacked her husband when he tried to get the dog off of her. Magda and Jinny find out that the dog was scheduled to die for killing a young boy, but suddenly was put up for adoption. After a sketch is made of the guy who worked at the shelter who sold the Breckinridge’s the dog, he is soon found and reveals that the man who died, Keith, actually wanted an aggressive dog who had killed before for his wife. Soon it is revealed that Aimee, the wife, had the dog trained to attack her husband when he raised his hand to her because he would laugh at her when the dog nipped her.

    This storyline got better as it went on, but it was a pretty weak. I did not think that the woman actually had the dog trained to kill her husband, I thought that maybe he trained it to kill her and it just went wrong. This plot easily teaches that pit bull are not man’s best friend and should not be used except for protection if it is really necessary.

    Jinny finally gets divorce papers from Jack and even though she knew it was coming, it’s still hard for her to believe. She soon finds herself chatting up the newest sketch artist, Hank, who came to help find the guy who sold the dead man the dog. After his sketch helps find the guy, he asks Jinny to an art gallery show, but she tells him she’s married. Magda convinces her to go and she does, but leaves before he gets to see her. When she returns home, she decides to finally sign the papers Jack’s lawyer sent.

    Just as I thought Jinny was finally going to move on, she goes and leaves the very hunky Jon Tenney as Hank all along at the art gallery opening. I mean I just wished she had not gone if she was going to do that. It’s clear that these two have connections and it will be interesting to see how it turns out later on. I was glad that in the end, she knew that she had to let Jack go and that she really did need to move on.

    Kate is looking for a new Police Services aide and is not having much luck. She meets a potential candidate, Stacy Reynolds, but she really is not quite what she is looking for, or so she thinks. After seeing Stacy take down a man in the restaurant across the street she frequently visits, she realizes that Stacy might just be right after all.

    This plot line was probably the weakest of all. It basically existed only to show why Amy Jo Johnson was now a member of the cast. Hopefully, she will what skills she has soon because so far, she is pretty boring. She definitely will not be a suitable replacement for C.D.’s character, as basically she has Raina’s old job. However, I wonder if she’ll be as good at it as Raina was?

    Nate finally returns to work after taking a leave of absence after C.D. was shot. He soon finds out that Kate has assigned him a new partner, Raina. Apparently, C.D. decided to resign and Nate is not taking this new partner idea too well. He and Raina are soon sent to investigate the pit bull attack. Soon Raina keeps bugging Nate about what happened between him and C.D., which he does not want to talk about. Eventually, Nate tells her that C.D. broke up with him, in a note and said she wanted nothing more to do with the job or anything with it.

    Well, I kind of felt sorry for Nate after he revealed what C.D. did to him. However, that so does not explain why he has to look that bad. I mean he needed to shave and wake up and realize it was over. I guess I’m upset because the writers waited until Tracey Needham was about to leave to make them see how much they cared for one another. Also, what’s up with everyone changing their hair. It was not just Nate, Raina and Magda also changed their look.

    I have to say that this was a pretty weak season opener, especially since it is the last one. I really hope that this does not prove that this season is going to be really horrible. In my opinion, it could have been better even though they did tie up some old ends.

    Final Grade: C
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