The Division

Season 3 Episode 18

Body Double

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jun 15, 2003 on Lifetime

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  • Bland and confusing plot, but great information about stroke warning signs...

    This episode kind of jumps back in forth but basically centers on to storylines, one involving all the cops searching for missing tissue samples that if found could help send a woman to prison and the other involving Kate’s last interview before being named the new Chief of Police.

    In the main storyline, it turns out that tissue samples were stolen from a lab that included one for a major case taking place in the city. A woman is accused of poisoning a male teacher because he gave her a bad grade. However, it was not just the sample for that case that was stolen but many others as well. C.D., Nate, Magda and Jinny must interview all parties involved in the “living” case to find out who may be involved in the missing evidence. As the interview process goes along, it’s clear the main suspect is the woman’s father, especially after interviewing the woman in jail about his possible involvement. However, after interviewing a security officer, it turns out her was paid off by another man, who happened to be interviewed by C.D. and Nate. This man’s wife mysteriously died from a heart ailment that no one knew about and he got $5 million in insurance off of her. It’s soon revealed though that the man‘s (who is a successful plastic surgeon) wife did not guy and now they must find out who’s the man actually killed and why did he want the sample stolen. C.D. soon discovers that one of the doctor’s pro bono patients was transformed from complete facial disfigurement to looking like his wife and it turns out she’s been missing for a while. Eventually, the girl’s father is arrested for trying to have the sample given to him, while all the doctor can get arrested for is insurance fraud.

    These parts of the episode were semi-confusing to me because they just kept jumping back and forth between having the girl’s father steal the samples to the doctor having them stolen. I did not expect that the doctor actually surgically made a woman look like his wife so he could gain $5 million in insurance, but it seems plausible. It was too easy to think the father would somehow be involved as well because what wouldn’t one’s parent do to keep their child out of prison, whether they did the crime or not. The only good preformance in all this was the dead woman’s sister revealing how she accidentally disfigured her. I personally did not care for this plot at all, as this was one of the weakest of the series, in my personal opinion.

    The storyline involving Kate’s possibility of being Chief of Police is more interesting. Kate has been interviewing many times for the position and it’s time for the final one. She has everything covered, but she has not been feeling well all day. She has a headache and is having problems reading material which she blames on her eyeglasses needing a re-up. As the episode goes on, her symptoms begin getting even worse, including not being able to hold a cup or a pen without her hand shaking. She gets a moment’s relief after finding out that the meeting was supposed to have with the mayor’s chief of staff wasn’t another grilling interview, but a meeting informing her that she got the job. Raina finds out and ends up telling the whole gang what happened. As she does, Kate begins feeling worse and ends up not being able to speak correctly and collapsing at the end of the episode.

    Bonnie Bedelia gave a wonderful performance in this episode, even though she was not in it that much. She had to convey basically the beginning signs of having a stroke coupled with finding out she had gotten a new and important job that no other women in a major city has, Chief of Police. This episode is important for all women and even men to see because the signs of a stroke can easily be brushed off as being something else, which’s Bedelia’s character was convinced of herself. These parts of the episode perfectly reveal just how a stroke can occur and how the symptoms do not have to hit you all at one time.

    As for the episode in whole, I did not enjoy it. This would probably rank to me as one of the weakest of the entire series, but did have moments of being informative as the trigger symptoms of Kate’s stroke are ones that everyone should know about.

    Final Grade: C+ for entire episode, but an A- for informative information on strokes.