The Division

Season 4 Episode 8

Book of Memories

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 14, 2004 on Lifetime

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  • Focusing on just how child abuse, whether sexual or physical, can affect a person for life...

    This episode is unique in that although the storyline involves child abuse, and the effects of it later on in life, the producers chose to include real-life people who had been abused as children to bridge the scenes together. This made the storyline even more powerful than just the script alone.

    The main storyline involves an adult woman who has accused her father, in court, of sexual abusing her as a child. After her father is let go on a technicality, he is later found murdered and obviously the daughter is the prime suspect in his death, especially since she said she would kill him as he walked out of court. To me, it was obvious from the beginning that the father would end up dying and the daughter would be blamed for saying she wanted him to die. However, this did not take away from the story and it actually enhanced it by effectively showing just how child abuse can affect people as they become adults.

    Soon, however, the new suspect is Diane's brother, who is the new suspect after Diane was found at a women's shelter and he was the one who brought the father home after the trial. I suspected that it would be revealed that the son had also been abused by the father. He tells them that he planned on killing him because he finally remembered what he had done to him, but that he could not do it.

    When it was revealled who the killer was, I kind of suspected that it would be either the children\'s mother or adoptive father. In the end, it was the adoptive father and he did it by taking his ex-wife\'s key to Gilman\'s house and killed him out of anger for what he had done to his "children" and his wife. I knew the adoptive father was acting very suspiciously, but I suspected that it was to protect his wife who I thought had killed her ex-husband. I did however, never for once believe that either of the children were involved, because it would be too simple for a complex show like this.

    I loved how Raina's storyline actually tied into the episode. It worked because she had just found out that her biological father had died and she had been sent his personal affects. In a way, Raina was abused because her existance is only because her biological father raped her biological mother when she was a teenager. I also enjoyed how Stacy convinced Raina to keep her father's belongings and that she should not be afraid to fast her past no matter how bad it was because it could only help in the future.

    The real life stories were especially effective to this storyline. Seeing real child abuse survivors, both male and female, showed all just how child abuse ends up making decisions for them in life later on, good or bad. I was so shocked to hear that many of them had never told anyone what happened to them before the ended up doing the interview to be aired on the show.

    In the end, the entire episode was brilliantly conceived and protrayed in it's intentions. After viewing it, it made me realize just how many children in this country must suffer like this every day and never say anything. It also made me thankful that I never had to experience anything like this when I was a child. After viewing, I feel, if someone was abused it could possibly help them tell another about their situtation and they could get it off their chest.

    Final Grade: A-