The Division

Season 3 Episode 16

Extreme Action Figures

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jun 01, 2003 on Lifetime

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  • Reminds me a lot of the subplot of the second season episode "Illuisions"....

    This episode starts with the Division having to investigate the death of an 18 year old male found in a dumpster while Jinny and Magda are searching for a weapon for another case. C.D. is forced to partner with Raina because Nate is having a “personal day’ which is code for he is with Lily, Magda’s little sister (who actually is portrayed by Lisa Vidal’s real sister, Tanya). It is soon revealed when the teen died he had steroids in his system and was last seen at the gym working out the night before he was found. Nate is sent into the school undercover as an assistant coach to try and discover where the teen could have gotten the illegal drugs. The boy, Kyle’s, girlfriend reveals that he stopped using steroids six months prior and that the rest of the team made fun of him when he quit using them. Soon, his mother finds bottles of steroids under his sister Rachel’s bed and she reveals she got them from a girl at school and that they come from Mexico, which happens to be where the man who owned the gym Kyle was last seen at has a house. The man who owned the gym revealed that he called one of Kyle’s classmates, John, about telling him to keep his mouth shut about the steroids because Kyle had just found out that his sister had gotten them as well. Eventually, it’s revealed that a player named Charley killed Kyle because if Kyle quit the team he would be first string.

    The only kind of subplots there were for this episode involved Kate asking Jinny about her “flu” she had which kept her out of work. It’s clear that she knew that Magda and Jack had staged some sort of intervention, but did not let Jinny know that she did. It’s clear that Kate just wants the best for Jinny and is proud that she finally is back on the wagon again. The other involved Nate and Lily’s relationship as Nate still cannot admit to Lily that he loves her like she loves him. However, it’s clear that he actually loves C.D. and she loves him, but neither can admit it to one another.

    This episode is not really anything the show hadn’t done before. In fact, they did an episode just one season prior about a 16 year old boy who uses Ecstasy at a party and dies from using the drug. Not long after that, it’s discovered that his sister has the drug in her room as well. The plots were basically identical in that since and that one of the kid’s classmates was involved. It seemed to barely skip just how dangerous the use of steroids can be. Also, the C.D./Nate/Lily storyline is wearing thin and it’s clear how this is going to end up.

    All in all, this episode was basically average and not that interesting to watch. To me, it was just filler for the rest of the season. It was also a way to use all the characters, but it was not done too effectively, in my opinion.