The Division

Season 4 Episode 19

Hail, Hail, the Gang's All Here

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jun 20, 2004 on Lifetime

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  • Rival Gang Wars--Yawn

    Honestly, for whatever reason I could not get into this episode at all on any level. So this will probably be a short one.

    The case was about an escalading gang war in San Francisco with various members of the two gangs winding up dead. Really though there is somebody behind the scenes trying to start a gang war, or at least, there is somebody else behind the murder of one of the gang members.

    Really, I'm not quite sure I understood the whole thing but I was also hardpressed to care. Maybe because it was hard to have sympathy for any of the gang members who view killing as the answer to everything, even if they weren't responsible for this particular killing.

    About the only notable thing in the case is the presence of Tangi Miller as the nosy headstrong reporter who keeps getting in the way of the inspectors. Mostly this is notable as she is best known for her role on the tv series "Felicity". Series regular Amy Jo Johnson was also a regular in the early seasons of "Felicity" though the the two don't share any scenes here.

    On the personal side, it's all about Stacey. While the growth of Stacey has been an interesting storyline this season and she is a welcome addition to Central Division, I'm not sure she's strong enough as a character to yet carry a whole episode.

    I thought the Stacey subplot would have been better served if it was shortened and interspersed with another personal storyline. Perhaps Nate. It seems since we last saw him beat up by Suzanne's husband we haven't heard anything about him on a personal level. With the show almost over and only a few episodes remaining, it seems more than likely the Nate story arc will be left up in the air. He seems happier and looks better, but the writers sort of left us in a weird place in regards to his personal journey.

    Back to Stacey though. Her boyfriend that she left at the altar is back, but just as controlling is ever. However Stacey insists to a doubtful Raina that he has changed. It is obvious he hasn't.

    Stacey is also ready to talk to the Captain about becoming a full fledged police officer. Evertime she tries to talk to Todd (boyfriend) about it, he puts her off and brings the conversation back around to him.

    Then somewhere in the middle after Todd goes on some fancy schmancy job interview, he pretty much insists that Stacey end her feud with her parents and invite them to dinner. I'm not exactly sure why it was Todd's place to do this, but she goes along with it though she has doubts.

    Well, her parents don't dissapoint. They are just as obnoxious and faux uppercrust as we expect and they hate Stacey's career choice. Akward dinner abounds--especially for Raina who is subjected to this whole mess.

    Finally Stacey is smart enough to kick Todd to the curve and do what she wants to do.

    Again, while the Stacey subplot is fine, I think it was just too much Stacey at once.

    About the only amusement I got from the whole thing was Raina's attempt to lighten the mood through the extremely awkward and uncomfortable dinner. Poor Raina just kept trying to change the subject. But yeah, that was about the only enjoyment I got from the hour.

    I'm usually a big fan of this show, so it's rare when a hour disappoints. I just don't think this was one of the finest.