The Division

Season 4 Episode 9

It's the Real Thing

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 21, 2004 on Lifetime

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  • Jinny\'s Big News, Nate Makes a Friend--All in all a so-so episode.

    Season 4 brought a lot of changes to \"The Division\". Some good, some bad. By this point in the series, I\'m watching more so for the personal storylines following the cops and inspectors we have come to know over the past two or three seasons more so than the actual cases--and I suspect that I\'m not the only one.

    Overall, this episode disappointed a bit. The drug case just fell flat. It was boring and sometimes with this show the more mediocre cases are often lifted by stellar performaces from the guest actors and regular cast. Not so much here. The guest cast failed to make any impression whatsoever. I didn\'t really care what happened to any of these people. The storyline particularly suffered coming on the heels of the poignant \"Book of Memories\".

    That said, I mostly tuned in to see Jinny\'s (the always underrated Nancy McKeon) big reveal to Hank (the always sexy Jon Tenney) that she was pregnant with his child.

    Before I go further I do have to comment that the handling of Nancy McKeon\'s real life pregnancy has been a little weird. I like the writers writing it into the show and making Jinny pregnant, but by the time the writers have Jinny make her big reveal in this episode Nancy looks to be about seven or eight months pregnant. While Nancy has been obviously pregnant this entire season, often hiding behind desks and large coats, for the first time in this episode you really notice how much fuller her face is and how far along she really is. It\'s not that she looks bad of course, but it just sort of shoots down the credibility of the scenes when Jinny tells Kate, Hank and by accident, Nate. Part of me wants to shake the shocked looks from their faces and ask them how could they have not noticed.

    What I did enjoy:

    The Jinny/Kate scenes were a nice touch. The hypothetical discussions about combining single motherhood with being a cop, Kate allowing Jinny to make the decision when to come off the streets and playing dumb until then. Kate\'s obvious happiness for Jinny and for how far she has come and Jinny looking to Kate for advice. The relationship between the Cap and Jinny is always one I have enjoyed.

    The Hank reveal was funny albeit nonsensical. Truthfully, I have no idea why Jinny decided to tell Hank they were having a baby not only at the police station, but at a time when she didn\'t even have time to discuss it. Was that on purpose? Otherwise, Jinny\'s babbling, Hank\'s look of utter bewilderment, and Nate\'s similar look after interrupting at the wrong time were quite hilarious.

    The Magda/Hank scene was nice. As usual Magda is the biggest cheerleader on her partner\'s behalf.

    I also liked that Jinny turned down Hank\'s proposal. Jinny is being very careful this time around and it is obvious she doesn\'t want to screw this relationship up. She definitely seems to have her head screwed on straight and that is just so great to see considering where she was only the season before. There is no denying they love each other, but she wants to make sure they are together for their own reasons and not just because of the impending baby. They are together, they are happy, but they are not getting married...yet. Have I mentioned I love the newly empowered Jinny?

    I also like the developing Stacey and Raina friendship. Raina has always been one of my favorite characters but I had to laugh at seeing her trying to deal with the overeager Stacey and her being on the other side of the table from where she was only a year or two prior. It was only last year where Raina was a bit overeager herself and Jinny was the one telling her to shut up. Seems it\'s now the seasoned Raina who gets to fill this role for Stacey.

    What I didn\'t enjoy:

    Nate subplot--I just can\'t care about his rolls in the hay with a married woman. I get the guy is supposed to be lost this season after his relationship with CD blew up in his face. I can see him totally being into easy sex and superficiality because we know where he feels being serious about a woman got him. However, I don\'t really buy him getting involved with a married woman just for the thrill. Couldn\'t he do the same with any woman who isn\'t married? Maybe if it were anyone other than the trashy Suzanne. Not to mention I thought the actual sex scene was a bit too much and out of place for this type of show.

    I also think Nate is becoming downright unlikeable at times. He\'s not very responsive to Raina (his new partner) and I also thought he was rather rude to Hank in this episode. The male bonding was a nice touch as very rarely do we have two male characters on this show in the same scene who aren\'t suspects and who are considered \"good guys\", however why was he on his high horse and filling the poor bewildered Hank with how it\'s more than likely his relationship with Jinny won\'t work out? Cut the poor guy a break Nate.

    So all in all, a boring case sprinkled with some nice moments in between.

  • If you saw the 2000 film "Traffic", then you've already seen 3/4 of this episode....

    Nate and Raina have to investigate a case of a drug mule who had been bringing in a ton of cocaine in to the country and they soon find out the drugs are coming from Columbia. Now from this point on, the storyline was basically 90% directly taken from the script Stephen Gaghan wrote for the 2000 Oscar winning film, "Traffic". I mean there's the pregnant, very beautiful pregnant wife, who speaks with a foreign accent, who along with her child (here it happens to be a girl) watches her very rich husband who has provided them very well being dragged away by the cops. I mean the writers were so unoriginal, that they even named the man "Carl", just like in "Traffic" and the 1989 British miniseries it was based on "Traffik". They also made sure to include a scene in which the woman is so desperate for money, that she contacts her bank and is told that all her assets were frozen because they were drug money. Now, if no one ever saw "Traffic", this would probably be all new to time, but for some one who owns 2 different DVDs of the film and has seen it over 30 times, I know the plot extremely well. By the time, the writers "decided" to show the scene where the wife goes to jail and talks to her husband all alone, I was physically laughing out loud because I knew exactly what the husband was telling her, even though we could not hear it.

    Now even though, the wife Lisa was kidnapped (which did not happen in the film), the death of the key witness sure enough did and the fact that it was the wife who called for hit was blatantly stolen from both films. The ending, in turn, was also different, in that the wife was arrested for murdering the drug dealers who her husband worked for, the rest of it was basically the Carl/Helena Ayala storyline from "Traffic". In the end, the wife just wanted her old, rich life back ala Helena. I mean you would think that the writers could have found a way to be a tad more original.

    The rest of the plot ended up involving Jinny finally telling Hank that she is pregnant with his child. The look of Hank's face said more words than I think he could have come up with. I loved when Nate walked in on the conversation and was as shocked as Hank was. Now the mentioning of Nate brings me to fact that Nate ended up falling head over heels for a nurse at the hospital where the drug mule was and it will be interesting to see how this ends up playing out, although I'm sure it will not be in the best interest for Nate.

    All in all, I have to give this episode a bad rating because I had already seen 3/4 of it produced and written 100x better on the big screen. The episode was quite possibly one of the most unoriginal written episodes I've seen on TV in a long time, and that's saying a lot.

    Final Grade: D
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