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  • A short life for a great show

    What a tragedy that the show had such a short run. Nancy McKeon was terrific as Jinny especially in the episode "The Intervention". I truly pray someone has the good sense to release it on Bleu-ray so we die hards can enjoy the series for years to come.
  • ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!! Let it go way too soon!

    This show was one of the best on Lifetime. I can't believe they let it go! :( My favorite character was of course Jinny. The way she had so many flaws and how she handled them were the best part of the show. Keeping the show strictly about crime but involving their personal lives as much as possible was fantastic! Truely terrific show that ended before it began! :(
  • The Division is truly the best police show ever brought to television.

    I'm a big fan of the Facts of Life, and I wanted to see what Jo looked like today in real life. I heard that she was in The Division, a late night early 2000s show on Lifetime Channel. So I put it on one night, and ended up falling in absolute love with the show. I just got out of school for summer vacation, and almost never missed a night of watching this show. I look forward to it every night.
  • The Division was the best cop show ever and it is truly a shame that it got cancelled. With its fantastic cast (with the exception of the abominable Jon Hamm) and great writing, it had 4 great seasons.

    I started watching The Division in season 2 and rarely missed an episode from then on, all the way to its final episode. I fell in love with most of the truly amazing characters, lovable and compassionate Raina, intelligent and real Captain Kate, loving Magda, naive but lovable Stacy, and poor, poor Angela, who nobody else seemed to like. I truly disliked others--that horrid Jinny whose behavior sickened me throughout the show's entire run (although I am a huge Nancy McKeon fan and found her acting to be unbelievably amazing) and annoying, arrogant Nate (who I was neutral about during the 2nd and 3rd seasons but his unprofessional "makeover" in both personality and looks made me hate him ever so much in the 4th season). The episodes themselves almost all were fantastic. A few that stand out are the absolutely fantastic series finale that couldn't have been any better, the penultimate episode in which a pregnant woman is killed by her husband, who nearly manages to frame his sister-in-law, the season 2 episode where Raina and other people are being held hostage in a bus, and the season 3 episode where Raina meets her biological mother and learns that she is the daughter of a rapist. The Division changed enough throughout the years that I never got tired of it--even though the departures of Lela Rochon and Tracey Needham upset me. I still record the repeats and enjoy watching the show's run over and over again. Although I now watch many, many shows, The Division is really the one that got me hooked on television. I'm thankful that I've had the chance to see every episode of this underrated and widely unknown gem of a show that would've been another hit crime drama had it aired on CBS.
  • A show that could have gone on for years...

    The Division was a spectacularly written, directed and acting television show. Many have written it off because of the fact that it aired on a women's channel (Lifetime) and proceeded to believe that it had to be sappy. However, this was not the case at all.

    All of the actors were exceptional and wonderful to watch. With a cast that included Bonnie Bedelia, Nancy McKeon and Lisa Vidal, how could this show have gone wrong? Although, I will say that Jon Hamm sometimes got on my nerves a little, especially during season 4. However, it was clear by watching them that even with cast changes over the years, the actors got along great together and had a pleasant time making this fine show.

    The storylines were great and many of them took turns that I would not have expected, which is something that I love while a show. I also enjoyed the fact that during each episode, we saw a little bit about each character's homelife, which I don't know if we would have seen if this had been a major network series. Personally, I think the show worked out much better on a cable channel as they could focus more on these aspects.

    This show was prematurely taken away and I feel could have easily went on for at least 2 or more seasons, but every show does have to end. Everytime, I see it on though, I have to watch it, even if I have to tape it at night and watch it the next day.
  • A show cut short before its time.

    A show cut short before its time. I used to love to watch the Division. The cast were all great. They all made you believe who their characters were and how they they interacted with each other. The story lines were great as well. It was one of the few current shows that had all female detectives working on crimes. i loved the idea of showing how much stregnth it took to do that kind of work and deal with personal life as well. Having an alcoholic in the main cast trying to maintain her life to balance her job and life showed the challanges many face. The show could have gone on for many more seasons in my opinion.
  • Captain McCafferty and her felony division investigate crimes in San Francisco. The cops personal and professional lives play throughout the Lifetime origional series.

    When this show first premired on Lifetime in 2001, I refused to watch it. It was on at the same time and the X-files, thus competition for Mulder an Scully, so I did no watch the Division. After the X-files ended, I had nothing to watch! I gave the Division a try b/c I love Bonnie Bedelia and loved the show! The cops personal lives are more interesting than their professional ones, but it\\\'s one of my guilty pleasures.