The Division

Lifetime (ended 2004)





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  • A show that could have gone on for years...

    The Division was a spectacularly written, directed and acting television show. Many have written it off because of the fact that it aired on a women's channel (Lifetime) and proceeded to believe that it had to be sappy. However, this was not the case at all.

    All of the actors were exceptional and wonderful to watch. With a cast that included Bonnie Bedelia, Nancy McKeon and Lisa Vidal, how could this show have gone wrong? Although, I will say that Jon Hamm sometimes got on my nerves a little, especially during season 4. However, it was clear by watching them that even with cast changes over the years, the actors got along great together and had a pleasant time making this fine show.

    The storylines were great and many of them took turns that I would not have expected, which is something that I love while a show. I also enjoyed the fact that during each episode, we saw a little bit about each character's homelife, which I don't know if we would have seen if this had been a major network series. Personally, I think the show worked out much better on a cable channel as they could focus more on these aspects.

    This show was prematurely taken away and I feel could have easily went on for at least 2 or more seasons, but every show does have to end. Everytime, I see it on though, I have to watch it, even if I have to tape it at night and watch it the next day.
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