The Division

Season 3 Episode 13

Rich Girl Poor Girl

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 04, 2003 on Lifetime

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  • Great character development of Magda and Jinny...

    In this episode, Magda and Jinny are sent to investigate the disappearance of a rich girl. Quickly, Jinny believes the girl is not missing but has run off being a typical teenager. This all changes after a phone call from the kidnappers saying they have Julia

    Back at the precinct, Kate, C.D. and Nate try to help find the girl as well as find the ransom money as the father is not as rich as everyone thought. It's quickly discovered that the girl was a heroin user and her car was found abandoned in a drug area of San Francisco and that she had called there many times on her cell phone.

    While investigating the home, C.D. and Nate are shocked to find Julia walking through the door meaning that the kidnappers took the housekeeper's daughter, Rosie because Julia sent her to pick up the drugs.

    Eventually, with the help of Julia, Rosie is found safe, but a little shattered.

    However, the best parts of this episode did not involve the kidnapping plot at all. Instead they consisted of wonderful development of the characters, Magda and Jinny. JInny (Nancy McKeon)is still dealing with her prescription drug problem and it's clear it's beginning to take it's toll on her. She is constantly irritable and cranky to anyone who crosses her path, either worried parents or her own co-workers. One could actually believe by watching this that McKeon had actually gone or was going through this, in her real life. This is especially evident in the scene in which she steals the Oxycontin from a stash she found in one of the kidnapping suspects cars.

    Another powerful Jinny scene also involved Magda (Lisa Vidal). It's clear that she and her husband Gabe are still having problems even after Ben's leukemia has gone in remission. She admits to Jinny, after getting caught lying about a phone call, that the reservations she made to dinner were not for her and Gabe, but for the doctor who treated her in the hospital after she was shot in the previous episode. Jinny tries to convince her that it's a bad idea because of all the bad relationships she has gone through. However, Magda admits that she cannot get over Jonah (the doctor) and is going to go out on the date because he makes her feel happy. This scene showed just how much the characters care for one another and really became a turning point for the character of Magda as she finally showed that she knew what she needed and was going after it.

    Final Grade: B+