The Division - Season 3

Lifetime (ended 2004)




Episode Guide

  • Acts of Betrayal (2)
    Jinny vows to avenge her brother's murder. Kate pays a visit to The Division and has mixed feelings about a new boss taking over. CD tells Nate her fears of almost losing him after he nearly got shot. CD & Nate go to a bar to meet a suspect but end up in a shootout. Raina thinks about dating Johnny. Magda ends her affair with Jonah. Jinny into Ray the man who killed her brother. Kate thinks about leaving her job until she finds out that the new boss is planning to fire Jinny. In a season-ending cliffhanger, one of The Division is shot.moreless
  • Hearts & Minds (1)
    Hearts & Minds (1)
    Episode 21
    Jinny learns that Jack will move, the team watches a crime about to happen. Kate begins her recovery. Magda tells Jonah she might be having a baby, Jonah isn't ready for kids. Kate comes home from the hospital CD & Nate try to catch prisoners who escape custody hurting Nate. Jinnny & Magda talk about if she will have a baby while waiting for Gina Bracken. None of the team likes the new captain because he wants everything done by the book. Gabe is disappointed that she isn't pregnant. Kate asks to be updated on things, she can't get used to having a stroke. Jinny leans that the gun that was used to kill a Marshal also killed her brother John.moreless
  • Thus With a Kiss I Die
    Jinny & Raina into the deaths of two lovers, the parents of the kids now deal with the news. Magda must decide how handle her relationship with Jonah before Gabe comes back. The crime goes from suicide to murder suicide. Mrs. Johnson is told her son Rob, may have shot Tara because someone tried to get away. Magda wonders if she is pregnant with Jonah's baby, Jinny believes she isn't. Lilly wants to plan a party for Nate, but finds out he loves CD.moreless
  • Diagnosis
    Episode 19
    Kate is in the hospital & can't feel her arm she doesn't want anyone to know she is ill in hopes of being Chief Of Police. Kate wonders if being Chief of Police is possible. Magda starts to hope Jinny will get help, CD & Nate want answers as to why Mia (the lady online) who may have fallen in love with Thomas Clark. Jinny sees a therapist and finds she will need pills and worries about being hocked again, Kate will need surgery to remove an artery. Kate is alone and wonders if things will go well.moreless
  • Body Double
    Body Double
    Episode 18
    Kate gets close to being named Police Chief and asks everyone to not say anything. The team tries to find stolen evidence that was to be used in trial. They wonder if Evan took the evidence & Kate looks at EKG charts but doesn't see the red line. The team wonders if the doctor killed his wife Mary for money but Mary is alive. Nate & CD talk with Mary and ask if she knew why a dead body was used to commit Insurance Fraud. Kate is told she is Chief of Police but her problems is just starting.moreless
  • Castaways
    Episode 17
    A woman running a homeless shelter is holding protest and will need to move it because police think the owner could be hiding a murderer but she says she didn't kill the person. The witness says he saw a black man run away. Raina tells Kate she has a half brother and is excited about meeting her mom. Kate wonders if a resident may have killed Thomas Harper. Martha reed could lose her shelter because she has no license to run it. Raina run to her mom and finds out that it her mom wants Raina out of her life and giving her up was for good because Mrs. Newland didn't want Raina showing up at the front door. Kate checks out the shelter and is asked to write a letter to the zoning board to keep the shelter open, Raina looks through high school yearbooks to find a picture of her mom. The police talk with a suspect who may killed Mr. Harper, Raina learns Caroline lied to her because she was raped for five hours and when Raina was born she found it hard to look at her because Caroline saw the face of her attacker in Raina's face. Kate asks why Martha didn't call police when a resident was covered in some else's blood Caroline gives a family album to Raina to find her dad, Martha reed uses a resident to protect the shelter and finds the resident didn't kill Mrs. Harper's son Raina finally sees her dad.moreless
  • Extreme Action Figures
    The team learns that a a high school senior Kyle died due to a blow to the head and was killed somewhere else. Kyle's mom and sister identify the body. CD and Raina find Kyle's blood by the school while looking for his bike thinking he went home after his workout. Kate gets the toxicology report saying that steroids where in his body. Nate looks for the file on Kyle that talks about his training record. Angie talks with Jinny who says Kyle stopped taking steroids 6 months ago. The coach tells Nate that Kyle was going to be second string because he wasn't making good plays. CD and Jinny talk with Charlie who was mad that Kyle quit the team. Kyle's mom finds steroids in Rachel bedroom. Raina & CD meet Jack who says the reason Kyle was a threat was because he found out that his sister Rachel was using steroids. Jinny goes to confession and wonders why God to her mom away and she wonders if she can trust God and finds that God was always with her.moreless
  • Baby It's Cold Outside
    Jinny is finally ready to quit her addiction to pills, but without help. She finds out that is going to be hard to do. Jack & Magda each stay by her bedside telling her what will happen as her body craves the drugs. Jinny is about to go for what she thinks will be an easy ride. Magda blames herself for not noticing anything wrong. Magda worries that Jinny could lose her job. Meanwhile a daughter learns of her mom's death. Jack and Magda think Jinny will need 3 three days to kick the worst of her drug habit. Jinny begins feeling the effects of the withdraws of the drugs. New evidence is found against the husband ( whose wife was shot outside an AIDS clinic.) Raina speaks with an aids patient who says he saw a man running. Later Raina finds out he was told to lie (because of the medicine he takes and also makes his vision fuzzy.) Kate checks on Jinny and almost catches her doing drugs (that are found in the picture frame) Jinny then calls out and her mom says she can make her better. Jinny is finally ready to eat again knowing the road to recovery is long.moreless
  • Wish You Were Here
    Wish You Were Here
    Episode 14
    Jinny learns her brother a cop died. Also CD & Nate look into the case of a psychiatrist who may have raped a patient with MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder) The psychiatrist says "Liz" is highly charged but says he didn't rape Christine. CD & Nate ask about Jinny who misses her brother. Jinny tells Jack her brother's locker will be cleaned out. Jack thinks Jinny is on drugs. Magda wonders if the relationship with Jonah should continue. Magda realizes her affair with Jonah is going to far. The funeral of John Exstead Jr. leaves Jinny in a blanket of memories.moreless
  • Rich Girl Poor Girl
    Rich Girl Poor Girl
    Episode 13
    Mr. & Mrs. Campbell are looking for Julia. Mr. Campbell thinks the case to find his daughter is going to slow. Kate wonders if a break will come, Nate & CD are shocked to see Julia alive. Julia helped get another girl kidnapped. Magda tells Jinny she is not happy with her marriage.moreless
  • Misdirection
    Episode 12
    Kate is up for Chief Of Police again, Will an image change help Kate keep her job?
  • Rush to Judgment
    Rush to Judgment
    Episode 11
    Jack tries to get Jinny to stop her addiction to pills.
  • Radioactive Spiders
    Radioactive Spiders
    Episode 10
    Jinny won't let anyone help her stop drinking, The case of a dead lawyer has cops trying to figure out how he died.
  • Cradle Will Rock
    Cradle Will Rock
    Episode 9
    CD & Nate look into the case of a woman who may have left her baby daughter behind. Will Jinny leave AA for good?
  • Cost of Freedom
    Cost of Freedom
    Episode 8
    Kate finds herself in hot water after her friend tells her that she somkes Marijuana.
  • Strangers
    Episode 7
    A wealthy woman thinks her husband could be stalking her,one problem the husband is dead.
  • Cold Comfort
    Cold Comfort
    Episode 6
    Nate reunites with a former partner, Raina works on the case of a 7-year-old girl who was killed by a driver but the case may be hard to solve.
  • Testimonial
    Episode 5
    To begin the episode real woman what they feel like after being raped. Dr. Anne Polton tells Kate that one of her students was raped and asks that police ask for the help of deaf people because they notice more details that hearing people may miss. Dr. Polton tells Kate she was raped which helps Kate understand her better. CD questions a man who warns that someone may be raped again.moreless
  • Murder.Com
    Episode 4
    CD & Raina look into why a college student was killed and why her life was on the web. Jinny & Jack try to get away. CD & Nate look at themselves in Amy's room on a website. One college student drops by the station and yells at a girl who put cameras in the dorm. CD & Nate question why a college would make money off of people who have no idea they are the web. We find that Jack went to the academy and his middle name is Lawrence. Jinny and Jack look for a sofa notices something is wrong. CD grills Nate on the lady he took home. Rania & Magda talk to two women who might know who the suspect is. Karen passes out after seeing the suspect. Tom is asked about Amy's death and they find that Darrin made the sitemoreless
  • Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered
    CD and Nate find out if a woman was raped by her best friend's boy Friend; Kate wonders if her relationship with Louis will continue.
  • Oh Mother Who Art Thou
    C.D's mother makes an unannounced visit and forces her to deal with her past. Meanwhile, Ben's declining health begins to deteriorate Madga and Gabe's marriage.
  • Til Death Do Us Part
    A mom shoots a child molester and Kate is almost shot. Sparks begin to fly between Jack and Jinny.