The Division

Season 4 Episode 2

Skips & Stones

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 18, 2004 on Lifetime

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  • One of the worst episodes, I hate to admit...

    In the main storyline, the division is on the trail of a burglar who has stolen over $3 million in jewelry in 2 months and left no fingerprints behind. After getting a tip of where he might be, the guys are startled to find a bounty hunter there instead. She too is looking for Grant Coltrane and is arrested for failure to notify. She reveals that Grant targets lonely women and gets them to reveal all kinds of personal facts, then robs them blind. Turns out, she’s in it for the money since Coltrane’s got a million dollar bond that’s about to be revoked and if she finds him before the cops, she gets 10 percent. Bounty hunter Miller keeps impeding on their investigation and irritating Jinny, especially after Coltrane strikes another home. It turns out that Miller actually owns the bail company that gave the loan, so she’s after him so she does not go bankrupt. After getting a tip, they find Coltrane who has already been found by Miller. Turns out that it is not Coltrane, but his twin brother. Jinny figures out that Coltrane conned Miller, just like the other women and that’s why she wants him so bad. Jinny thinks she knows where Coltrane is and it’s turns out she’s right because Miller got Coltrane’s brother to give him up to her. In the end, Miller ends up getting the reward from the insurance company and her bail company is safe.

    I found this storyline rather boring and mundane. It got even more idiotic when it turned out that the man had a “fraternal” twin brother who was played by the same guy who was playing the man. I mean come on, why didn’t they make him his “identical” twin if he was going to be played by the same person? Identical twins also have different finger prints. Amy Pietz was actually good in role as the bounty hunter though. I did suspect that she might have been the bail person by how badly she wanted to catch the man. The character of Stacy grew even more irritating. I’m seriously hoping she gets better soon.

    In the subplot, Kate is shocked when she finds Louis in her office and even more shocked when she sees he has their granddaughter, Katie-Anne. It turns out Amanda broke up with her girlfriend, Jill, who carried Katie-Anne and has gone to New York and left the baby with Louis. Jill shows up and wants to take the baby back, but Kate is not having it. Louis convinces Jill to stay with Kate for a while, so they can settle everything.

    I wish this had been the main storyline. I enjoyed Kate and her new granddaughter. It’s evident that the reason Sara Rue was no longer attached to the show was because she was on an ABC show called “Less Than Perfect”. I’m glad to see Kate fight for her granddaughter and you’d have to believe that Louis would actually come up with the idea of Jill living with her for a while. This was a very believable and wonderful character arc.

    Without the Kate storyline this episode would have easily have been the worst one of the series so far.

    Final Grade: C-