The Division

Season 4 Episode 6

That's Them

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 22, 2004 on Lifetime

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  • Somebody's pregnant and someone's not who they said they are...

    The big news is that Jinny is pregnant and no one is more shocked than she is. It’s more than obvious she is overwhelmed by all of this, but luckily for her she has Magda who went through all of this when she got pregnant with Ben. Nancy’s performance in the opening scenes were wonderful, especially the look on her face when the doctor said “Your baby is fine”. It was quite evident those were words she was not expecting to hear anytime soon. I mean that pretty much had to make Jinny pregnant because it was quite clear that Nancy McKeon was pregnant from the first episode of the season. I guess they figured they would probably not be able to explain her absence. However, it will be interesting to see just how Jinny is going to deal with this pregnancy and how and when she’ll break the news to Hank. It got even better in the end when she finally heard her baby’s heartbeat for the first time. I loved how she made Magda stay with her during the procedure. I almost cried when she said that she fell in love with her baby at “first sound”.

    The main case in the show is about a that club that caught on fire after gunshots were heard. The people end up stampeding and trying to get out but most of them die anyway. The fire started because of candles that were knocked over while the people were running away from the shots. With all the alcohol around, the place lit up fast. The majority of this storyline is similar to the real-life case of a club that caught on fire when a band use pyrotechnics and killed many people. The only difference was in this storyline, there was a woman who was shot. I almost died when it was revealed that the woman who had been married to an older TV actor for over a year was actually a man! Apparently, “she” went to the club to meet another transsexual “she” knew to tell him about someone following “her”. I suspected the husband until he had the heart attack after finding out his wife was a man. I should have known it was the husband’s lawyer when she insisted on being there and when she found out the woman was shot instead of dead in a fire, she did not even cringe. In the end, the lawyer killed her not because she was a man but because she was still in love with the Duke because they had had an affair and he broke it off to marry Leanne. The writers got me because I suspected the wrong person.

    I felt so sorry for Kate trying to find a nanny. It turns out that trying to care for an infant and police captain of a division was not as easy as she thought. She finally finds the perfect nanny, but then becomes upset when the nanny gives the baby a bath because she wanted to do it. It’s pretty clear that she and Marita have a lot in common and just how much Katie-Anne means to Kate.

    In the end, the main case was extremely interesting. I had absolutely no idea that the woman would turn out to be a man or that the lawyer was involved at all. The writers did a fabulous job on that storyline because I thought it would be very boring from the premise, but got proven wrong. It will be great to see how both Jinny and Kate will handle motherhood for the rest of the season. This was one of the strongest of the season, so far.