The Division

Season 4 Episode 10

The Fall of the House of Hayes

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 04, 2004 on Lifetime

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  • A solid installment...

    Overall a pretty good episode. An interesting case and more personal developments for the inspectors.

    The most important thing to note about this episode is the \"3 Months Later\" tag at the beginning. I can only assume the flash forwards in time are occuring so we can now finally see Jinny as fully pregnant instead of continuing to hide Nancy McKeon\'s pregnancy behind desks and etc. After all, she gives birth only two episodes into the future.

    The case was pretty well done. Three members of the prominant Hayes family were blown up by a car bomb leaving only a grandmother and a step daughter behind. Without getting into detail, it\'s not particularly shocking that the innocent looking stepdaughter Morgan(Shannon Lucio) is really the cold hearted manipulative killer looking to get her hands on family funds. However despite knowing that Morgan was behind the mess, it is hard to wrap your mind around that this tiny adorable girl could be capable of such a heinous crime--so for that I thought the casting of Shannon Lucio was great. She did a nice job with the role.

    We also got to see the always recognizable Christina Pickles as grandmother Florence. Though Florence is supposed to a bit of a cold hearted witch you have to but feel sorry for her when she realizes that the one person she thought truly loved her (Morgan) was simply using her.

    This case also allowed Stacey to move to the forefront in solving the case. The Cap gave her her props afterwards, but I think this is significant in showing us that Stacey is very capable and will not stay in her roll as Police Aide long. While I know fan reaction to Stacey is mixed and I was on the fence about her at the beginning, I do like her. I think she brings something different to the table than the other cops in the division, however it is hard to summon too much of a concern for her since she wasn\'t introduced until almost the end of the series run.

    The two main subplots were the continued Nate/Suzanne and Jinny/Hank sagas.

    For Nate, he showed some progress. It is clear that he is now having a bit of a conflict of conscious about his affair with a married woman--or at the very least upon the revelation that her husband is a fellow cop. However, not enough to actually stop the affair. However, Suzanne (Rebecca Gayheart) is pretty much being painted as a one note vamp character so I can\'t imagine her being around for much longer as the viewers are given no reason to like her nor care about her. This relationship is about sex, plain and simple.

    This week though there is mention made to Jinny still working, she has no involvement in the case. Her story surrounds essentially the two men in her life (her father John and Hank) and her ultimate refusal to marry Hank much against both her father\'s and Hank\'s wishes.

    What I liked about this subplot is that we got to see a flash of the old Jinny who still very much has insecurities and doubts. As much as the new Jinny has straightened herself out, it is very realistic that she will still have her moments where she doubts herself and the ability of others to love her and trust herself to not be the screw up she has often seen herself to be.

    Hank is not happy with his role in Jinny\'s life. He wants to raise this baby and marry Jinny, but Jinny is unintentionally pushing him away and I think his frustration comes from not understanding why.

    So why is Jinny still refusing to marry Hank? As her father is quick to point out he thinks she still thinks in the back of her mind that no guy will ever want to just be with her forever for the sake of being with her. And as Hank finds out, Jinny and her usual pessimistic view insists that no matter how happy they start out marriage just doesn\'t work. I can\'t completely blame her since everybody on this show seems to be divorced, but regardless it seems Hank refuses to give up and will go to just about any length to woo her including show up to her door drunk and serenading her (along with her father). It\'s pretty much a given that Jinny will give in eventually, but it\'s mostly a matter of when.

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