The Division

Season 3 Episode 20

Thus With a Kiss I Die

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jul 13, 2003 on Lifetime

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  • Another great episode and guess who Nate ends up kissing...

    In the main plot of this episode, Jinny and Raina must investigate the double suicide deaths of two teenagers which reminisces Romeo and Julietexcept the two died after being shot and their van was burned. The girl was black and the boy was white and neither set of parents approved of them dating out of their race. The gang decides that their new replacement captain (whom we never see) is not the one to talk to so they all go to the hospital to see Kate, who is still recovering from her stroke. The Romeo and Juliet theory is quickly thrown aside when one of the first officers on the scene notices that the way the gun was shot to kill Tara (the girl) makes it now look like a murder-suicide. After interviewing her friends, Raina finds out that that Tara and Rob wanted to commit suicide months before, but she had gotten over it and had begun dating another boy who was from the projects. It turns out that her new boyfriend is a gang member who was once arrested for possession of the same kind of gun that was found with Rob and Tara. After searching for the new boyfriend, Trey, they find out that he has disappeared and his car is at a bus station. An interview with his mother suggests that Trey was turning his life around because of Tara. The car is carefully searched and it is soon found that Rob’s handprints are inside, which meant that Trey was the dead male in the car, not Rob. Soon Rob is discovered back at the crime scene, suicidal and admits to killing both Tara and Trey because Trey would not leave. Of all people, it is Jinny who convinces Rob to not kill himself.

    This was a very interesting storyline. I did kind of figure since this is a cop show that the Romeo and Juliet double suicides would be quickly ruled out because it was the first thing the inspectors suspected happened. I did not however expect the surprise that the boy was not actually dead and that he was the one who killed both his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend. I really enjoyed Mackenzie Phillips as Rob mother. She gave and effective and wonderful performance. One of the best parts of this storyline was the ending in which Jinny is the one who convinces the boy that killing himself is not the answer and that it takes courage to stay alive. This was obviously something that she herself had to go through earlier in the season. I also enjoyed the little talk that Jinny had to Kate about how she was glad that Kate fought for her all those times right before Kate has to undergo surgery, which she comes through wonderfully.

    Meanwhile, Lily wants to throw a surprise 32nd birthday party for Nate and asks C.D. for help, but it is clear that she does not want to be involved. Nate quickly discovers the plan and tells her that he does not want one. He also uses this opportunity to finally tell Lily how he really feels about her and C.D. Nate tells C.D. that he’s ended it with Lily and she feigns interest, although Nate knows it’s bothering her.

    Well, we all knew that this was coming. Nate had to at some point tell poor Lily that he really did not want to be with her, but with C.D. instead. I just wish that he had done that sooner because he should not have strung Lily along like that and pretended that the cared about her when he only wanted to have sex with her. I was glad to see that C.D. admitted that she lied to him about loving him and then she kissed him right out of the blue. It was one of the sweetest moments of the series.

    Magda is still continuing her affair with Jonah, but refuses to see him when Gabe is in town. Soon Magda discovers that her period is now five days late and is convinced that she might be pregnant with Jonah’s child since she has not had sex with Gabe in over a month. She is also now convinced that maybe this is a sign that she should not give up on her family.

    One should have expected that this would have been a consequence for Magda in having the affair with Jonah. I do find it hysterical in a way because Lisa Vidal has been hiding her pregnancy for so long on this season, that they now are having her wonder if she is pregnant. It was also interesting to see how much she really wanted her family to stay together, after she began wondering about being pregnant. The only thing that made me upset with this storyline was that in the end of this episode, we don’t know if she’s pregnant or not. I know have to wait until the next episode.

    I have to say this was one of the best episodes of the show that found a way to use all the characters and their major storylines effectively.

    Final Grade: B+