The Division

Season 4 Episode 3

What's Love Got to Do with It?

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 25, 2004 on Lifetime

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  • Jinny's Internal Affairs review is in...

    Jinny is being questioned by Internal Affairs about her killing Ray Sanchez (the man who killed her brother). The men reveal that if her story does not 100% match what Raina is going to tell them that she will be charged with murder. Raina is conflicted because she does not know if she could have done anything to have made Ray drop his gun herself. She tells the men that Jinny put their lives first because he would not drop the gun. Eventually, IA clears her, but when Jinny asks Kate if she thinks she should have been cleared, Kate won’t give her an answer.

    I was a little worried that Raina might actually end up giving up Jinny and saying that she could have gotten Ray to put the gun down. However, she did tell the truth and that there really was no way of knowing. However, Jinny did provoke Ray by bringing up the fact that she knew what it was like to lose a brother because he killed hers. To me, Jinny killed out of rage but Ray would have easily shot her or Raina, or possibly both so Jinny did the right thing by shooting him. However, Jinny really should not have gone to start with as her supervisior order her not too. Although, Raina did call her and tell her, so it’s easily partly her fault as well. I was shocked when Kate told Jinny should would probably not want to hear what she had to say about what IA said. After all of these years of sticking up for Jinny, was she saying that she did killed him for spite or that she should not have gone in the first place? Who knows, but it made for a great story arc.

    The case in the episode involves the murder of a man who owned a very valuable piece of property that burned down not too long before he died. It turns that he was under investigation with the business partner for arson. The hotel surveillance shows that he met up with a woman before going to the room he died in. His wife reveals that he bought a gun, which coincidentally was the same kind he was shot with. Jinny and Magda discover that the woman who the man was seen with was the same woman who was the insurance agent on the building’s claim after the fire. Eventually, the woman (who turns out to be a sex addict) is found and reveals that he did not have a gun while she was with him. It turns out that he told her he wanted to leave his wife. It turns out that his wife murdered him after she discovered he had not ended the affair with the woman.

    Wow, the character of Stacy became even more irritating in this episode. It’s like she was trying to hard to prove she could do her job. I did enjoy the way they used flashbacks to tell part of the story, it had a very CSI feel to it. It was quite easy to predict that the wife killed the husband however for she seemed to give up that he carried a gun with him a little too easily. I actually felt sorry for the sex addict as it’s clear she has a problem but cannot fix it. I’m surprised her husband stays with her, but I guess he’s getting sex a lot?

    Magda is upset that Gabe has still not contacted the marriage counselor. He eventually does, but he misses the appointment. In a fit of rage, she reveals to Gabe that she had the affair with Jonah. She tells Jinny and she asks her if she really wants this marriage, why did she tell Gabe? She said that she had to just because they have money does not make up for their problems. When Magda returns home, she finds that Gabe has moved out.

    I felt so sorry for Gabe. That’s actually the first time I could say that. Even though Yancey Arias does not portray Gabe as well as Jose Yenque did, he really made you feel awful for Gabe. It clearly was a shock to him that Magda would have an affair. It took guts for him to walk out on here because he has done so much for her. Lisa Vidal was absolutely terrific in this episode. I really had no idea she would tell Gabe about having the affair with Jonah.

    Final Grade: B-