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This Dr. Phil spin-off features a panel of doctors discussing a variety of health topics. The group of specialists that comprise the panel deliver medical advice in an easily digestible, down-to-earth manner. Each doctor will weigh in on medical topics brought up by guests and their real life experiences, as well as issues raised by users that are a part of the series' online community.

Jim Sears

Jim Sears


Andrew Ordon

Andrew Ordon

Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Lisa Masterson

Dr. Lisa Masterson

Obstetrician and Gynecologist

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Fan Reviews (422)

  • When is enough enough?

    I had two ABLIONS due to Afib and flutters. Not to long ago my heart went back into Afib,only to jump back into sinus. rhythm twelve hours later by itself .My Primary Doctor asked what is next when do you say enough is enough to having an Ablation? My Heart Doctor says up to six times. Now Doctor Fellows whom did my first two, stated that they deadened nerve ending, that are cross firing like spark plugs in a motor. So how many of theses things can a body take?moreless
  • Help I got Morgellons and everyone says it's in my head

    Can someone please help me they are in my cloths on my body i'm breaking out in sores they're every where what kills them if been to 29 dr's they all laugh at me and think it's in my head i brought them in samples of my poop and showed them my sore they say im scratching them and showed them the particles on my clothing they still laugh my skin is on fire. i wash my cloths with mule 20 but the particles still show up andcan't get them off. i soak in epsom salt and vinger and backing soada wash my hair with salt and baby shampoo rub myskin with coconut oil and glyercin when im done .I can't even drive my car .I spray my home with frebeze and still can not kill them please someone fibers are killing me .I have to buy new cloths all the time need a new bed and i cant afford help memoreless

    I found out I have a hyperthyroid. I'm taking 20 mg of Methazole. I've been on this since March. For the last month I started losing my hair, it's breaking off and coming out from the root. My questions: Will my hair stop from coming out? Will it regrow back? I've asked my Dr. but haven't gotten a straight answer.
  • scams

    I received a call from a scam artist and he told me the same thing as the pregnant women. I couldn't understand most of what he was saying. So I hung up on him and when my son got home he googled the number and it was from another country and found a web page saying that it was a scam. He called back and I told him that he was a scam and he hung up.moreless
  • Hemophilia

    I am a Wife, Grandmother, Aunt and have many friends in our community with Hemophilia. I do not Believe there is enough awareness about this health issue I am requesting you to please do a show about Hemophilia there are many misconception's about Hemophilia that need to be cleared up and we need your help to spread the true understanding of it . Thank you
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