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This Dr. Phil spin-off features a panel of doctors discussing a variety of health topics. The group of specialists that comprise the panel deliver medical advice in an easily digestible, down-to-earth manner. Each doctor will weigh in on medical topics brought up by guests and their real life experiences, as well as issues raised by users that are a part of the series' online community.

Jim Sears

Jim Sears


Andrew Ordon

Andrew Ordon

Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Lisa Masterson

Dr. Lisa Masterson

Obstetrician and Gynecologist

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Fan Reviews (426)

  • My blood Pressure

    Dear Doctors, I am vernette Thomas from Miami Fla no what i do my blood pressure stay at 180/100 i take my medicine the way am suppose to and i don't use salt. Why do my blood pressure remain the same 180/100?
  • today's show

    I love the show/ don't get to see it often. Someone needs to tell Mr firearms that no sin is greater than the other! Mr religion cannot bash ppl and proclaim about his chriatianity
  • recipe book

    I watch the program every day that I can. I want to get the recipe book as a birthday gift for my wife but I don't know how to get it . Please send me the info. on how to order the book at .
  • Water bottles in stores

    R the bottled waters in the stores safe to drink ? I'm hearing that it's like drinking a soda without sugar theirs no ph in them n the plastic melts into the water . I just need the facts because I'm thinking there safer then drinking our sink water cause sometimes our water smells bad n also I've seen our water have a yellow color to it I think that is gross n I never c the stores water yellow , nestle , dasani ,some examples of the waters I drink thank u for ur timemoreless
  • When is enough enough?

    I had two ABLIONS due to Afib and flutters. Not to long ago my heart went back into Afib,only to jump back into sinus. rhythm twelve hours later by itself .My Primary Doctor asked what is next when do you say enough is enough to having an Ablation? My Heart Doctor says up to six times. Now Doctor Fellows whom did my first two, stated that they deadened nerve ending, that are cross firing like spark plugs in a motor. So how many of theses things can a body take?moreless
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