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This Dr. Phil spin-off features a panel of doctors discussing a variety of health topics. The group of specialists that comprise the panel deliver medical advice in an easily digestible, down-to-earth manner. Each doctor will weigh in on medical topics brought up by guests and their real life experiences, as well as issues raised by users that are a part of the series' online community.

Jim Sears

Jim Sears


Andrew Ordon

Andrew Ordon

Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Lisa Masterson

Dr. Lisa Masterson

Obstetrician and Gynecologist

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Fan Reviews (419)

  • scams

    I received a call from a scam artist and he told me the same thing as the pregnant women. I couldn't understand most of what he was saying. So I hung up on him and when my son got home he googled the number and it was from another country and found a web page saying that it was a scam. He called back and I told him that he was a scam and he hung up.moreless
  • Hemophilia

    I am a Wife, Grandmother, Aunt and have many friends in our community with Hemophilia. I do not Believe there is enough awareness about this health issue I am requesting you to please do a show about Hemophilia there are many misconception's about Hemophilia that need to be cleared up and we need your help to spread the true understanding of it . Thank you
  • Barking Dogs

    My son has epilepsy and his seizures can be triggered by the neighbor's barking early in the morning. I do not think that loud barking dogs should be thought of as simply an inconvenience or nuisance. They can cause serious medical problems. Older people might have blood pressure problems made worse; in other words, there are many things to consider. It is not just a joke.
  • Regarding Thomas John...

    I wrote this letter to last week, I cannot beleive you are doing the same thing, this person is a super scam artist who makes false allegations and have free publicity by being on shows like yours and I was gullibal (not sure if it is the right way to spell it) but I never thought professionnals like you can fall for this, I am not anonymous, this same letter will be sent to the newspapers this week, this guy is a pure fraud, I have seen it first hand, I went to New York and I know that he is a fraud ,I was in the same room as him, unbeleivable scam!!!!

    Good morning

    My name is Louis Parker, I wrote to you twice for problems I had and still have with my wife's children and I did not know where and who to turn to, I saw a program which Thomas John was reading and I thought he was amazing on your show so I found his internet address and I called for an "emergency reading' and see if he could help our situation.

    The charge for an emergency reading was $625.00 for one person and $650.00 for two people and I went with my wife, we were and still are desparate because her children will not let me see my grand child, beautiful Abby, we live in the suburb of Montreal,Quebec and we went all the way down to New York for this reading, I asked if I could record the session and he said yes, , I must tell you that this man is a REAL fraud, we were there for over an hour and you should ear this recording, it was really bad and NOTHING like what he was on your show,

    I am writing to you , not to put the blame on you or your show but to tell you that your scepticism was founded this guy should not have had the great publicity he got by being on your show, he is a scam artist like no one I have seen to this day,I am 62.

    When we got out of his office in New York, I received an e-mail from him stating he had a revelation and had more informations and that he would give us a FREE session call over the phone for 15 minutes and , it was post-poned twice by his staff and when he finally called on February 7th/2015 he said he did not like my attitude and that he would tell his staff to refund my money for the reading, I never got a return call or e-mail. HE IS A FRAUD OF THE HIGHEST LEVEL.

    I will copy and paste this message to send it to him and his staff, I am not anonymous in this complaint, I want to go on the record , I will also post this message on the social medias so desperate people won't get scam by this scam artist.

    Louis Parkermoreless
  • Spring is almost here so is allergies, this is what you need

    While its almost impossible to get this product on this show, I like to share with you a product for allergies and congestion especially with spring around the corner

    Hot Ice by alleviates congestion and helps one relax during this uncomfortable time

    its not medication and is reusable and affordable

    try it
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