The Doctors

Season 4 Episode 145

Ask Our Docs: On Location

Aired Weekdays Jul 08, 2011 on

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  • Pimple

    Hi dr my name is huda , im from ethiopia and im 14 years old and I have lots of acne on my forehead and i used many things to get rid of it but there is no change please dr help me
  • nodule mammaire

    hi dr I am 39 years old and I have breast nodules. I underwent 02 operations of the 1st examan anapath revealed dystrophic nodule with atypical hyperplasia galactophoric grade III in 2009 and 2nd in 2011 it fibrocystic mastopathy. Now I have another (03) that localizes to the mamellon. my question is that the only treatment surgery. answer me please dr and helpe me
  • problem of the toll

    hy doctors i'm salima form algeria. and i'm very happy to speake to you . i'm in 19 years old .i'm not toll . my toll is 1.47 . and my weight is 49 killo . i need to same docters for help me pleaaaaaaaaaaase . i'm weiting your answer .what should i do !
  • is that a step to blindness

    hey doctors im marwa from algeria and im a huge fun of this show cuz i've learned alot from it and im so glad to contact you .;;;; my question is that im wearing glasses cuz i have some troubels in my eyes ... but now even whene i wear glasses it hurts and it gets so red and i can't stay in lights and i've seen that theres a lot of veins showing up into my eyes and its really hurts so what can i do to get a healthy eyes in this case ???,,and wich medecines whould you give me to turn back my eyes coulour .; ahnx hoppe that u'll answer me back soon .
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