Why The Doctors is a huge success

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    Why I think The Doctors became such a success on TV was to make each doctor a huge success in television and to make each doctor make it's mark by selling books and provide personal appearances nationwide. I also think that with The Doctors this will start a whole new genre of talk shows about health and fitness and they hope that these shows are hits for the new generation of people that need to know about health and fitness. Another reason why I think The Doctors became a huge sensation was due to the king of the show Travis Stork {Who also appeared as the star of ABC's The Batchelor} had connections with Dr. Phil's show and asked the other doctors to join him and they created a successful show. What I find odd that The Doctorsdid was add Jillian Michaels to their lineup and the reason why I think Jillian Michaels joined The Doctors was to market her line of excerise videos and make herself the princess of fitness of The Doctors and now that Jillian Michaels has quit The Doctors I think we will see Jillian Michaels have her own talk show in the future. But as The Doctors continues to be a success on TV I think we will see the start of a whole new world of talk shows devoted to health topics


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