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Episode Guide

  • Small Mistakes Now, Big Problems Later
    Making small changes today can help you avoid major problems tomorrow. Learn the simple things you can do now to ensure good health in the long run. Safety expert Eric Stromer gives you tips for a safe move from house to house.
  • Take Control of Your Body
    Jillian Michaels is back with a step-by-step action plan to get the body you've always wanted. How to jump-start your metabolism, curb your cravings, and flatten your tummy for good.
  • Gross Anatomy
    Gross Anatomy
    Episode 164
    Excessive sweating, bugs, growths and more. The solutions for unpleasant body problems. Also, natural cleaning products - how to make sure they really are safe for your home.
  • Your Health in the Headlines (3)
    Dr. Lisa joins a panel of female experts to discuss the latest women's health issues. How to master your hormones, getting the body you want, and landing the man of your dreams.
  • Easy Fixes for Common Problems
    Fighting flab and fat to stifling sneezes and soothing a crying baby. Marisa Tomei shares her top secrets to a better body.
  • Live, Look, and Feel Better Now!
    Relieving knee and back pain. End seizures and more. Professional-grade beauty treatment from your home. How to beat the high cost of healthcare.
  • Transform Your Body with LL Cool J
    Simple secrets for transforming your body. Making the most of your meals and shaping your body with tips from LL Cool J.
  • Summer Health Hazards
    Summer Health Hazards
    Episode 159
    How to look your best in your bikini, protecting your family from pool hazards, and grilling your favorite foods safely.
  • Colors of Your Health
    Colors of Your Health
    Episode 158
    Which shades of color are normal for your body. Winner of the "Picture of Health" contest. Recipe for a solution to PMS.
  • Understand Your Body Inside and Out
    The doctors help you understand your anatomy inside and out. Simple tips to rid your house of more hidden dangers.
  • Delivering BIG Solutions
    Avery, daughter of Jay McGraw and Erica (staff at the show). But Erica has identical sisters that have their own baby girls. Hope for infertility.
  • Life-Changing Procedures
    Life-changing procedures you need to know. Also, the deadly mistakes new parents make and should always avoid. Dr. Sears shares tips to keep your newborn safe.
  • Caught on Tape: Are you making the right health choices?
    The Doctors mount cameras to uncover shortcuts people take on their health. Learn which beauty treatments may do more harm than good and what food to never buy from a vending machine.
  • New Body Breakthroughs
    Latest breakthroughs to help you look and feel your best. A non-invasive skin tightening procedure, body fixes and hidden beauty secrets to keep your hair healthy.
  • Shocking Health Traps
    Shocking Health Traps
    Episode 152
    From hotels to nail salons, the Doctors shine a light on health dangers that linger in the most unlikely places. Learn which room in your house can be a fire trap. Nancy Davis and the fight against MS.
  • 50 Questions from 50 Ages
    The doctors answer questions from people of different ages from infancy to 109 years old.
  • Shocking Drug Dangers
    Shocking Drug Dangers
    Episode 150
    The new generation of drugs is available online - how to avoid your kids ordering anything like this over the internet. Todd Bridges shares his story of drug addiction and how you can help someone in need or help yourself.
  • Be Beautiful Now!
    Be Beautiful Now!
    Episode 149
    Learn to tackle some of the Bs that bother you: bulging bellies, back fat, blisters, bites.
  • The Ick Factor: Things that Make you Go Eww!
    Disgusting conditions the doctors sort out for you. Ingrown hairs, gnarly nails, and scaly feet are just some of today's topics.
  • Doctors Scrub In: Procedures You Should Know
    Procedures you should know, so the doctors are showing you by scrubbing in. Follow Dr. Sears as he treats patients in his office. Find out the test you must take at your next OB/GYN visit.
  • The Doctor Is In
    The Doctor Is In
    Episode 146
    Dr. Travis lets you into his new book and how it shows you how to think like a doctor and prevent medical issues from happening in the first place. Seven simple steps to take today that may save your life.
  • Best Treatments from Head to Toe
    Headaches, cellulite and other ailments that affect large areas of your body. Brooke Burke also reveals how to regain your pre-pregnancy figure. Olympic Chamption Steve Holcomb shares how eye surgery helped him win gold.
  • Stand Up for Your Health
    What happens when you go to the doctor and learn that everything is not okay - how to deal with diagnoses that may change your life. Warning signs that may indicate autism.
  • Health and Beauty Secrets around the World
    Going global to share the top health trends from around the world. Secrets to soft and luxurious skin and the benefits of bathing with beer.
  • To Eat or Not To Eat
    To Eat or Not To Eat
    Episode 142
    How much do you know about the food on your plate. David Zinczenko (Men's Health magazine) has expert advice on the biggest meal mistakes we're making. Diet splurges to benefit your health.
  • Cures You Need To Know
    Newest cures for your biggest medical problems. Get the latest food allergy breakthroughs, new treatments for fertility, and a high-tech laser that banishes bad breath for good.
  • Stop It Before It Starts
    Actress and widow of John Ritter, Amy Yasbek shares her experience following the sudden loss of John several years ago. How to prevent this tragedy from striking your family. Age spots and sun spots - how to tell if they are dangerous or not.
  • Must Haves for a Healthy Home
    Stay safe and healthy in your home. Dr. Sears shares tips for baby-proofing your house. The best tips for calling 911 when you really need to. Favorite home remedies.
  • What Every Woman Fears
    Health issues that every woman fears and the Doctors offer new solutions to prolong fertility, shed excess weight, and look years younger. Also, a device that can cure urinary incontinence.
  • Are You At Risk?
    Are You At Risk?
    Episode 137
    The Doctors reveal the biggest health epidemics. Are you at risk? The doctors let you know how to find out. Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver gives one unhealthy family a wake-up call and teaches them to eat healthier. (Repeats: April 7-8).
  • Spring Clean Your Health
    Time to give your home and health an overhaul. Find out where germs accumulate in your home and how to get rid of them. Ten wonder foods that can improve your body from the inside out.
  • Best Health Trends
    Best Health Trends
    Episode 135
    The hottest new health trends to keep you looking and feeling your best. Great healthy meals you can make, relieving body aches, and easing children nightmares.
  • Stop Sabotaging Your Body
    Learn the hidden dangers in the foods you eat and lotions you use. Shop smarter with the Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien.
  • 50 Health Dos and Don'ts
    Liz Vaccariello (Prevention Magazine) shares the 50 health dos and don'ts everyone should know. How to add years by keeping your heart healthy.
  • Alternative Health or Real Medicine?
    Alternative treatments for relieving pain, boosting your immune system and increasing your brain power. Also, near-death and out-of-body experiences. See if energetic measurements reveal anything about your health.
  • Dangerous Side Effects You Need to Know
    The side effects of common medications you may be taking right now. Which ones are safe and which ones may be putting your health at risk. Also, Brooke Burke (mommy correspondent) answers more questions.
  • Health Dangers During Spring Break
    It's the time of vacation for many high school and college students, but there are dangers to binge drinking, risky sex, and drugs. Keeping you kids safe and talking to them about these difficult topics.
  • Your Health in the Headlines (2)
    Can Botox really improve your mood? Can you really drop pounds and still eat cookies? How long is too long to sit in a sauna? Behind some of today's health headlines.
  • How To Solve Your Everyday Health Challenges
    Rocco DiSpirito shows you his top 5 ingredients for your kitchen and 5 foods that are bad, bad, bad! No-pain approaches to plucking eyebrows and keeping up a stunning smile.
  • Ultimate Health Comebacks
    Each year, people lose their lives while waiting for an organ transplant. Kidney swaps offer a new hope to find compatible matches. Other programs are quickly evolving to get organs to needy people. What you should know before being a donor or acceptor of an organ.
  • Procedures You Need to Know
    Every day brings new discoveries and technologies to add years to your life. Nick-Tuck facelift done under short anesthesia. Vital tests for early heart disease.
  • New Ways to Erase Your Age
    Liz Vaccariello and the Doctors reveal new ways to look younger. Take years off your appearance.
  • How to Understand Your Body's Signals
    Decipher what your body is telling you. Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed share their health scare. And meet triplets and get an exclusive look into Erica's baby shower. March 15-March 16 Re-runs.
  • Ask The Doctors: Viewers' Choice
    Liz Vacciarello joins the Doctors to answer the most pressing audience and viewer questions.
  • Futuristic Medicine that Can Change Your Life
    Bionic limbs, robots, and advanced biotechnology - the new treatments that are quickly becoming life-saving. Treatments for autism are shown and NASA technology in your home.
  • Lone Star Health
    Lone Star Health
    Episode 121
    Check out the MEGA heart, the only portable, inflatable heart. Updates on Wanda, who had a heart transplant a while back and was featured on the show.
  • How Well Do you know Your Body?
    Health education is important - you need to know the facts. The doctors help you learn the basics with simple sayings and games. Brooke Burke helps answer more parenting questions.
  • Medical Emergencies You Can't Ignore
    Afraid to see a doctor or in denial about possible problems? The medical emergencies you shouldn't ignore. A long-time smoker sees what could happen to him in the near future if he doesn't change.
  • Your Top Face Fixes
    Your Top Face Fixes
    Episode 117
    The extreme facial lab for the top fixes to faces. See what you could look like with simple procedures. Also iris implants to restore sight to one woman's life.
  • Transform Your Body with Jillian Michaels
    Jillian puts Dr. Travis to the test in Brains vs. Brawn challenge. Recipes that spice up your sex life and transform your body.
  • How Can I Cure That?
    How Can I Cure That?
    Episode 115
    Quick fixes for common body problems like reversing hair loss, healing bruises and cuts faster, ridding acne, and more.
  • Montel Williams and Denise Austin's Fitness Tips
    Montel offers motivation to help you overcome adversity. Denise Austin tells you how to lose 12 pounds in two weeks. The latest diets and exercise plans.
  • Extreme Ways to Look and Feel Great
    The most extreme ways to look your best and feel your greatest. Burning 1000 calories in an hour - how? Surfing without the wet. A billion dollar brow lift that doesn't cost that much.
  • Battle of the Sexes (Part 2)
    So big, there had to be a second episode. The panel comes out swinging when it comes to parenting (men or women better?), Love making, and more. Plus, all you need to know about the opposite sex.
  • Don't Let It Happen To You
    Eric Stromer joins the Doctors to talk about important tips around the house concerning flood and fire safety, home improvement and general house safety concerns. Plans for dangerous situations. Kitchen safety.
  • New Ways to Perfect Your Body
    There's always room for improvement and raising self-confidence and self-esteem. Begin the Perfect 10 Diet and see a transformation in just 3 weeks. Recipes that help with your sex life.
  • The Truth About Sex
    The Truth About Sex
    Episode 109
    The Doctors tell you the trends of teenagers and sex practices. What every parent should know and how to talk to your kids about safe sex and sex in general. Also, see a glimpse at a group of teenagers who candidly discuss their sex lives.
  • Top F-Words Everyone Fears
    Fainting, Falling, Flu, Fibroids, and Fat. These F-words pack a punch. But the Doctors have several warning signs and solutions for each, including a new treatment for uterine fibroids. Exercises to prevent falls that could be very helpful for seniors.
  • Battle of the Sexes
    Battle of the Sexes
    Episode 107
    The Doctors invite several comedians (including Sinbad), a legal analyst, and a self-proclaimed bad boy weigh in on several topics concerning men vs. women. PMS, cheating, and more subjects are debated in this heated episode.
  • Secrets to Living Longer, Looking Younger, and Losing Weight
    How to maximize water to your advantage. It can increase your energy, help you shed pounds, help you live longer and make you feel years younger.
  • Protect Your Body on the Job
    Find out if your job is making you sick! The hidden dangers of the workplace. Exercises you can do at home and at work to help you stay in shape and keep you busy.
  • Help for your Most Embarrassing Questions
    Tackling topics from the bedroom to the bathroom. Turning up the heat, solutions for foot problems, spider vein solutions, and more.
  • What's Hiding in...
    What's Hiding in...
    Episode 103
    The health hazards hiding on your food, on your body, inside your car and more. Find out what's left behind after your car is professionally cleaned.
  • Common Medical Risks on the Go
    Drivers are becoming constantly distracted - how to avoid injuries even when your not driving and keeping your family safe while you travel. Also Dr. Travis' workout tips for busy moms.
  • Body Fluids Explained
    Body Fluids Explained
    Episode 101
    Everything you wanted to know about your fluids! Sweat, urine, and even menstrual fluid. What you should know about your body's fluids and how to tell if you need to be checked out fast. Also, best treatments for acne.
  • How to Prepare for Major Health Challenges
    What an expectant mother needs to know about labor and delivery from a mother of triplets. The essential list of dos and don'ts to prepare for surgery.
  • Dangerous Trends: What to Watch Out For
    The Doctors let you know what's in for teens and what they could be doing that is very dangerous. Information all parents should know.
  • Revamp Your Health Habits Now
    Getting off track with new year's resolutions? Liz Vaccariello (Prevention magazine) joins to help you revitalize your will power!
  • Embarrassing Sex Questions with Dr. Ruth
    Which exercises improve sexual fitness and answers to questions like, can men fake orgasms? Would a sex surrogate help or hurt your relationship? Of course, Dr. Ruth Westheimer helps the Doctors field all sorts of sex-related questions.
  • Hot Topics Show
    Hot Topics Show
    Episode 96
    Heidi Montag recently had 10 cosmetic operations in just one day. Meet the doctor who performed them all. Also Jennifer Love Hewitt has a question to ask the ladies.
  • State of Emergency
    State of Emergency
    Episode 95
    The Doctors report again from Haiti, sharing the stories of the people and telling you how you can help them out. From caring for children and pregnant women to performing life-saving surgeries.
  • Desperate to Save A Life
    How far would you go to save the life of someone you knew, someone you didn't know? Meet a family who took drastic steps to prevent recurrent cancer in their family. Ethan Zohn, who was once on Survivor shares the battle for his life.
  • Crisis in Haiti
    Crisis in Haiti
    Episode 93
    The Doctors travel to Haiti to help with the relief efforts there, delivering medical care, supplies, and telling you some of the stories from the quake zone. How you can help those in need.
  • At-Home Medical Tests: Right For You?
    There are more than 500 tests available to you over the counter, but how do you know which tests are safe and accurate over harmful and erroneous. The Doctors actually put some of the most common products to the test.
  • Most Dreaded "D" Words
    Diarrhea, diabetes, dizziness and more. The most dreaded "D" words including dentists and dentures.
  • Why is this Happening To Me?
    Dr. Phil needs help from the Doctors to diagnose Katherine who has had abdominal pain for years. Other mysterious pains and inexplicable symptoms that may be signals for you to take more seriously.
  • Extraordinary Measures to Save Your Life
    Harrison Ford and Brendan Fraser stop by to explain the premise of their new movie Extraordinary Measures, which involves a father's pursuit to save his children's lives. How far would you go to save a life and what can you do for someone.
  • Life's Biggest Milestones
    Puberty, menopause, old age - learn how to stay healthy during these stages and how to adapt to your rapidly changing body in these situations.
  • Ask The Doctors: Safety Zone or Danger Zone
    The risks of what you put in your body. What's in the food you eat and what's your safety zone and danger zone.
  • How to Improve Your Health All Year
    The doctors highlight the essential tests to take and warning signs to look for each month. Save a life in less than 10 minutes and tips on preparing for motherhood.
  • The Doctor's Guide to Better Health
    Brooke Burke and The Doctors reveal ways to look younger, have better sex, and be a better parent. Brooke even offers tips for the top problems that moms face today.
  • Harmless or Hazardous?
    From preparing your meals to the number of hours you sleep, find out if daily activities and your routines may be more hazardous than harmless. Ways to correct these hazardous activities.
  • The Hottest Health Trends for 2010
    The raw food diet? Is this really a healthy alternative for you or your pets? Find out the truth behind the fad. Other fads are investigated.
  • The Five W's of Health
    The who, what, where, when and why for all sorts of situations. When your child should start talking to why hormones affect mood, and more. Most effective home remedies from other parts of the world that may be just what you need.
  • Top Five Emerging Health Treaths
    The top 5 threats emerging in health care today. Find out if you're at risk and how to protect yourself.
  • Ask The Doctors: Hot and Cold Edition
    The best hot and cold remedies for ailments. The surprising ways weather can impact your health. And extreme temperatures from the cold to heat, learn how to keep your family safe.
  • 52 Secrets to Lose Weight
    Forget expensive trainers and lifestyle changes. The doctors invite Liz Vaccariello to share 52 simple things you can do to lose weight.
  • Hot Topics Show
    Hot Topics Show
    Episode 78
    Birthing parties, healthy chocolate, good stress and bad stress. Combing through the latest health headlines to keep you informed.
  • Improve Your Health on a Budget
    Stretching your dollars at the grocery store, workout, and more. Improving your health without brreaking the bank. Brooke Burke guests again with more beauty tips for moms on a budget.
  • Don't Try This At Home
    Kitchen catastrophes and workplace disasters - health hazards lurking at your office or place of work. When you should call in the professionals.
  • Ask The Doctors: The Docs Ask YOU!
    The Doctors turn the tables and start asking you the tough questions. How much do you know about your health and common solutions for simple ailments.
  • The Doctors' 2010 Health Challenge
    Make this year a year for healthy changes and resolutions. Challenging you to drop the extra pounds, quit smoking, and relieve undue stress. (Show off from December 19th to January 3rd.)
  • Holiday Show
    Holiday Show
    Episode 73
    Robin McGraw joins the Doctors to share tips and solutions for safe and healthy holidays. Santa visits Shriners Hospital for Children, bringing gifts.
  • Fix It or Live With It?
    Offering solutions for stomach pains, stretch marks, gray roots, and more. Simple workout moves you can do while cleaning to make the best of your time around the house.
  • Dr. Jim's Favorite House Calls
    Dr. Jim visits some of those who've asked him questions. Helping children get to sleep on time and getting the pickiest eaters to indulge. Also, the best remedies for head lice.
  • Ask The Doctors: How Much Is Too Much?
    Brushing your teeth, sauna trips, fat-free foods - good practices but in moderation only, not in excess. The Doctors reveal what can happen when indulgence in these and other practices is overboard.
  • Extreme Procedures: Worth the Risk?
    Groundbreaking treatments for the relief of seizures and migraines. But are these and other new procedures worth the risk in getting it right away or should people wait until further testing is completed?
  • How You Can Live to 100!
    Learn the secrets to reaching the centenarian status, from those who are already there. Exercise and nutritional expert Jack LaLanne explains how he continues to live a healthy live at 95. Also a Doctor still performing surgeries at 95.
  • How to Ease Your Biggest Body Aches
    Backaches, headaches, earaches - simple solutions to relieve nagging pains. A unique and effective way to treat colic in babies.
  • L Words Everyone Loves or Hates
    Lips, legs, labor, libido. Loving or loathing these words? Giving you the tools to start feeling and looking your absolute best! Best ways to fight lethargy.
  • Three New Ways to Feel Better, Live Longer, and Look Younger
    Deborah Norville (Emmy-winning journalist, anchor of Inside Edition) joins the Doctors to talk about her 3 kids and living longer, feeling better, and looking younger.
  • Medical News You Can Use
    The latest medical information to keep your family safe. Scott Baio tells you about his baby's medical nightmare and the vital tests needed for babies.
  • Winterize Your Body
    Winterize Your Body
    Episode 63
    Fires, cocoa, and the ski slopes are all part of winter, but learn how to protect yourself from the cold. Avoid winter's mishaps of illnesses and accidents (top 10 safety tips).
  • Silent Health Threats
    Heart conditions, panic attacks, headaches - secrets of the silent health threats that could be sneaking up on you.
  • Can It Be Cured?
    Can It Be Cured?
    Episode 61
    Chronic ear infections, a laser for back pain, and a less painful dentist episode. More home remedies to cure a cold, flu, and motion sickness.
  • Improve Your Body Inside and Out
    Sexier lips and interesting uses for honey. The different kinds of baby crying and what they each mean.
  • Quick Fixes for Big Complaints
    Prevention Home Remedy Lab invites you for recipes for the best hair conditioners and cellulite treatments. Quick fix in the bathroom might prevent lung disease.
  • Most Dramatic Surgeries and Procedures
    November 26, 2009 - Re-run Toe-shortening surgery, no needle vasectomy, and blood clot removal. The most dramatic and groundbreaking procedures.
  • Embarrassing Sex Questions with Dr. Ruth
    Pain, dreams, hot flashes, the sex-pert Dr. Ruth joins the Doctors for another round of hot topics. Also, advice for talking to your kids about the subject as well.
  • Best Body Upgrades: Top to Bottom
    The best ways to improve your body, from allergies to adding dimples to your smile. Which cocktails can improve your appearance?
  • Warning Clues Your Body is Giving You
    Decipher the clues and warning signs that your body is given you. Plus, see a life-saving surgery that one mother and daughter went through together. Also, all about bruises and which ones can indicate a serious condition.
  • Ask The Doctors: Embarrassing Body Problems
    Body hair, webbed breasts, and all you wanted to know about bowel movements- more embarrassing questions answered on this edition of Ask The Doctors.
  • Is There A Fix?
    Is There A Fix?
    Episode 53
    Chronic health problems and why you shouldn't just give up on a solution. There may be cures and remedies that can change your life. Also, a bionic eye that can restore some vision.
  • Building Blocks to Healthier Families
    Brooke Burke again helps the Doctors take a look into healthier living. She takes a trip to Sesame Street to see Zoe, Prairie Dawn and Oscar the Grouch.
  • How To Avoid Becoming a Medical Statistic
    Barbra Streisand stops by to talk about the Women's Cardiovascular Research and Education Program along with Dr. Noel Bairey who share vital information on heart disease and other cardiovascular disorders.
  • Your Health A to Z
    Your Health A to Z
    Episode 50
    Improve your health with all the topics from anti-aging to zits. Common health concerns and the latest medical treatments for things you thought would never go away. Tips to keep in top shape.
  • New Solutions to Better Your Body
    The latest software that can cut the time at your orthodonist. Eliminate chronic ear infections and love handles. A 40 minute workout in just four minutes.
  • Prescription for Danger
    Substance abuse can tear your life apart. What are today's drug trends and what are your children currently being suspected to on the streets. Also a new controversial treatment for kids is turning heads.
  • Ask The Doctors: Celebrity Edition
    Celebrities are asking the Doctors as well! Everything from under-the-eye circles, back pain, H1N1, and more.
  • Treat It Now or Pay Later
    Sally Field helps the Doctors explain osteoporosis and how to prevent it. 80% of women will develop it if you don't take the proper steps now.
  • Health Mistakes You Need to Fix Now
    David Zinczenko helps men realize their health mistakes now before it's too late (editor of Men's Health magazine). Making the right healthy choices in daily living.
  • What Women Were Afraid to Ask, Until Now
    Brooke Burke joins the doctors to answer questions that women have usually been afraid to ask. Mom talk and how to get tips and help for your parenting needs.
  • Health Fads: Extreme or Extraordinary
    Sound waves for cellulite and placenta-based skincare products! These fads are extreme and weird but are they right and are they safe?
  • 50 Questions from 50 States
    A dazzling new array of medical questions. Everything from plastic surgery to sexual health. Talk about seasonal flu, H1N1, and now the dog flu? The Doctors explain.
  • Uncommon Cures You Should Know
    Liz Vacciarello joins the Doctors to share the knowledge she has learn as head of "Prevention" magazine. The best and most effective home remedies for common ailments like headaches, hiccups, acne, morning sickness, and more.
  • Life Changing Medical Innovations
    Breakthrough technologies including new treatments for migraines and back pain. 4-D color ultrasounds, and discussion from Jay and Erica McGraw.
  • Women's Biggest Body Complaints Solved
    How to tone, tighten, and repair your body's trouble spots. Perfect skin with different laser treatments. Toning your behind.
  • Life-Saving Medicine with Sanjay Gupta
    The doctors discuss the ER and emergency situations. Dr. Sanjay Gupta joins the doctors to discuss how you can save a life in the time of need.
  • Ask The Doctors: Why Does That Smell?
    Gas, ears, feet, underarms. The most pressing questions all about odors that your body emits. Editor in chief or Prevention magazine, Liz Vaccariello discuss a common myth and set it right.
  • Biggest Flu Questions Answered
    Separate fact from fiction and tackle the biggest fears of the flu. Get the answers you need about the vaccination and risks. Also, go inside the CDC for the latest coverage on the flu.
  • Simple Ways to Take Charge of Your Health
    1.5 million pets need a home - Iams Home for the Holidays campaign can help you find a friend that may even improve your quality of life. There are many health benefits of pets and although you may complain that you have to walk them, it's good for you.
  • The Best and Worst for Your Body
    What's best and the worst for your body including vegetables (and why) and smoking (and why). Some others are not as obvious, but the Doctors have you covered.
  • Total Body Repair
    Total Body Repair
    Episode 33
    Laser breast reduction? Eye surgery? The Doctors show you the view from inside the operating room to see how these procedures are actually performed. It may help you decide whether surgeries like these are right for you.
  • Ask The Doctors: After Dark
    The top 6 sex mistakes and how to fix them. And everything you need to know about sleeping disorders including jetlag, insomnia, sleep apnea, and hangovers.
  • Self-Diagnosing: What You Need To Know
    Self diagnosing may be more convenient and easier but it can be dangerous. The types of things you should be asking your doctors about.
  • New Ways to Restore Your Body
    Losing baby weight, ending migraines, reversing scars and burned skin.
  • Top 10 New Health Problems and How to Avoid Them
    Health problems that arise when something new enters your life. New babies, new jobs, and new schools, the doctors have solutions and prevention measures to avoid any new illnesses as well.
  • How to Overcome Health Obstacles
    Montel Williams shows the Doctors how to take charge of your health. Also swine flu vaccine questions and answers.
  • Ask The Doctors: Prevention
    Backaches, allergies, toothaches - all of these are recurrent. How to keep your chronic issues from coming back. Also, body odor and bad breath - how to keep them at bay.
  • Top C Words To Hate
    Top C Words To Hate
    Episode 26
    Common cold vs. the flu. New treatments for corns, colic, calluses, and constipation.
  • Ashamed of My Body: New Solutions
    We sometimes see flaws in ourselves more often than others do. Sweating, hanging belles, and cankles - how to rid these body problems.
  • Things You Must Tell Your Doctor
    Honesty is the best policy - how to organize your next doctor's visit to make the best of your and their time. Get all the information you need in order to make your doctor's visit worth while. Also history of breast cancer should prompt you to get checked often.
  • When Your Health Changes in an Instant
    Things suddenly take a turn for the worse - how to keep on track if something happens to you or someone else in your family. A new idea for the audience from the Doctors. If you have an idea for the show - find out how to make your case for it to be on the air!moreless
  • Ask The Doctors: Body Sounds
    Every kind of sound is tackled in this episode of Ask the Doctors: burps, stomachs, ringing in the ears - it's all covered. Embarrassing and strange sounds - anything you need to check out. Harmless but annoying and how you may be able to rid other sounds.
  • Prevention Tips You Need To Know
    The top prevention tips to keep you healthy including ways to boost your immune system and lose weight.
  • Medical Mistakes You Don't Know You're Making
    How should you care for someone who is sick? The best position to sleep when you are pregnant.
  • Self Exams You Have To Know
    Life saving self-exams to help you detect several disorders early, before it's too late. Vision, cancer, brain exams - these tests could help you when you next visit your doctor.
  • Is There A Cure?
    Is There A Cure?
    Episode 18
    Allergies, skin conditions, cancer. Is there a cure or will there be a cure in the near future? Breakthrough treatments are being discovered every year to combat serious disorders. Potential cures for breast cancer and STDs.
  • Ask The Doctors: Expiration Dates
    Milk, eggs, medicine, shoes - everything (and some things you didn't expect) to have a limited shelf live of activity. When you should really toss that old batch of aspirin or other medication.
  • Get Moving With Jillian Michaels
    Jillian talks about several things you can do to lose weight and stay healthy and fit. How to shed pounds while watching TV!
  • The Fat Show
    The Fat Show
    Episode 15
    What you need to know about fat and why it's life-threatening to be obese. Find out how to reverse the effects of becoming overweight safely and how to keep those pounds off.
  • Is It In Your Genes?
    Diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease are conditions most people associate with their genes. But not every genetic risk expresses itself. How you can counteract your genetic predisposition if you have one and prevent the onset of such conditions before it's too late. Interesting conditions that can be passed down - you'll be surprised about what's in your genes.moreless
  • Vaccinations Every Adult Should Get
    Preventable diseases are very preventable. Learn just what goes into a vaccination and how important they can be. Which ones to get right now and which ones are not as important.
  • Ask The Doctors: Dr. Ruth
    The doctors entice you to ask them anything! More embarrassing and outrageous questions. Myths debunked and startling symptom descriptions. Dr. Ruth joins to answer all the sex questions as a world-renowned expert.
  • Most Dangerous Accidents Facing Your Family
    In the playground or in your car there are potential disasters awaiting. Head trauma and home disasters are discussed. Learn what to do. The dangers of texting and driving or, in general, not paying full attention while driving.
  • 50 Ways To Improve Your Health
    Each of these 50 ways takes 5 minutes or less per day. Simple housecleaning tips that don't even cost anything!
  • 8 Numbers
    8 Numbers
    Episode 9
    Eight critical numbers are your body's cues to a healthy life. Find out what to do if you're off the mark. Also learn about the types of body shape.
  • Health Trends and Controversial Cures
    The latest beauty and health trends are put to the test. Stimulate a certain type of fat at home to burn calories. Tune in to see how.
  • Ask The Doctors: 100 Questions
    In one hour, the doctors field 100 questions. Sex, acid reflux, preparing for flu season, and more. Questions from the audience, emailed, faxed, and phoned in!
  • Biggest Makeover Show Ever
    Makeovers so big, they even called the Guinness Book of World Records.
  • Breast Breakthroughs
    Health, maintenance, and well-being - yes, a show devoted to breasts. Also, new findings for breast cancer treatment that's actually fast, easy, and radiation-free.
  • Celebrity Medical Tragedies
    High profile medical cases that have claimed a star's life. How to prevent such an event happening to someone you know or even yourself.
  • Waiting on a Heart: How to Save A Life
    With more than 100,000 people waiting for an organ transplant, the doctors explain the dire need for more people to donate. How you or someone you know could help save a life.
  • Improve Your Health Around the Clock
    All-day solutions to help you stay the healthiest you can be. Get rid of that morning breath, razor bumps, and developing a healthy sleep routine.
  • Season Premiere
    Season Premiere
    Episode 1
    Junk food investigation gets into the habits of sugar and fatty foods eating. The latest cosmetic filler to fill in those wrinkles.