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Episode Guide

  • The Doctors Explore Chicago

    Get the latest health tips from the Windy City! Watch as Dr. Sears sets sail on Lake Michigan and witness a breakthrough knee replacement surgery. Will it put one young athlete back on the court? Plus, how to snack smart at a ball game!

  • Your Health in the Headlines

    From the latest diet fads to herbal remedy dangers and teen automobile safety, The Doctors tackle the headlines' hottest health topics. Plus, meet an allergen-sniffing dog trained to save your child's life!

  • Annoying Body Problems Solved

    No question is too embarrassing for the The Doctors! Discover solutions for removing hair in those odd places and if irregular genitals are cause for concern. Plus, The Doctors each confess their most mortifying moments on the job!

  • How to Choose the Best of the Worst

    From selecting the healthiest junk foods to solutions for mending a broken tooth, The Doctors offers advice for making the wisest health choices in the worst circumstances.

  • Secrets to Brains, Beauty, and a Better You

    From walking the pets to doing laundry, everyday activities could be harming your health. Can watching reality TV lower your IQ? Plus, what's the key to succeeding in life – beauty or brains?

  • How to Look Like a Million Bucks

    Want to look great without breaking the bank? Try sardines for supple skin and ice for shiny hair to get salon style without leaving your kitchen! Plus, more cheap secrets for lavish looks from celebrities and pros.

  • Things that Need Warning Labels

    How can one meal add up to four days worth of calories? Are flea collars harming your pets? Learn why reading labels is more important than ever. And, one man credits the doctors to saving his life.

  • 10 Rules it's OK to Break

    Dr. Lisa's has some tips for better sex, and learn when it's wise to play hard to get. Lose weight while eating your favorite foods and without skipping dessert. Plus, Dr. Sears's dos and don'ts for bathing your baby.

  • 20 Answers from 20 Specialists

    End chronic snoring, learn when a birthmark is a sign of something more serious and why your child gets sick at school. Plus, why Brussels sprouts may erase wrinkles better than Botox.

  • Could It Happen To You?

    From infertility and dangerous food allergies to addiction and chronic pain, how to handle your health's most unexpected turns. Plus, Giuliana and Bill Rancic talk about their struggle with conceiving.

  • Best Cures for your Worst Problems

    Bad sex, ugly scars, excess fat? Plus, baby news for the McGraw family, and the Sears family of pediatricians answers your most pressing parenting questions.

  • The Doctors Take on Chicago

    The Doctors make a house call to the Windy City. Learn how health officials are fighting childhood obesity, and get Dr. Travis' healthy solution for deep dish pizza. Plus, see how one surgery may cure rheumatoid arthritis.

  • Manly Problems Women Have

    A deep voice, a raging sex drive and a beer belly - these more commonly relate to men, but could also be things women are dealing with. Plus tips to banish belly bulge and how to look refreshed on zero sleep.

  • How to Get Red Carpet Ready from the Inside Out

    Meet a plastic surgery addict who says she now feels unrecognizable after 29 procedures. Can the consequences be reversed? Get bronze skin without harmful UV rays and see a mom regain her self-confidence with a stunning red carpet makeover!.

  • Are You Prepared?
    Are You Prepared?
    Episode 132

    Carbon monoxide can seep into your home while you sleep. Safeguard your family from this colorless, odorless and deadly gas. Plus, tips to prepare for menopause.

  • Secrets to Turning Your Health Around

    Racecar driver Danica Patrick reveals her experience with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Find out if you're at risk. Plus, five tire safety tips you need to know and a new treatment to banish scars for good.

  • 50 Questions from 50 Cities

    Can stretch marks burst? Do we lose our taste buds as we age? From Los Angeles to New Delhi, The Doctors answers 50 questions from 50 cities around the globe.

  • Your Smelliest and Hairiest Problems Solved

    The Doctors search for the smelliest flatulence in America. Meet the top contenders! Put a stop to offensive breath for good, get tips to fight frizz and watch a live hair transplant.

  • Break Free from Your Biggest Body Problems

    It's the Mother's Day show with an all-female audience and the doctors set the record straight about the female body. Get three tips for sleep training your 2 year old, and the winner of Dr. Lisa's Africa Challenge is announced

  • Make Time for Your Health

    Learn why your food spoils faster than it should, how long an unsightly pimple will last and the maximum hours of TV your child should be watching. Plus, the most effective one-hour workout!

  • 20 Tips to a Healthier You

    Summer is just around the corner, and the doctors show you how to fit into your favorite sundress without giving up dessert. Also restoring your skin for only $5, and how to spice up your sex life and more.

  • Your Health in the Headlines

    From an alcohol-only weight loss plan to toxic cereal boxes, The Doctors weigh in on the latest news from the health industry. Learn the top three allergy-friendly pets and why musical instruments could put your child's health in danger.

  • Pain, Insomnia, Lost and Found Body Functions

    Are you suffering from a sleep disorder? Do you take frequent bathroom breaks? Could you suddenly lose your sense of taste? Learn new and surprising treatments for these medical issues.

  • How Red Can Improve Your Health

    Discover how the color red can improve your well-being and impact millions worldwide. Learn why knowing your blood type can save lives, ways to prevent red-eye in photos and how you can help suffering families around the world.

  • How to Choose the Right...

    Ever tried to pick the right grocery store, gym, cosmetic line? The Doctors are ready to give you the tools you need to make good decisions about your health.

  • Spring Clean Your Body

    Spring is in the air and so are allergens. Learn how to take care of your body this allergy season. Plus, losing weight for the summer - how to make sure you make your goals.

  • Get it Out of Your Body Now

    While you pay close attention to what goes into your body, are you aware of what needs to come out? From stomach parasites to blackheads and mercury poisoning, the doctors explain some the body's unwelcome occupants.

  • You Should Have Tried...
    More tips for how to fix your health dilemmas despite shortcomings. Get rid of under-eye bags and troublesome acne. 17 Day Diet Challenge is coming to an end - find out who's the big winner.
  • Desperate to Be Fixed
    Desperate to Be Fixed
    Episode 119
    Katie Couric tells you about America's second-deadliest cancer. Miss Delaware talks about an incurable disease but it may actually be curable. All about freezing your eggs. (Previous dates without episodes are repeats)
  • Soothe That Burn
    Soothe That Burn
    Episode 118
    From painful heartburn to sinus pain. And how to stop acid reflux and why feeling the burn at the gym may be harmful.
  • The Shape of Your Health
    Staying in shape isn't only about muscle tone. From your lungs to your knees, improve your body from the inside out. Alicia Silverstone has some health secrets of her own.
  • Ask Our Doctors: Celebrity Edition
    Hollywood's top questions. Jon Lovitz talks about psoriasis, Naomi Judd asks about her recent diagnosis, and Chandra Wilson wants to know more about nutrition.
  • Listen To Your Body
    Listen To Your Body
    Episode 115
    Your body has something to say. Why sugar-free sweeteners are actually more fattening. Dr. Sears undergoes a tooth extraction.
  • How to Save Money, Look Younger, and Live Longer
    Just like the title says: ways to save money while looking younger and getting healthier. Nancy Grace reveals what all women need to know about cancer.
  • Guilty Pleasures that are Good For You
    Some of these embarrassing indulgences are actually good for you: shopping sprees, reality TV, and a little partying on the side.
  • Get to Know Your Girl Parts
    Highlighting the power of the female body, learn about female orgasms and hysterectomies. Plus, Joan and Melissa Rivers join the panel.
  • 30 Ways to Heal Yourself without a Doctor
    30 At-home remedies from the Doctors. Greens that can alleviate burns and the benefit of diaper ointment at any age.
  • Health Secrets Your Face Reveals
    What the color of your lips, tongue, and skin are telling you about your wellbeing. Your eyes can even tell if you have high cholesterol.
  • What to Do if it Happens to You
    How to manage infertility, how to respond when someone faints, and the silent killer that takes more likes than breast cancer and AIDS combined.
  • Beauty Habits that Harm Your Health
    Trends that are no good for you: heavy handbags, stiletto heals, and the wrong makeup.
  • Surprising Health Dangers You Never Knew
    Hidden dangers lurk everywhere: the variety of bacteria in your food, recalled items, and the most harmful thing about spring time.
  • The "Hole" Truth about Your Body
    Talking about those bodily orifices: ear wax, belly buttons, stuffy noses, and more.
  • Lose it Now: Pain, Bad Habits, Weight
    Get rid of bad habits today - reverse pain and weight. The 17 Day Diet is now on it's second cycle.
  • How to Avoid a Misdiagnosis
    Save your life by knowing what symptoms mean. Bad headaches and migraines, indigestion vs. something worse. Plus, Chandra Wilson talks about her daughter's health mystery!
  • How Does Your Body Measure Up
    Go below the surface and see how your body measures up from the inside. Are there really benefits in drinking wine? What does your body fat percentage tell you?
  • Health Scare Experiments
    Live saving interventions for a father who struggles with obesity and a woman who lost sight of her eye health. A grandmother also stops smoking, find out how much healthier her body is now.
  • The Naked Truth About Your Health
    Uncover the truth about your body. Risks and benefits of skinny dipping, see what nudists living is like, and which foods help you look better naked.
  • Why Do Men...
    Why Do Men...
    Episode 100
    Uncover the mysteries of men's health on this episode of The Doctors. Shrinkage, preferences, and instincts - all explored.
  • Why Do Women...
    Why Do Women...
    Episode 99
    What men should know about women: orgasms, cellulite, and more.
  • Celebrity Health Trends
    ET correspondent Nancy O'Dell dishes on celebrity health. More information on Michael Douglas' battle with cancer and how to get skin to shimmer like Mila Kunis.
  • M-Barrassing
    Episode 97
    Tackling embarrassing topics starting with the letter M. Moles, muffin bottoms, and other mini problems.
  • Have Better Sex Now
    Have Better Sex Now
    Episode 96
    How to surprise your Valentine with sex tips from Dr. Ruth Westheimer.
  • 20 Ways to Look 10 Years Younger
    Rewinding options. Pumpkin face lift and how men can take off years with simple touch-ups.
  • Life Changing Transformations
    Amazing health transformations: Alex's progress after being diagnosed with a neurological disorder. An 8 year old girl survives a roadside explosion with third-degree burns.
  • Embarrassing Body Problems Solved
    Removing hair and The Doctors' own mortifying experiences.
  • Prepare for Your First Time
    A mother-to-be delivers her first child by c-section live. The first line of defense against America's number one killer.
  • Body Bowl
    Body Bowl
    Episode 91
    Practical ways to keep your family healthy on and off the field. Learn how to prepare healthy food for the big Superbowl game.
  • Private Parts 2
    Private Parts 2
    Episode 90
    More questions about the "down there". Myths tackled and solutions provided.
  • 28 Days to a Healthier You
    February is the shortest month of the year, why not take a shortened month to try out something new. Eat right and exercise and you'll be set.
  • Body Numbers You Should Know
    Pounds, pH levels, and sperm counts - you should know the ones that are actually vital to your wellbeing.
  • How Heat Can Change Your Life
    Adding some spice can help fight fat, soothe a sore throat, and treat toothaches. Wow! Also the hottest beauty treatments.
  • 10 Problems, 20 Solutions
    Cold sores, fat, and more - 2 solutions for each of today's biggest health problems. Your pet's potty problems.
  • Eat, Sleep, Poop
    Eat, Sleep, Poop
    Episode 85
    Answering questions about the three most common bodily functions. Risks of snoring and constipation. Food allergy rumors vs. fact.
  • Secrets You Shouldn't Keep from Men
    A commonly ignored symptom is linked to the number one killer for women. Don't fake the "O" and more.
  • Lady-Like Habits that Are Bad for You
    Some old-fashioned expectations can actually harm your health.
  • Secrets to a Sexier You
    Stimulate your senses, explore your body, and more. Sexier shapes, tightening and toning, how to arouse your partners.
  • 20 Must-Do Things to Jumpstart Your Day
    How to maximize your routines to add years onto your life. Boosting happiness and losing pounds. How to become a morning person which is healthier!
  • Unusual Body Changes
    Irregularity could be a bad thing and discover why things like an erratic heartbeat could mean. Also, what about a metallic taste in your mouth?
  • Health Scare Experiment 2
    The doctors tell 3 people the drastic truth in hopes they will change their health habits. Easy steps to avoid becoming a health statistic.
  • New Ways to Look Younger
    Vampire facelifts, new kitchen cures, Fountain of Youth cocktails, and more. Low-cost beauty-boosting secrets.
  • Will It Go Away on Its Own?
    Rashes, coughs, and painful sore throats - are they going to resolve themselves or do you need antibiotics. Wedding bells in the future? Dr. Lisa has a Honeymoon Kit.
  • Cure It In No Time
    Cure It In No Time
    Episode 76
    Fast fixes for the weight you gained over the holidays. Taking 10 years off your appearance. Relieving stress.
  • Health Trends for 2011
    Start the New Year with the hottest trends that will help you lose weight, stay fit, boost your immune system and double your dose of happiness! And, see a snake massage performed live!
  • The 17 Day Diet Challenge
    Dr. Phil shows you the 17 Day Diet Challenge. How in just 17 days, you can get a fabulous slimmer you.
  • 10 Things Ruining Your Life
    Harmless daily habits and activities that are actually wreaking havoc on your health. The important role that blood type plays in conception, weight gain, and cases of emergency.
  • Ask Our Doctors
    Ask Our Doctors
    Episode 72
    Better kissing and higher scores in the bedroom. How to control your toddler's bad behavior - no more fighting and biting.
  • 52 Tips for the New Year
    There's 52 weeks in a year and here's 52 tips that can help you change your body and your mind over the next full year. Boost your sex life, loose inches off your waistline, and get better looking skin.
  • How the #17 Can Change Your Life
    The Doctors show you why the number 17 is important to your health. Dr. Mike Moreno, creator of the 17 Day Diet, says you can burn belly fat fast. Plus, get a better body in 17 minutes and find out the 17 simple medical tests you need to have.
  • 'Tis The Season To Be Healthy
    Secrets to staying healthy and trim pounds while taking a break over the holidays. Great recipes, workouts, and gift ideas.
  • Winterize Your Family
    Making the most of the holiday weather. How to make sure your home and kids are ready for winter. Skin care in the harsh cold.
  • Top Five Questions to Ask Your Doctor
    How to interview potential family doctors. Which tests to order and how to make the most of your doctor's visit. The signs you need an emergency room!
  • Why Is My Body Changing?
    No matter what your age or what kind of shape you're in, we all have one thing in common – our bodies are constantly changing. Be prepared for the changes you dread and look forward to most.
  • Top Reasons People Call In Sick
    Upset stomachs, sore throats, and pains. Find out when you're better off calling in sick (contagious) and when it's safe to head back. How to determine whether to keep your kid's home too.
  • Your Health in the Headlines
    Celebrity diet fads, falling in love, turning the heat up in the bedroom - some of the topics for today's show. Simple steps for a healthier home.
  • 40 Ways to Fight The Flu
    Runny noses, stuffy heads, and aching bodies - the common symptoms of cold and flu. Forty ways to outsmart a cold and flu and the latest technology to keep your house germ-free.
  • Secrets Your Feet Tell About Your Health
    Feet are cold, puffy, or in pain? Prop them up and learn the secrets they reveal about your health. Plus, giving your feet a workout.
  • Why Do I Itch and Smell Like That?
    Get the lowdown on bug, mosquito and spider bites, tickles in the back of your throat and more. Why bad breath may indicate a more serious problem. Relieving itchy skin.
  • Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll
    The infamous lifestyle is given a critique. How to stay safe while having fun. The daughter of shock rockers Alice Cooper shares stories from life on the road.
  • Your Health In The Headlines
    Get the latest facts on whether working moms help or hinder their kids, how to get the best results from your man, how to prevent premature births and more!
  • Solve Your Biggest "Double" Dilemmas
    Expert advice on the terrible "twos" and how to burn twice the amount of calories when you work out. What you need to do twice a day to add years on your life.
  • Ask Our Doctors: What Tests Do I Need?
    Prevention is key! Tests you should have if you are pregnant, tests for women, old and young; tests for men.
  • Scary Symptoms That Are Harmless
    Are you constantly surfing the net trying to self-diagnose a mysterious pain? Some symptoms are safe to ignore and some you need to pay closer attention. Learn the safe and scary causes of numbness, heart palpitations, easy bruising and more!
  • I'm Too Young For This
    If you've ever thought you're too young for sagging skin or graying hair, think again. See a solution for droopy neck that only takes 30 minutes. Natalie Cole (singer) talks about her health scare.
  • What Women Need To Know
    It's all lady talk today. C-sections, mammograms, bikini waxes and more … what women need to know before undergoing procedures. And, actress Vanessa Marcil-Giovinazzo, comedian Niecy Nash and Dr. Kristi Funk kick off the Motherhood Survival Club.
  • Magic Johnson and America's Silent Killer: Salt
    The Doctors blows the lid off America's silent killer: salt. Learn how to take action and join the nationwide movement to Halt the Salt! And, NBA champ Magic Johnson is in the house for a rare interview about the biggest fight of his life.
  • Uncovering the Biggest Health Myths
    Liz Vaccariello joins the Doctors to debunk the differences between health fixes and myths. The causes of varicose veins and if it's okay to eat expired food and more. Ways to get flat abs.
  • Health Secrets Women Shouldn't Keep
    From serious to embarrassing, some symptoms you should not keep a secret. Wendy Williams talks with the Motherhood Survival Club about children and her struggle with thyroid disease.
  • 50 Questions from 50 Families
    Can family members be allergic to each other? Could youth sports be more dangerous than you realize? Is your home making you sick? The Doctors answer 50 pressing questions from 50 different families!
  • Eat, Drink, and Be Healthy This Thanksgiving
    The holidays are just around the corner! Recipes to cut fat and calories from traditional Thanksgiving fare. And, three tips to prevent overeating! Plus, burn off extra pounds fast with the No Excuses workout.
  • Teens and Drugs: Are Your Kids Next?
    The Doctors expose you to the reasons why more and more teens are trying and getting hooked on drugs. Don't let your kids fall victim - the latest drug dangers and how to keep your family safe. Former child star Jodie Sweetin shares her journey towards sobriety.
  • 40 Ways to Better Sex Tonight
    Take your sex life from ordinary to extraordinary. Dr. Ruth has tips to pleasure your partner and make the most out of foreplay and lovemaking. Plus, a recipe that will make your man go all night long.
  • All About Your Private Parts
    Send the kids outside, we're having a frank discussion about the below the belt areas. And, is too much sex bad for you?
  • Improve Your Health from A to Z
    Solutions for hiccups, nosebleeds, vertigo, and 23 other ailments with the doctor's help! Learn how to last longer in bed and the mistakes parents make when kids get sick.
  • Dr. Travis in the E.R.
    Get an inside look into the E.R. where Dr. Travis works. Also, triplet girls approaching their first birthday are back on the show. Answers for the biggest new-mom questions.
  • How to Get It Out!
    How to Get It Out!
    Episode 43
    Whether it's a tick, a cyst, phlegm, or dirt - or something stuck in your eye or ear, get tips to get it out. Are you ready to give birth if your pregnant? The safest ways to speed up labor and delivery.
  • Fix Your Health For Free
    Tired of the high medical bills? Learn how to cut the costs of health and fixing your health for free. Plus, Jillian Michaels reveals how you can build an at-home gym without spending a dime.
  • What Would You Do If Diaster Strikes?
    When disaster strikes, would you know what to do? Are you prepared for earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards and more? Plus, five things you can do to increase your chance of surviving a plane crash.
  • Body Problem Breakthroughs
    Look like a million without breaking a sweat. Peeling off the pounds, toning your tummy, and turning back the clock.
  • The A-List
    The A-List
    Episode 39
    The Doctors field questions about getting on the red carpet! The latest solutions for asthma, allergies, acne, and more. Anti-aging treatments and one extreme way to get an A-List body.
  • Latest Fat Fixes and Motherhood Survival Club
    Real results for busting fat. Singer Mel B (from the Spice Girls) and Samantha Harris (TV host) join the Motherhood to discuss when you should talk to your kids about sex!
  • Suprising Health Dangers You Need to Know
    The most dangerous health hazards are rarely in plain sight. Forget smog and pollution. The most dangerous toxins may be in your home! Learn how to keep your family safe.
  • How To Understand the Opposite Sex
    Instruction manuals on the opposite sex will be given out today! Find out why the key to understanding involves the body cues. Why men have a leg up in weight loss and why women talk so much more.
  • Health Scare Experiment
    See true stories that will inspire you to make life-changing choices. Learn what slipping into dementia feels like and experience the life of a lung cancer patient. If you're a smoker, you can quit!
  • Your Health in the Headlines
    Celebrity dance choreographers and TV judges Mayte Garcia and Mary Murphy (from So You Think You Can Dance) detail dance moves guaranteed to catch a woman's eye! Plus, what the designer clothing industry doesn't want you to know!
  • Would You Know What To Do?
    In an emergency, every second counts. Get the information you need to know about avoiding more serious injury after an accident. Everyday items that are toxic to kids.
  • Reverse Your Body Damage Now
    Undo the havoc that age, sun and pollution have done to your body! Get the latest solutions for skin damage, wrinkles, bad hair, painful knees and more. Plus, boost your bust with a unique workout!
  • Did You Know?
    Did You Know?
    Episode 32
    Check out these great tidbits you probably didn't know: Diabetes-sniffing dogs, prescription vending machines, killer fungi and more. The latest health info and breakthroughs. Keeping safe on Halloween.
  • Top Health Taboos Women Are Afraid to Talk About
    The Doctor answer the questions you're way too embarrassed to even ask. How to tackle these embarrassing issues and improve your life, eliminate the issues, and more.
  • All Shook Up
    All Shook Up
    Episode 30
    Do you get body tremors? Does your butt jiggle? Do you tremble when you get a high fever? Learn why your body shakes, shimmies and shivers! And, shake your way to a better physique.
  • How to Prevent the Top 5 Killers
    The biggest killers facing you and your family. Prevent them and stay healthy. Award winning singer/actress Olivia Newton-John shares her story on beating cancer.
  • Symptoms You Should Never Ignore
    Don't shrug off these symptoms, they may mean something is really wrong. Why ignoring certain symptoms can put your life at risk. Deciphering what your body is telling you to keep yourself healthy.
  • Does It Happen to Other Women Too?
    Those womanly issues like excessive hair, urinary incontinence, hemorrhoids, missed menses, or constant bloating? Get help for frustrating body problems many women battle. And, who should perform your newborn's circumcision?
  • At What Age?
    At What Age?
    Episode 25
    At what age can you expect _____? We answer all types of milestone questions today for children, teens, and adults. Even older adult milestones are talked about. Plus, Leah Rimini and urologist Dr. Jennifer Berman join the Motherhood Survival Club and share home beauty treatments.
  • Find Out What's Wrong and Fix It!
    Whether it's an irritating itch, unexplained gas or an infection that just won't go away, find out what may be causing these symptoms, and learn how to fix it! And, get soft, kissable lips in no time.
  • 10 Bad Things That Are Good For You
    Secret vices and guilty pleasures that are actually good for you? Forbidden foods that you can eat without shame and which bad behaviors can actually help improve your life.
  • Make Your Skin Flaws Disappear Now!
    Stretch marks, scars, sagging skin - new technology can really help you get the skin you really desire. The Biggest Loser Winner Danny Cahill reveals his new body and how you can shed the weight.
  • Could It Happen to You?
    Horrible accidents and life-threatening conditions can happen to anyone at any time, even you! How to prevent a critical head injury, E-coli poisoning, severe dehydration and more. Spotting hazards in your home because they cause injury.
  • Why Size Matters
    Why Size Matters
    Episode 20
    Find out when bigger is better and when you're better off being smaller. Big may not always be a problem.
  • Your Health in the Headlines
    What's your "Golden Ratio", the scale that measures perfect beauty. The dangers of drinking soda from cans. Preparing your daughter for their first period - it can be rough but the right information may really help!
  • Waiting Room Confessions
    Sometimes waiting for a doctor is the hardest part, but get the information you need to make the best out of your appointments.
  • What's Really on Your Face and In Your Body?
    Liz Vaccariello reveals the ugly truth behind beauty products. Find out what what's really in your cosmetics and in some of the pills you may be taking. Also, does your baby have acid reflux? A drink to boost your brain power.
  • 10 Things I Hate About You
    Couple squabs like nighttime gas, unwanted hair loss, and more. Healthy recipes that your family will love.
  • How to Stay Healthy This Fall
    The Doctors give out homework assignments! Facts about germs, illness, and immunizations. Preventing lice in schools and from spreading at home.
  • What is that Bump?
    What is that Bump?
    Episode 14
    Whether it's a wart, cyst, pimple, or boil, learn what your body bumps say about your health. Tips to keep bed bugs at bay, a growing problem today.
  • Top 10 Complains Dr. Lisa Hears From Women
    Easy solutions to the top 10 complaints women confess to their OB/GYN. Also long-lasting relief from hot flashes without drugs. Secrets for better orgasms. And shed pelvic fat as well as prevent hair loss.
  • Secrets: Why You Shouldn't Be Ashamed!
    Lying about your weight, masking bad skin, and hiding an unhealthy addiction. Why you shouldn't be ashamed because the people around you can help. Also, is your job affecting your health.
  • What Women Want
    What Women Want
    Episode 11
    Women today want better bodies, better hair, and better skin, to name a few. And, also better sex. Jillian Michaels also reveals the number one trigger for weight gain. Also discussed: making the most of menopause.
  • What the Yuck?
    What the Yuck?
    Episode 10
    The reason behind those foul-smelling burps, pinworms, and more. The Motherhood Survival Club tackles the biggest issues modern moms face today.
  • Understand Your Body's Ups and Downs
    Do you know what your body is telling you? Deciphering the signals takes some knowledge of the signs and symptoms. CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta shows you how the brain changes with age.
  • What Are Your Chances of Getting It?
    Whooping cough, super germs - what are the chances of getting you and your family members affected. Also, the latest on the most recent salmonella scare and what you can do to protect your family.
  • Improve Your Health by the Numbers
    Your health is often measured by numbers, as in cholesterol, weight, and blood pressure. The little-known numbers that affect your health everyday.
  • New Procedures to Improve Your Body
    High heel pains, spider veins - the procedures to get rid of these and more. Also what you need to know about surgery and what to expect after any type of surgical procedure.
  • What Women Need To Know
    It's a women's issues show with talk about C-Sections, mammograms, bikini waxes, and more. The do's and don'ts of these procedures. Vanessa Marcil-Giovinazzo, Niecy Nash, and Dr. Kristi Funk kick off the Motherhood Survival Club, bringing awareness to women's issues.
  • 24 Hours to Stop 24 Things
    How to stop beauty blunders and cooking catastrophes. The most common mistakes made at the gym.
  • What's the Difference?
    Which foods, products, and procedures are right for you? Liz Vaccariello (The Doctors' own Health Investigator) uncovers the truth behind sweeteners. Also, tips for back-to-school wellness amid routine.
  • Five Minute Health Fixes
    Get healthy with The Doctors in five minutes. How to correct weight gain, bad skin, damaged hair, and more.
  • Season 3 Premiere
    Season 3 Premiere
    Episode 1
    The Doctors are back with an all new project: Project Unhealthy shows you how all that junk food and no exercise can affect your body - with Dr. Travis as the guinea pig. Also, preview your plastic surgery results.