The Doctors - Season 4

Weekdays on Premiered Sep 08, 2008 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • Twelve Tricks to Save Your Life in 2012

    Safety tips from The Doctors. Plus, UFC fighter Rich Franklin is in studio.

  • Fashion 911: Beauty Habits that Harm Your Health

    Are your beauty habits more fashionable than rational? Discover the dangers of carrying heavy handbags, why strutting in stilettos can lead to funky feet and how applying makeup incorrectly may magnify blemishes.

  • Get Your Body to Start Doing What You Want

    The Doctors bring you top tips for halting hiccups, preventing wrinkles, scheduling your period and more! Meet a chain-smoking teen. Can a new laser treatment help him quit? Plus, the best foods for digestive health.

  • Ask Our Docs: On Location

    The doctors head to New York to answer people's health concerns. Get subway safety tips, the latest in robotics that could help you, and a day in the life of a NYC firefighter. Plus, Dr. Lisa heads to broadway!

  • How Cold Can Improve Your Health

    Before turning up the heat, learn the surprising benefits of cold! Learn how hypothermia saved a young mother's life. Plus, pamper yourself with ice cream and popsicles this summer!

  • Fourth Season Premiere

    Updates for the fourth season are coming soon.