The Donna Reed Show

Season 5 Episode 31

All Those Dreams

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Apr 18, 1963 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Continuity Goof: There is a continuity goof between two scenes concerning the length of stay for the Stones, as well as when they will be leaving.

      During the arrival at the hotel suite scene, the hotel concierge asks Dr. Stone to confirm his reservations are correct, as the number of packages seems to imply a longer stay. Dr. Stone confirms the written reservations are correct, they will be staying only for "the weekend."

      Later in the episode Jeff is in his bathrobe and is talking to his parents about returning home early.  He says there is no reason for him to hang around here till Tuesday.  As the three-day weekend law didn't exist till June 28, 1968, this wouldn't have been a three day weekend (in 1963).

    • Continuity Goof: Upon arriving (and before meeting up with Mr. Drysdale) Jeff says Don Drysdale invited him and the Stone family to see him play in Chicago, as his guest.  This is a a continuity goof with the earlier episode.  In the episode,"The Man in the Mask," season 4, episode 37, Mr. Drysdale invites Jeff and his family to see him play baseball with the best seats in the stadium, when they visit Los Angeles.  At the time, he doesn't extend this offer to other cities or stadiums.  Mr. Drysdale didn't make any other offers, as Jeff didn't contact Mr. Drysdale in advance of their arriving in Chicago, as he wanted it to be a surprise visit.



    • Jeff and Mrs. Stone work into their dialog, throughout the episode, the fact Chicago has three professional sports teams, a baseball team ("The Chicago Cubs"), a basketball team ("The Chicago Zephyrs"), and an hockey team ("The Chicago Black Hawks").  They (unfortunately) fail to mention the South Chicago baseball team, "The Chicago White Sox" during the episode.

    • The ending credits lists Don Drysdale and his family as:

      Special Guest Stars


      Don, Ginger and Kelly

      instead of using the normal format of one line per person, even for special guest stars.

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    • During the lunch scene between Mrs. Stone and Jeff, Jeff states his new nickname will be "Windbag Stone," because he spoke up his personal relationship to Don Drysdale and failed to come through with signed baseballs or an interview.  This reference is an allusion to the nickname given by the media (print, radio, and television) to the City of Chicago, as "the Windy City." Chicago is "the Windy City" not because of the wind from lake Michigan, but because of all the talking and speaking done by Chicago politicians.