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Just wondering could the episode "Aloha Kimi" been a pilot?

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    After watching the episode "Aloha Kimi" (Season 4, Episode 19), I'm wondering if it wasn't suppose to be a pilot for a spin-off of "The Donna Reed Show" about medicine in the Hawaiian Islands. Does anyone have any thoughts, information, clues, etc?

    After all it does seem to be an interesting out of the way plot where someone from Hilldale is now living in Hawaii and is rich enough to fly Doctor Stone all the way to the big island (don't forget this is 1961 when air travel cost, just like long distance phone calls, a bunch!). Isn't 1961 and there about the time of "the doctor shows," such as Dr. Kildare, Ben Casey, and many others? Maybe this was a way to pay for a pilot without spending pilot money (or budgeting for it specifically). I'm not sure . . . what do you think?

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