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Why does James Darren sings Goodbye Cruel World with different lyrics?

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    Does anyone out there know the reason why on the season 4 premiere episode, "One Starry Night" guest star James Darren sings his hit "Goodbye Cruel World" with different lyrics than in the released version? In his hit song, he's off to join the circus, but on this Donna episode, he's off to join the Army! Almost all the lyrics are different, and the only part that is the same is when he sings: "Shoot me out of a cannon, I don't care! Let the people point at me and stare, I tell the the world that woman, where ever she may, that mean, fickle woman's made a cryin' clown out of me, Goodbye Cruel World." At this time, in the Fall of 1961, it was one of my favorite songs, and the lyric change, when I first heard it kind of startled me!! I'm curious as to why the lyrics were changed, if anyone knows.......

    Dan S.

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