The Donna Reed Show - Season 1

ABC (ended 1966)




Episode Guide

  • Operation Deadbeat
    Episode 37
    Alex collects money Jeff owes.
  • 5/27/59
    Mary gets advice on how to handle love.
  • 5/20/59
    Donna wants a day alone without kids. But are she and Alex ready for that?
  • 5/13/59
    A housekeeper is hired by the Stones while Donna is busy managing the Have a Heart Hilldale campaign.
  • The Testimonial
    Episode 33
    Donna plans a testimonial for the retiring Dr. Jason. Problem is that he really doesn't want to retire yet.
  • Grateful Patient
    Episode 32
    Alex takes advantage of a tip on the market.
  • 4/22/59
    Donna gives advice on how raise children, and then she is sorely tested to follow her own advice when it comes to Mary dating an intense boy named Leonard whose family is addicted to early elopements.
  • The Hero
    Episode 30
    Alex's roommate Biff Jameson comes to Hilldale but Alex and Donna have trouble finding out what he does for a living.
  • 4/8/59
    The Stones campaign to help the Keplers' marriage backfires on them!
  • 4/29/59
    Alex takes advantage of a tip on the market.
  • April Fool
    Episode 28
    Buzz Barry, teen singing sensation, comes to Hilldale to perform at the Civic Auditorium, but at the last minute, the show is cancelled due to Buzz getting the measles. Buzz is now holed up at the Stone residence to recover, and Mary is forbidden to tell anyone that he is staying at her home.moreless
  • 3/25/59
    At a dinner party, Donna is so impressed with attentiveness shown to each other by a newlywed couple, Donna is determined that she and Alex recapture those romantic ways.
  • Mary's Campaign
    Episode 26
    Mary is running for class vice president, and may drive her family crazy trying to win the election.
  • The Ideal Wife
    Episode 25
    Everyone praises Donna,"the ideal wife,"so much that she goes on a rampage and purposely loses her temper at people.After a day of this she regrets her tirade and apologizes to all.
  • Boys Will Be Boys
    Episode 24
    David Barker is brought to Alex to be treated for rabies only to learn that student bit David.
  • The Report Card
    Episode 23
    Donna feels that Jeff is just an average Student.
  • Love Thy Neighbor
    Episode 22
    Donna And Alex help celebrate the 20th anniversary of Willber & Celia Wilgus only to find that Celia walked out.
  • Donna Plays Cupid
    Episode 21
    Donna tries to get Bo and Celia to fall in love.
  • Have Fun
    Episode 20
    Mary comes home from a date in tears. Donna And Alex tell 2 different stories on how they met each other on their first date.
  • Jeff vs. Mary
    Episode 19
    Jeff feels his parents love Mary more. How can Donna get him to realize that they do love him as much as Mary?
  • 1/21/59
    Mr. Popkin is an overly proud man who won't let Alex treat his son until he has enough money to pay for the treatmentt. No credit or charity for him! Donna tries to help Mr. Popkin earn the money first by hiring him to do odd jobs around the house and then by marketing a toy he invented.moreless
  • 1/14/59
    David Barker returns to the Stones home for his birthday.
  • Jeff's Double Life
    Episode 16
    After nosy neighbor Mrs. Wilgus (the inimitable Kathleen Freeman) alerts Donna and Alex about Mary having a noisy party while they were out, the kids get lectured about being the children of a doctor, and that they should behave accordingly. Not too long after this, Jeff takes a ride from Mary's troublemaker friend Tommy Hendricks, who doesn't have a license and has taken his father's car out for a joyride, and they get into a minor accident while fleeing a cop. He hides it from Donna and Alex, but must tell Mary when she notices him favoring his injured left arm. Not wanting to disappoint his parents or ruin his father's practice with a small-town scandal (i.e., Jeff (to Mary): "I can see the headlines now: 'Doctor's Son Injured as Police Chase Hot Car'. It would ruin Dad!"), Jeff goes incognito to the new pediatrician who has just set up shop in Hilldale.moreless
  • Mary's Double Date
    Episode 15
    Mary's Junior prom is coming up, She feels two boys on the football team are two possible dates to choose from. She waits until the day of the prom to decide.
  • 12/24/58
    Donna is fed up with how nowadays no one has the true Christmas spirit anymore. Seems like everyone is more concerned with receiving rather than giving. Her faith in mankind is restored when she discovers just who has been secretly giving the Christmas parties for the children's ward all these years.moreless
  • The Busy Body
    Episode 13
    Uncle Fred brings trouble to the Stones.
  • The Beaded Bag
    Episode 12
    Donna is insulted that Alex thinks she used feminine wiles to get him to give her a beaded bag for her birthday.
  • The Baby Contest
    Episode 11
    Alex is judge at a Beautiful Baby contest run by Donna's club.
  • Guest in the House
    Episode 10
    An ex-patient seeks refuge at the Stones.
  • Dough Re-Mi
    Episode 9

    The Hilldale hospital needs a children's playroom and the Hilldale women are working to raise $2500. Meanwhile, the Jeff's neighborhood football team, The Bobcats, needs a tackling dummy ($33). Mrs. Lydia Langley returns reprising her role from episode 2, "Pardon My Gloves," as a rival with her own idea on how to raise the money. Mrs. Stone wants to hold a concert to raise the $2,500 in one event, while Lydia feels a play raising $250 is realistic. Mrs. Stone is using every trick she can to meet and ask a world renowned concert pianist who is vacationing in Hilldale (after a 34 country world tour) for his help. It is Jeff, though, who meets him and develops a close friendship with his daughter.

    Tune in to see how all of these people and needs converge. Will Mrs. Stone have her concert or have to act in another play directed by Mrs. Langley. Will Jeff and the Bobcats get their tackling dummy? Could Jeff ever talk a tired world class pianist into doing a concert, when doing one benefit would open the flood gates to each and every other charity in Hilldale and even Chicago!

  • 11/12/58
    Mary would like George, the basketball star, to ask her to The Varsity Prom, but there are a couple of problems. First problem: George doesn't know how to dance. Second problem: George develops a crush on Donna.
  • Three Part Mother
    Episode 7

    This episode is a single day in the life of Mrs. Stone. The story begins with her waking up, as well as waking everyone else up and ends with checking on / tucking everyone into bed before turning in herself. In between, we learn how much the family depends upon her, when each member of the family has an important event in their life during the same evening.

    Dr. Stone is giving a speech to the local medical society. He would like her to show up, but as he puts it, "mothers belong to their children." On the other hand, though, a doctor with the medical society tells her it is very important to Dr. Stone's future in the community for her to show up. One of the main purposes of tonight is to allow the members and their wives to check her out, especially given they recently moved to Hilldale.

    Jeff is a member of the basketball team and Mrs. Stone has been at the last four games, even though Jeff has been warming the bench. Tonight, he is not just going to play (for the very first time), he is starting! It would mean so much for him to have his Mother there watching him play (actually anyone from the family).

    Mary has been waiting to hear from a school girl's club about her membership. Upon returning home from school, we discover she is in and during their first meeting, the new members introduce their Mothers. Her first meeting is tonight.

    Tune-in to see how Mrs. Stone juggles her responsibilities as a doctor's wife, and Mother to two children. Is she able to cover all three event or does someone end up with the short straw and if so, who?

  • The Foundling
    Episode 6

    Someone abandons a child at the Stones' place. Attached to the baby is a note, that upsets the entire household, including their Irish maid:

    Dear Mrs.Stone,
    His name is Willie. He's a good boy and hardly ever cries.

     When the local police are informed, Donna can't part from the baby. She wants to keep him until his mother is found. Alex caves in to Donna and allows the baby to stay for the time being. Jeff, meanwhile, doesn't like the thought of a person who might become a sibling, but he soon warms up to it.
    Meanwhile, Donna does some investigation on her own. She realizes that a baby name Guillermo might be called Willy. And who has a son named Willy? The milkman!
    Donna goes to his house to investigate. She finds out that the milkman is upset due to his young wife dying while having little Willy. But why did he choose Donna Stone to look after it? Because he knows Donna has a happy and loving home, and that she'd look after the child.
    The milkman says he realizes he did the wrong thing. He gives her a piece of cheese for helping. Donna then hooks the milkman and her maid together and all is well again in Hilldale.

  • 10/22/58
    Jeff wants a uniform for the team picture. Jeff must work for the money to buy it.
  • Male Ego
    Episode 4
    Mary's speech about a Mother's Sacrifice brings alot of attention to Donna and leaves Alex feeling unappreciated.
  • The Hike
    Episode 3

    Donna uses "Girl Scout ingenuity" to prove that women are just as capable as men out in the wilderness when she takes Jeff and his friends on a camping trip.

  • Pardon My Gloves
    Episode 2

    Mrs. Stone belongs to a play group putting on the play "A Doll's House" by Henrik Ibsen. She has the lead role, Nora Helmer, and isn't doing well. Mrs. Stone is relying upon a director who, based upon her past performances of the role. feels she should be Nora and not Mrs. Stone. Thus while saying she is helping Mrs. Stone, she isn't helping as much as if she was happy being the director.

    Meanwhile their Sons are having their own private discussions about their Mothers and the play. This lands Jeff both with two black eyes and in hot water with his Mother that is until Mrs. Stone learns what Jeff won't tell her.

    Tune in and find out how Mrs. Stone deals not only with her own issues, but helps her Son take another step towards being a young man (of the 1950's).

  • Weekend Trip
    Episode 1
    This is the very first episode of the long-running series, in which audiences were introduced to the beloved Stone family. In this episode, we get a glimpse of the sometimes chaotic day-to-day life of the Stones, always buffered by the sweet and loving persona of Donna Reed as Donna Stone, TV's first "highly visible" Mom of the 1950s. She dispenses advice, discipline, humor and wisdom to her family, something that was usually reserved for the TV Dads of the era. In the premiere episode, Donna hopes to get away to a ski weekend with her brood, but pediatrician husband Alex's on-call schedule makes this tricky, especially since one of his young patients, Eddie Barclay, has a mysterious illness and Alex doesn't want to leave him in the care of another doctor. Not wanting to disappoint Mary and Jeff (who are both experts at verbally matching wits and insults with one another, as any normal siblings would be), Donna takes charge of things throughout, getting another doctor to take Alex's calls and pinpointing the origins of Eddie's illness to fear of the school bully.moreless