The Donna Reed Show - Season 4

ABC (ended 1966)




Episode Guide

  • Dear Wife
    Episode 39

    Upon returning from a wedding for one of Mary's friends (who is 19), various circumstances test the faith Dr. and Mrs. Stone have in Mary and the confidence in how they raised her. Dr. and Mrs. Stone spend the episode both fearing the worse and wondering how to find out what is going on with their 18 year old daughter, while still showing the respect she earned and deserves. After all each event taken by itself means nothing, but when viewed together they're enough to cause the heart of any well adjusted and responsible parent to skip more than a few beats. Tune in and see how they handle their own growing pains as the parents of an young, sensible, responsible, and levelheaded adult woman.

  • The Father Image
    Episode 38

    Today is Mary's graduation from high school. She's second in her class, but as the valedictorian is sick, it will be her giving the 20 minute speech and she has yet to even see it. As if one milestone in the Stone family isn't enough, Jeff is taking his driving test (written and driving) today. He's worried, as three of his classmates already failed and he's already been talked into taking a girl out tonight with him driving her, alone.

    When Dr. Stone arrives home after surgery on a young girl who might die during recovery, it is up to Mrs. Stone to help the children learn perspective and thus mature into well adjusted adults. Tune in to see how it turns out for Stone family and the little girl.

  • The Man in the Mask
    Episode 37

    Jeff has a busy two days dealing with typical teenager adventures - girls, baseball, and exploring possible jobs, while helping out his school. It is again time for the Sadie Hawkins dance and Jeff has yet to hear from a girl. Meanwhile he has an interview with baseball great (and future baseball hall of famer) Don Drysdale for the school newspaper. Tune in and see the problems presented to Jeff, his solutions, and, well, how it all turns out for the Stone family of Hilldale, IL.

  • On to Fairview
    Episode 36

    Jeff participates in an advertising scheme created by Mr. Varney to sell more bikes at his shop. Guess how quickly it will take for Jeff Stone to ride a bike (in front of the store on a treadmill) 30 miles (the distance to Fairview). The winner receives a new racing bike! Jeff agreed to do it for $5, as he is buying a present worth almost $10 to give to the most important girl in his life.

    Meanwhile at home his Mother is upset with him not attending to his chores, as he is trying to earn money for a gift. She knows it is for Jeff's current crush and feels a $10 gift is too much. She doesn't relent in giving Jeff home chores to before he can fulfill his promise to Mr. Varney.

    Tune in to find out how: A) Jeff gets the money in time, as he has it on layaway for a $1, but only till 5 PM and B) How his Mother reacts when she realizes the most important girl in Jeff's life is her, his Mother (as he puts the $10.00 necklace around her neck).

    Also how long do you think it took Jeff to ride the bike 30 miles in front of Mr. Varney's Bicycle shop?

  • The Swingin' Set
    Episode 35

    Hilldale high school students can't attend the junior prom stag and as the episode opens they don't yet have dates. Fortunately, two new girls recently moved into the neighborhood. Jeff meets the first girl, when she brings by mail (for Dr. Stone) delivered, by mistake, to her new home. He finds her stunning. So stunning, in fact, he can't get a word out and she leaves without him asking her anything, such as her name, number, address, to the junior prom, etc.

    Later Smitty see her at the malt shop working. As Smitty needs moral support to talk to her and also ask her to the junior prom, he goes and get Jeff to be his wingman. When Jeff sees Smitty is after the girl who tongue tied him earlier in the day, he's beside himself, but being a true friend he lets Smitty ask her out. Later Jeff meets the second new girl (who lives three doors down from him) and his Mother sets him up to invite her to the junior prom. Jan, the second new girl, realizes Jeff really doesn't want to take her to the prom and gives him a way out. As Jeff is a true gentleman, he declines and tells her he really wants to take her to the prom. At the end of the scene they agree he should come by her place at 7:30 PM (19:30) CT to pick her up and she'll be ready at 8 PM (20:00) CT.

    Once at the prom Smitty and Jeff's date (the second girl) hit it of, as though they were made for each other. Thus Jeff ends up with the first girl after all, when they switch partners. The girls and boys both dance the night away with their new partners, until it is time for someone to sing with the band.

    The Hilldale student body nominates Jeff to sing with the band, by taking one big step backwards. This leaves Jeff out on the floor and looking like he took two steps forward. You should tune in to see how well:

    A) Jeff (Paul Peterson) sings,

    B) He explains the date switching to his parents, and

    C) They're reaction.

  • The Caravan
    Episode 34

    The Stone family heads to Lake Meade and all points West ending up in Las Vegas in a modern, marvelous invention, the motorhome.

  • Donna Meets Roberta
    Episode 33

    With Donna Reed considering retiring at the end of this season, this episode is one of the many proposed replacement series. It is the unsold pilot for "The Roberta Sherwood Show," staring Roberta Sherwood and Gale Gordon, as her brother. Along with her three Sons (real life brothers) she lives an Illinois town close enough for Dr. Stone to come on a house call, but far enough away that Mrs. Stone says it is a long drive.

    As a former touring performer, Roberta worked on the road leaving her three Sons in her brother's care. Upon returning, she had enough money to buy a home for the five of them. Unfortunately, her brother feels show biz people aren't highly looked upon and tries to keep her and his nephews from singing. Yet, they'll be happy to burst out into song, when the mood or situation calls for it and even Uncle Dudley joins in, too.

    Roberta and Dudley are trying to sell their run down home, which is in horrible shape, for a profit (of at least $500). Dudley, like many of Gale Gordon's characters tries to save a buck and make one too anyway he can even if it means taking advantage of someone. The story brings these two families together at a charity bazaar, where she is singing. A friend of Dr. Stone lets him in on a secret that a shopping center will be going up right across the street from Roberta's home. He figures the land, alone, will be worth at least 4 times ($10,000) the current asking price ($2,000 to $2,500).

    The episode finds Dr. Stone wrestling with himself on being a businessman who willing takes advantage of other people or his natural self as a healer and someone who tries to help people, even foregoing payment, when a parent can't pay him. Jeff finds himself in a similar situation having bought a broken radio, he knew he could fix. It falls to Mrs. Stone to help the two men in her life to see, not the error of their ways, but the humanity in their soul and/or heart.

    A late night phone call to Dr. Stone as Roberta's youngest Son (Bobby) is running a high fever and none of the town's doctors are available. While driving over to see them, Dr. Stone has a heart to heart with himself. While waiting to hear what is wrong with their youngest, Dudley and Roberta have their own heart to heart. Roberta sees this illness as her punishment for selling the house for $500 more than she feels it is worth to Dr. Stone. When Dr. Stone finally comes down to tell them what he discovered (measles), it is Roberta who says Dr. Stone needs to know more about the house before going into the deal. Dr. Stone replies the same to Roberta and Dudley, which causes them to look at each other (as they thought they knew everything there was about their home).

    Mrs. Stone is awake, when Dr. Stone arrives home (at 4 AM) whistling, humming, and lightly singing. He tells her Bobby has the measles and she wants to know what else is up. Dr. Stone admits he told Roberta about the shopping center and "all bets all off." The episode ends with everyone at the Summers' home, as it is Dudley's birthday. This gives Roberta, the three real life brothers, and even Gale Gorden a chance to sing and show the "The Roberta Sherwood Show" would be both a family drama and a musical series.

  • Man of Action
    Episode 32

    Smitty and Jeff have a tag along, his 6 year old brother, who won't be good when searching for girls. What are they to do, but to ask Mrs. Stone to watch him. Problem is her ride shows up early and she has to leave. Dr. Stone just got home from an unexpected call to see an entire first grade class at this new downtown office. He has golfing plans for the afternoon, but what is a good husband to do when his wife has to leave? Right! Dr. Stone and Hoby end up waiting for Smitty and Jeff. Dr. Stone continues getting ready to go golfing. He has his golfing shoes, puts on his white high-top Keds sneakers, and waits for Smitty and Jeff. Instead his fellow doctors and golfing buddies show up and they try to figure out what to do with Hoby. Unable to find a solution Dr. Stone gives up, sends his friends on their way, accepts the situation, and regresses to the father of a six year old Son. Tune in to find out how it turns out for Smitty, Jeff, and Donna, when they finally get home.

  • The Fortune Teller
    Episode 31
    Donna plays the fortune teller at a bazaar.
  • Skin Deep
    Episode 30
    Alex relents and agrees Mary can go out on a blind date if she will meet the boy first. Now Mary wants to cancel the date because he has big ears.
  • Winner Takes All
    Episode 29
    Jeff's team-mate on the baseball team has an overbearing father who drives the son hard and constantly berates him, thinking this will help him be a star player someday. Alex tries to set him straight.
  • Hilldale 500
    Episode 28
    The newest thing in Hilldale is go-cart racing, and Jeff wants to take it up. One problem is a go-cart costs over $100. Another is that Donna thinks racing isn't safe.
  • 3/22/62
    The Stones track down the owner of a watch that they got from a pawn shop.
  • The Fireball
    Episode 26
    Jeff's leading lady in the school play has a bad temper.
  • 3/8/62
    While spending the weekend with friends who have left the rat-race of the city life and who now live on a farm, Donna and Alex become tempted by the country life.
  • Free Flight
    Episode 24
    Donna is offered a free trip when she complains to an airline.
  • The Golden Trap
    Episode 23
    While Donna and Alex are away, Mary's little get-together with a friend somehow turns into open house party.
  • The New Office
    Episode 22
    Alex moves his pediatric practice out of the house and into a new office downtown.
  • Explorer's Ten
    Episode 21
    Jeff's club is trying to raise money to purchase themselves a telescope.
  • Donna's Prima Donna
    Episode 20

    When Mary decides to forsake college and embark on a singing career, Donna falls back upon a trick played by her, own, Mother.  This time around, though, the facts are different.  Will Donna end up making a very large mistake, when it comes to Mary's future?

  • Aloha Kimi
    Episode 19
    Alex flies to Hawaii to treat a friend's daughter who woke up paralyzed after an operation.
  • For Angie With Love
    Episode 18
    Jeff doesn't have enough money to buy Angie a special birthday gift, so he starts selling his possessions in order to raise the money.
  • 1/11/62
    The Stones become the laughing-stock of Hilldale after Alex takes to driving an antique car that he dubbed "Eloise".
  • 12/28/61
    A boy at school tries to prove he's tough.
  • A Very Bright Boy
    Episode 15

    Victor has an IQ to rival Albert Einstein, but the social understanding of a boy his age, 13, who has been in a boarding school since he was 10.  Can Mrs. Stone reach him in the short time, his Mother and new Step-Father are on their honeymoon?

  • Way of a Woman
    Episode 14
    The skiing trip with friends has been cancelled, and Mary is depressed. To cheer her up, Donna suggests that Alex take Mary on a trip to Chicago.
  • The Fabulous O'Hara
    Episode 13
    Alex has a new patient whose grandfather plans on paying the medical bill with money won from betting on the horses.
  • Alex, the Professor
    Episode 12
    Will child psychology theories prove themselves in practice? Alex is going to find out, with Mary and Jeff as his subjects.
  • Private Tutor
    Episode 11
    Mary tries to wangle an invitation to the Hilldale Centennial Dance from the handsome new classmate who just happens to be her French tutor. Meanwhile, he and Jeff are competing for odd jobs.
  • The Paper Tycoon
    Episode 10
    Jeff takes on more than he can handle when he starts a newspaper delivery service.
  • 11/9/61
    Jeff's been keeping a secret from Donna and Alex: He's been expelled from school for a prank he and some friends pulled which involved messing up the bells and clocks, and he won't be allowed back unless he names the other boys involved.
  • All is Forgiven
    Episode 8
    Millie and Jack have split up over barbequed chicken of all things! Alex and Donna think that because they are childless, it kept them immature so Donna decides they should adopt a baby to Alex's dismay.
  • One of Those Days
    Episode 7
    Donna and Alex are having one of those days where nothing is going right, so Donna suggests that she and Alex take the day off and have a picnic in the country.
  • New Girl in Town
    Episode 6
    Jeff is cornered into dating a new girl in town. All ends well when he discovers the new girl is a tomboy.
  • The Monster
    Episode 5
    First some large animal has trampled Mary's flowers. Now when Alex is out of town, Donna and the kids keep hearing noises late at night. Upon investigating, they peek out the front door window and see a large, furry creature sitting on the porch!
  • Mouse at Play
    Episode 4
    Iris advises Donna that it's up to the wife to keep the marriage going with surprises and changes every now and then. When Iris goes from blond to black hair, Donna decides to go Platinum Blond! But once she comes home with her new hair color, she decides not to show it to Alex. She avoids him and quickly changes it back to the color it was whew! What a close call!moreless
  • The Close Shave
    Episode 3
    Jeff has discovered he is growing whiskers, and decides that since he is no longer a little boy that he needs to start acting like a man. He insists on taking a job to pay his way at home.
  • A Rose is a Rose
    Episode 2
    Jeff failed an English assignment, and now he has to stay home and redo it even if means missing the father/son baseball game.
  • One Starry Night
    Episode 1
    Mary dates Kip Dennis, unaware that he is also singer, Jim Brandt, who Jeff admires and Mary despises.