The Donna Reed Show

Season 4 Episode 9

The Electrical Storm

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 09, 1961 on ABC

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  • Wonderful and Delightful!

    OK, I suspect many people today (2013) who watch this episode will find it old fashion and unrealistic. Yet, as someone from that time frame (well, barely old enough to watch the episode, but still), I find it (today) to be a wonderful and delightful episode. Honestly, as a parent, I also see it still addressing the problems even seen today between family members (parents, parents and children, and between the children). Yes, on a much simpler level, but sometimes simply is best and easiest for all.

    This episode looks at a problem that is still relevant today. What is a guy suppose to do when he knows who is behind something bad and the authorities want to know what he knows, too. How is a guy suppose to be stand up with his fellows, his family, his school, and himself and his own future.

    Jeff has a choice to snitch or be expelled. Watching this episode really helps provide insight for both parents and children in thinking outside the box on dealing with this dilemma. Yes, aspects are setup and in real life the real party doesn't always admit his part, but the episode can help open up a dialog and (most important) get parents and children looking at ways of dealing with a situation before it pops up in real life. After all sometimes it is best to be prepared for the school of hard knocks instead taking it on blindly and even a simple 1961 episode can provide unexpected insight.

    In my case, I found the advise and direction Mrs. Stone took to be valuable. Mine would be similar to Dr. Stone, but Miss Reed's character gave me a new viewpoint and for that I'm grateful.

    BTW/FYI: I know I rated this episode a 10, but it honestly isn't perfect. If possible, I'd rate it a 9.6 or 9.7. As no longer supports the 1/10 rating scale, I'll round this up to 10.0 (instead of down to 9.5).