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  • Season 5 Episode 23: Pioneer Woman

  • Tony Owen, Jr., who played Roger Griffin in this episode, is Donna Reed's real-life son.

  • Jim Davis and Donna Reed both had starring roles on Dallas, although not at the same time. Davis died in 1981, and Donna Reed died in 1986. Ironically, both died with their Dallas roles being their last.

  • I remember this one. When we first got nick on cable. The scene in the kitchen You see the boom mikes shadow on the wall. Pretty easy to spot.

  • Season 5 Episode 21: Three is a Family

  • Mary misquotes Alfred Lord Tennyson (1809 - 1892) when she says to Scotty, "Jealousy is the fume of little hearts."  Lord Tennyson wrote in the "Idylls of the King," Guinevere section, "For mockery is the fume of little hearts."

    On the other hand, Elinor Glyn wrote in the Pittsburgh Press newspaper on Sunday May 29, 1921, "... jealousy of another's beauty or talent or charm is all the "fume of little hearts," and should have no place in a fine character."

  • The episode occurs the day after Trisha's eighth birthday according to Jeff.

  • Season 5 Episode 19: The New Look

  • This is the last episode with the original four stars, from the very beginning of the series.  It highlights Mary Stone and gives Shelley Fabare a wonderful opportunity to show off her wind range of acting skill.

  • Season 5 Episode 17: A Woman' Place

  • While Mary is planning menus, she asks Alex whether he'd like steak or lamb stew for dinner.

  • Season 5 Episode 16: Just a Little Wedding

  • This is the second episode about Mary's friends getting married.  The first one was "Dear Wife," season 4, episode 39 (the last episode of season 4).

  • Season 5 Episode 15: Jeff Stands Alone

  • This is the first episode of season 5 where Mary Stone does not appear, except in the opening scene (on her way out the door to school).

  • The lunch box (left under / beside the car by the telephone lineman that Jeff crushes with the car) cost $3.85 (during the 1960's).

  • Season 5 Episode 13: The Winning Ticket

  • Jeff's insurance cost for the car (based upon his age, car, and location) is $180.  The episode implies this is for one year.

  • Season 5 Episode 12: The Makeover Man

  • Steve bought his sneakers for $2.95 at the local Army Surplus store (L & B).  They look to be a pair of white Jack Purcell "tennis shoes."  He has been wearing them for 3 months, at the time of the episode.

  • Season 5 Episode 10: Man to Man

  • Tony Owen, Jr., who played Rick, is Donna Reed's real-life son.

  • Season 5 Episode 9: Big Star

  • Two continuity errors occur twice in the final scene, when Mary sings "Big Star."  Before she begins singing, we see Mrs. Stone retire upstairs for the night and as Mary leaves the house, she turns off the lights leaving only a small night light on.

    Later in the scene, as Mary sings the song, the camera moves indoors.  The lights are fully on in the house for the living room, entrance, and stairs.  Mrs. Stone is standing by the downstairs phone listening to Mary sing, while going through the mail.  The camera returns to the porch showing Mary singing and we can see the lights are off (other than the night light) and there is no sign of Mrs. Stone.

    After a little bit more time, the camera moves back inside again.  The lights are all on and we see Mrs. Stone walking upstairs, with the mail, and listening to Mary sing out on the porch.  As Mrs. Stone disappears up the stairs (for the second time), the camera switches to the porch and Mary continuing to sing.  The lights are again off, other than the night light, yet they were on as Mrs. Stone was leaving to go up to the master bedroom.

  • Season 5 Episode 6: My Dad

  • After missing dinner-time due to a housecall, Alex has reheated dried-out lamb chops for his dinner.

  • Season 5 Episode 5: Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary

  • A continuity error occurs during Mary's visit home from the dorm.  After reading an article, Mrs. Stone begins rearranging the kitchen and dinning room to reduce the amount of walking she does during the year.  As Dr. Stone and Jeff enter the kitchen she has everything out on the kitchen counter tops and begins explaining to them what she is doing and her plans for where everything should reside both in the kitchen and the dinning room.

    After Jeff leaves to get shelf paper from the car, Mrs. Stone realizes she needs to leave immediately in order to pick Mary up on time for her weekend visit.  As she leaves she tells Dr. Stone to put everything away in its new place.

    After dinner, Mary and Mrs. Stone are preparing to do the dishes.  Mary finds everything out of place, even the mop, which used to be outside but is now in the closet.  Mrs. Stone acts, as thought they've been using this new kitchen arrangement for quite awhile.  The reality, though, is this arrangement occurred this same day.  Additionally, Mrs. Stone left putting everything away to Dr. Stone.

  • Mary lives away from home (in the dorms that are 4.2 miles from the Stone residence) for 3 weeks.

  • Season 5 Episode 1: Mister Nice Guy

  • Mr. Pruitt from "The Golden Trap" (season 4, episode 23) stops by at the start of this episode to check on the water heater he installed (as well as get some free medical advice).

    He says he "installed a water heater a couple of weeks back"  This means the time between this episode is around 2 to 3 weeks in the world of "The Donna Reed Show." While in the real world (Earth time) close to 7 months elapsed covering 16 episodes between February 22, 1962 and September 20, 1962.

  • Season 4 Episode 39: Dear Wife

  • The only characters appearing in this episode are the four stars (Dr. & Mrs. Stone, Jeff and Mary Stone), with all other characters appearing by reference and not physically appearing.  This episode is the only one in season 4 where no one else appears on screen other than the four main characters.

  • Season 4 Episode 37: The Man in the Mask

  • Don Drysdale invites Jeff and his family to see him play baseball with the best seats in the stadium, when they visit Los Angeles.  Unfortunately, Jeff and his family never take Mr. Drysdale up on this offer.

    Mr. Drysdales, though, does appear in several future episodes (total of 4 episodes counting this one).  They are "Play Ball" (season 7, episode 3, 10/1/1964), "My Son the Catcher" (season 6, episode 31, 4/16/1964),"All Those Dreams" (season 5, episode 31, 4/18/1963), and this episode.  All of these episodes take place in Hillsdale.




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