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The Doodlebops

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The Doodlebops is a musical comedy series for preschoolers starring some colorful characters: Deedee, Rooney and Moe Doodle, whose distinctions are that their hair, face, and outfits are generally the same pastel color. They play music and dance around on stage, and have skits in the TV series about different social and behavioral issues.

Broadcast History The Doodlebops are mainly seen in Canada on Kids' CBC weekdays at 7:00 & 10:00am. They also broadcast in the USA on Playhouse Disney at 9:30am with no commercial interruptions. So far there are three seasons worth.

Universal Music has signed on to distribute CD's and DVD's in stores, and they have gone on sold-out concert tours around the US and Canada. The show was produced through Cookie Jar Entertainment (formerly Cinar), the production company behind 'Arthur and 'Caillou'.

The Doodlebops Theme Song We're the Doodlebops, We're the Doodlebops, We're the Doodlebops, oh yeah! Come and join the fun because we're laughing and we're singing all day. Heyyy! We're the Doodlebops, We're the Doodlebops, We're the Doodlebops, oh yeah! No place better and I know you're gonna want to stay... Here we are together: Deedee! Rooney! Moe! Doing everything we love to do Oh yes, it's very, very clear, We are happy that you are here. Together we're the Doodlebops we'll sing and dance with you. We're the Doodlebops!

The Doodlebops Pledge We promise to share, We promise to care, All together as a team. And if we stick to it, We can do it, We can do anything. Stand tall, Say it loud, We're together and we're proud: Deedee, Rooney, Moe. (Kazoo) Yeah! (bunch of jumping and rolling around) Yeah! We're the DOODLEBOPS!


Deedee Doodle - Deedee plays the keyboard and key-tar. She is a spunky, kind, helpful girl with a great imagination. Her hobbies include performing magic tricks. She has the 60's hairdo and is dressed in shades of pastel purple.

Rooney Doodle - Rooney plays the guitar. He is a thoughtful and cool Doodlebop who is totally Funky and Spunky. His hobby is inventing things. He's dressed in all blue including his hair.

Moe Doodle - Moe plays the drums. His hobby is hiding whenever the show starts, breakdancing, and pulling a clubhouse rope that gets him soaking wet. He's got the orange hair and the purple vest.

Mazz (Season 1) - She is a wonderful singer who helps the Doodlebops and goes to all of their shows.

Jazzmin (Season 2-) - She manages the Doodlebops at concerts and gives some advice on dealing with their issues. She enters the clubhouse with some scatting and then disappears, leaving the Doodlebops wondering: "How does she do that?"

Mr. Moosehead - A trophy on the clubhouse wall that talks with the Doodlebops.

Mudge - Mudge is a bluish-greenish, miserable cat who lives in the Doodlebops' clubhouse. All the Doodlebops love him, but he doesn't like them very much. He listens to Deedee's Knock-Knock joke of the week.

Audio Murphy - The sound engineer who records the Doodlebops' video.

Bus Driver Bob - Bob drives the Doodlebops from the clubhouse to the concert venue. His bus is able to transform and travel to all kinds of destinations.

Episode Format Each episode generally abides by the following format. 1. Deedee and Rooney enter the clubhouse and introduce themselves. 2. Moe hides in a different location. 3. They do the pledge. 4. Jazzmin arrives, chats, and disappears. 5. They deal with the issue of the day and sing a brief chorus about it. 6. When the Doodlebops are about to leave, Moe wants to pull the rope. Everyone tells him "Don't pull the rope!" but he does anyway and a bucket of water drenches him from above. 7. They chat with Audio Murphy at the studio, teach a new dance, and sing their song of the week. 8. They meet Bus Driver Bob and sing Get On the Bus, and then travel to the concert. 9. When they arrive at the concert and meet up with Jazzmin, the issue is usually resolved. 10. They sing their Song of the Week at the concert. 11. They sing another song briefly at the concert. 12. Deedee shares a knock-knock joke with Mudge. 13. They finish the show with their goodbye song.

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