The Doodlebops

Season 3 Episode 6

All By Myself

Aired Weekdays 9:30 AM Apr 16, 2007 on Disney Channel

Episode Recap

Deedee and Rooney greet everyone. Where's Moe? They think they hear Moe's laugh near the shelf, then the kids tell them he's hiding in the bookshelf. Deedee tries to pull Moe out but he's stuck between two books. Rooney helps out and they pull him out. Tada! There he is! They introduce themselves and do the pledge.

Jazzmin arrives. She says she's on the run to get things done, and shows the Doodlebops a long list that goes down to their shoes. But she's not worried; she has a friend helping out. Audio Murphy arrives with a cart full of stuff, which he can handle all of it himself. The Doodlebops sing a new song Count on Me, which is about helping your friends. Jazzmin says goodbye and disappears. How does she do that?

After Jazzmin leaves, the Doodlebops ask what's in the cart, and it's a bunch of equipment that Murphy was going to bring to the concert. They check what else is on the list and Murphy goes over the items: remind Moe to practice juggling, mail out concert tickets, take a picture of the band, and remind Bus Driver Bob to fix his engine. They ask Murphy if he can do all of it? Murphy replies sure, he can do it all himself. Moe starts doing some juggling, and then the rope appears. Don't pull the rope! Moe tells everyone it may not be on that list, but it is on his, and he pulls the rope. SPLASH!

After refusing the Doodlebops' offer to help, Audio Murphy pushes the heavy cart to the studio. The Doodlebops say they could have helped. What's next on the list? Mail out concert tickets. Murphy says he can do that all himself, and starts licking envelopes at a rapid pace until his tongue gets really tired. Next on the list is to take a picture of the Doodlebops, but he ends up blinding himself with a flash and takes a picture of himself! Now it's time for the video so Murphy has to put the list down.

The Doodlebop Dance of the Day is the Count on Me dance. Put your arms out in front of you, show off your counting fingers, and then point to yourself. You can Count on Me. They sing the song and demonstrate the dance.

Right afterwards, Bob rings his bus horn. Already? Moe asks if Murphy needs help moving the cart to the bus, but Murphy declines, saying he can do it himself. But for now it's time to Get on the Bus.

Bob asks where's Murphy? He arrives with a bunch of stuff, having loaded the bus all by himself. Bob says he could have helped. As they take off, the Doodlebops ask Murphy how he's doing. Murphy says he's doing well. He mailed the tickets. Oh wait, that's not done. He stopped when his tongue was tired. Well he took a picture of the band! Oh, no he just had a picture of himself. Then he sees on the list that was supposed to tell Bus Driver Bob that the engine needs fixing, but it's too late as the bus stops and the engine bounces away. Oops, he forgot to remind Bob, but Bob is OK with it as he has a backup plan. He activates a sail on top of the bus and they're moving again.

Audio Murphy sighs. He realizes that the list is too long for anyone to do on their own, and he asks the Doodlebops to help him out. The Doodlebops are more than happy to help, and they lick envelopes, pose for a picture. After the bus arrives at the venue, Bob helps Audio Murphy with the cart. Meanwhile, the kids at the concert arrive and watch the Doodlebop dance of the day.

Backstage, Audio Murphy tells Jazzmin he's done all the items on the list, thanks to the help from his friends. Jazzmin is glad he got it done since that allowed her to work on her project and now that's done too. It's a doghouse for Murphy! The band picture fits in perfectly. Murphy thanks Jazzmin, and everyone's happy.

The Doodlebops play their song in concert. Then Bus Driver Bob wants to take a picture of Jazzmin but doesn't know how to work the camera and it flashes in his face too. He should have asked for help. Deedee shares a joke with Mudge. The Doodlebops thank everyone, and say goodbye.