The Doodlebops

Season 3 Episode 13

Around the World

Aired Weekdays 9:30 AM Nov 16, 2007 on Disney Channel

Episode Recap

Deedee and Rooney enter and introduce themselves. Where's Moe? A little Moe climbs a globe ball. He then twirls the globe with his feet and moves it about the room. Rooney and Moe notice the ball and wonder if someone is rolling it. They chase the globe around the clubhouse and stop it. Moe falls off and appears in normal size. They reintroduce themselves and do the pledge. Jazzmin arrives. She announces she is going to take the Doodlebops on a World Tour! Everyone gets excited! Jazz leads the song about Taking a Tour Around the World. Rooney and Moe look sad. Jazz asks what is the matter. Moe is worried about a World tour. They haven't toured outside their own country before. What about food to eat? Jazz asks if they like to eat bread? Sure! Jazz summons some bread, they have different names but they are breads. Jazzmin says goodbye and disappears. Then the rope drops. Don't pull the rope! Moe reasons that if they go on a world tour he won't be able to pull the rope for a long time. SPLASH! The Doodlebops greet Murphy and tell them they are going on a world tour. Murphy shows them that there is music from all over the world. The first is bagpipes, from Scotland. Where's that? The globe ball rolls in and they find Scotland. Deedee does some highland dancing. Murphy says they have different music from different countries. Murphy plays samba music, and Deedee dances with Moe. That music is from Brazil. Where's that? The globe rolls in and they find Brazil. They dance some more. But now it's music video time. Today's dance is the Rockin' the World dance. Grab your guitar. Then you play your guitar. Then you do the rock concert sway. They sing their music video. Bus Driver Bob honks the horn. The Doodlebops put on their jackets and say goodbye. Murphy says, "Au Revoir", which is Goodbye in French. After all, at a world tour, people speak different languages. Moe gets worried that about the other languages, but for now they Get on the Bus. Deedee tells Bob about the world tour. Bob assures them he will be the one to get them to the destination, by bus, plane, or boat. Rooney asks how to talk to your fans. Bob says all they need to say hello in the different languages. Bob has them say Konichiwa; that's Hello in Japanese. Where's Japan? They find it on a globe. Globes are really handy to have around! They arrive at the theatre and the kids watch the dance video. Deedee greets Jazzmin and says konichiwa. Jazz is impressed that Deedee learned how to say hello in Japanese, so she is ready for the tour, but in order to tour, all three have to agree to go. They check with the boys. Rooney and Moe agree to do it. What made them change their mind? It's a chance to learn and experience new things. Jazz produces a big suitcase for the trip all ready to go. The Doodlebops perform the Rockin the World song at the concert. Bob is worried he can't move the suitcase. Jazz does some magic and reduces it to regular suitcase size. The Doodlebops perform the Floating like a Feather song. Then they sing their goodbye song.