The Doodlebops

Season 2 Episode 23

Deedee's Big Break

Aired Weekdays 9:30 AM Jan 22, 2007 on Disney Channel

Episode Recap

Rooney and Deedee do their usual introductions but where's Moe? Moe is hiding in the hat racks. They eventually find the hat racks, and try out different hats, until they find Moe. Tada; There he is. They introduce themselves and then do the pledge.

Moe shows off his new toy spaceship. Deedee asks for a turn, but he's not done yet. But he promises to share. They sing a song "You're my friend". Afterwards Deedee asks if she can try now, but Moe replies just a few minutes more when Jazzmin arrives.

Jazzmin has a new scat she wants to share with the group. It's all about the Doodlebops. She starts singing and the guys join along. Deedee sings for a bit but then quickly rushes over to play with the spaceship. Uh oh, the top came off. Deedee thinks it's broken and tries to hide it in the couch. She joins in just when Jazzmin finishes, and then Jazzmin has to leave. She says later alligators and disappears. How does she do that?

Moe goes to the couch but the spaceship is gone! Rooney immediately concludes this must be the work of gremlins! Deedee is about to tell them that's not true, when Moe starts buying into that idea. Rooney says he has an invention that can fix anything; it's called a Fixatroniker and it's at the studio. But before they go, it's time for Moe to pull the rope. Don't pull the rope! SPLASH! Then they're off; Deedee hangs back, grabs the toy and hides it in her jacket.

The Doodlebops greet Audio Murphy. Rooney finds his Fixatroniker, and puts it out on the table. While Moe and Rooney talk with Audio Murphy about the recent gremlin problem, Deedee snatches the gadget and tries to use it to fix the UFO but it doesn't seem to work even though she's pushed the blue button. She hides it away. After doing the video, they realize the Fixatroniker is gone. More gremlins! Bob arrives and they depart for the studio, while Deedee hangs back again; this time she has to bring both objects under her jacket.

Now it's time to Get on the Bus.

Bob asks what's up, and the guys respond, Gremlins, they hide your stuff. Bob understands. After they arrive at the concert, Bob notices Deedee's been acting strange, and Deedee confesses that she broke the two gadgets. Bob says it'll be OK just tell them the truth and they'll understand.

At backstage, Rooney and Moe are telling Jazzmin about the gremlins. Deedee tells the guys that there aren't any gremlins, and that she's the gremlin because she took the items. Rooney tells her it's not broken though. There's another switch to turn it on, and Moe replies that neither is the UFO; the top just comes off like that. Deedee apologizes and they accept her apology. And now it's time for them to sing.

The Doodlebops sing the You are my friend song.

Bob wonders if the Fixatroniker can fix his hair, so he tries it but poof his hair gets messed up. Oops.

Deedee does the knock-knock joke and they say goodbye.
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