The Doodlebops

Disney Channel (ended 2007)




Episode Guide

  • Season 3
    • Around the World
      Around the World
      Episode 13
      Jazzmin offers to take the Doodlebops on a world tour! Everyone is excited, that is, until Moe and Rooney get worried that they won’t be able to eat different foods or speak other languages. Jazzmin, Audio Murphy, and Bus Driver Bob help teach them some world culture and music so the guys feel more confident about the idea.moreless
    • Way Better
      Way Better
      Episode 12
      Jazz gives some gifts to the Doodlebops, but Moe thinks Deedee and Rooney's gifts are Way Better than his.
    • Oh, Brother!
      Oh, Brother!
      Episode 11
      The Doodlebops receive a visit from Rob, who is Bus Driver Bob’s brother. He looks just like Bob, since he’s an identical twin. The usual dual confusion happens.
    • Rhymes with Orange
      Rhymes with Orange
      Episode 10
      Jazzmin is the queen of rhymes, but when Moe has a rhyme-off and asks for a word that rhymes with orange, Jazzmin can't find one, and that stumps her to the point where she can't rhyme anything anymore. What will do the Doodlebops do?
    • Moe's Invention
      Moe's Invention
      Episode 9
      Rooney's always inventing things, but when Moe creates his first invention, and it comes a big hit, Rooney feels a bit jealous of the attention and wants to build something even better.
    • Deedee's Accordion
      The Doodlebops want to try out a new style of music, and Jazz has the perfect idea: Zydeco! Moe tries a frattoir (washboard), and Rooney tries a double bass. That leaves Deedee with the most important element of zydeco instruments: the accordion! But Deedee feels more comfortable sticking with her keytar since she knows how to play that. She learns that it is good to try new things.moreless
    • Moe's Dinosaur
      Moe's Dinosaur
      Episode 7
      Moe has a model kit for a Doodle-saurus, but he insists on assembling it without looking at the manual because he wants to save some time. Rooney, Deedee, and friends show him it’s a lot easier to read and follow the given instructions after all.
    • All By Myself
      All By Myself
      Episode 6
      Jazzmin has a long list of things to do, and she gets the help of Audio Murphy. But even though the Doodlebops offer assistance, Murphy refuses, saying he can do everything himself. He eventually learns that it’s better to ask for help.
    • The Frazzles
      The Frazzles
      Episode 5
      The Doodlebops get their minds jumbled up with some tongue twister. Moe is quite good at them, that is, until Jazzmin stumps him with one. Rooney and Deedee suggests shaking the frazzles out with a song and dance.
    • Robo-Moe
      Episode 4
      Rooney has a new invention: the Robo-Moe. It looks and acts just like Moe. This gives Moe an opportunity to attend his drumming club meeting, while Robo-Moe attempts to sub for all of the day's activities. Robo-Moe has a catch though; Rooney made him not as loud or messy. At first they think it's a good thing, but learn that nothing should replace Moe.moreless
    • Chicken and the Eggs
      The Doodlebops discover that their resident clubhouse chicken is capable of answering all sorts of questions by laying colorful eggs that indicate a yes or a no. Thinking the chicken is super smart, they become dependent on her for all their dilemmas, but learn the hard way that she doesn't have all the answers, and that they have to think about things for themselves.moreless
    • Think Pink
      Think Pink
      Episode 2
      Deedee loves the color pink, and wishes she could make everything she touched turn pink, but her wish comes true. At first she loves the wish, but then she turns things pink that people really don't want that way. What will she do now?
    • The Name Game
      The Name Game
      Episode 1
      In the season premiere, The Doodlebops receive a letter from a fan asking what’s new. Moe wonders if changing the band’s name would give them a fresh look. After each of the Doodlebops thinks up a name, they can’t decide on which one to go with, and ask all their friends to choose for them, but learn that sometimes the best name to choose is the one they’ve already chosen.moreless
  • Season 2
  • Season 1