The Doodlebops

Season 3 Episode 9

Moe's Invention

Aired Weekdays 9:30 AM May 21, 2007 on Disney Channel

Episode Recap

Deedee and Rooney flap their arms and they enter the clubhouse and greet everyone. Where is Moe? He could be anywhere. He is hiding in Rooney's hair. Rooney senses he is close. Rooney looks up and Moe falls. Ta da; there he is! They introduce themselves again, and after Mudge confuses them with the tennis shots, they do the pledge.

Rooney says it's time to get busy. He goes through a box of spare parts. Moe asks for what the parts are, and Rooney answers: a clog sprogger, a zoom boomer, and a whizzle fizzle. Moe wants to see what happens when they are put together, but Rooney does not know. Moe decides to put them together and ends up inventing something. Rooney and Deedee ask what it does, and Moe tries it. He points it at the parts box, and it floats! Cool! Moe calls it the float maker. Deedee asks if it makes people float. Moe tries it on Rooney and Deedee and they float. Rooney says Moe did a good job. They sing the Floating like a Feather song

Jazzmin arrives with her usual scat. Deedee tells Jazz about Moe's new invention. Jazz is ready to try it. Moe points it at Jazzmin, and Jazz floats. Deedee says isn't it the greatest invention ever. Rooney feels envious since he is the invention maker. He decides he will invent something better than the float-making. What's better than floating? Flying. Maybe something that will take them to space. Jazzmin says goodbye and disappears.
It's time to get to the studio, but it's time to pull the rope. Don't pull the rope. Splash!

The Doodlebops arrive and greet Audio Murphy. Deedee tells them about the float maker. Rooney works on his invention while Moe and Deedee demo the float maker to Murphy. Moe asks what Rooney is working on? Rooney answers a better invention but quickly changes it to another invention. But now it's time for their video.

The Doodlebop Dance of the Day is the Spread Your Wings dance - 1) Put out your arm 2) Put out your other arm 3) then you move your arms like the wings of a plane
Murphy asks for another float, but Bus Driver Bob has sounded the horn, so they need to go. They spin, put on their jackets, say goodbye to Murph, and Get on the Bus.

Bob asks what is new. Moe shows him the invention and makes the whole bus float. Rooney then announces he has the greatest invention, the Fly through the Sky maker. Everyone is excited. He activates it, and it floats in front of the Doodlebops but then it flies away. Uh oh.

The bus arrives, and the audience gets ready to watch the dance of the day. Backstage, Rooney is sad and wants to give up inventing. Jazzmin arrives and wants to try it again, but Rooney gets sad from that. Moe tells Rooney not to give up, but he has invented a lot of things. Deedee and Jazzmin give him encouragement too, and Rooney agrees he will continue inventing.

On stage they sing the Spread Your Wings and Fly song. Bob and Jazz clap and then Rooney's invention arrives. It is covered with stickers from all over the world.

Another song: Jump, Shake, Shimmy – We like doing different things.

Deedee tells a riddle to Mudge and they sing their goodbye song. As the credits roll, they go and sign autographs.