The Doodlebops

Season 2 Episode 26

Moe's Lucky Clover

Aired Weekdays 9:30 AM Mar 05, 2007 on Disney Channel

Episode Recap

Deedee and Rooney introduce themselves. Where's Moe? He's hiding in a cowboy boot. Rooney and Deedee hear country music and go over to the boots but Moe isn't there. They hear circus music coming from the clown shoe. Moe is in the shoe juggling, but when they check, he's not there. Deedee picks up the shoe and shouts "Earth to Moe" but no luck. He's moved onto the last shoe where he's sleeping. Rooney and Deedee hear a lullaby, and find Moe in one of the slippers. They shake him out and he stands up. "Tada! Here I am!" They introduce themselves properly and then do the Doodlebop pledge.

Today is chill-out time so the Doodlebops can do whatever they want. Moe suggests playing game, and Deedee says how about Rock Paper Scissors. That's a great idea, but first they'll dance to Jazzmin's arrival. Rooney reviews the rules for everyone: Throw out a Rock Paper or Scissors with your hand. Paper beats Rock. Rock beats Scissors. Scissors beats Paper. Now it's time to play.

Deedee plays Scissors, Moe plays Rock. Moe wins. Rooney plays Paper, Moe plays Scissors. Moe wins. Moe plays Scissors, Jazz plays Paper. Moe wins.

Everyone remarks how good Moe is at the game, and then Jazz says goodbye for now and disappears. How does she do that?

Deedee and Rooney ask what Moe's secret is. Moe pulls out his lucky clover from his pocket. He's had it since their first concert. He was nervous so he went outside and saw the clover sticking out of the ground. He picked it up, and afterwards, the concert went great. Rooney tells Moe it's because he's been practicing. Deedee tells them she's glad to have him as a friend. They break into their song of the day "You and Me Together". Moe puts his clover in his pocket but now it's time to pull the rope. Don't pull the rope! He does anyway, and SPLASH, he gets wet. He shakes it off, but the clover flies out. They go off to the studio.

The Doodlebops greet Audio Murphy and ask what's up. Murphy has been dealing with an out of control video camera arm that's been moving around like crazy. It must be bad luck. Moe suggests trying his lucky clover, but as he almost reaches for it, Murphy manages to figure it out; someone stuck a candy cane in the sound board. Wow, he did it without having a lucky charm.

Today's dance is the Good Luck Dance. Cross your fingers, then your legs, and then spin around. They sing "You and Me Together". Audio Murphy is impressed by how well the video session went. Moe replies it's all because of his lucky clover. Murphy asks, "oh really", so Moe says he'll prove it, and reaches for his clover, but it's gone! They look around the studio, but no luck. Rooney tells Moe the reason he's good is because he practices. They hear Bus Driver Bob and now it's time to Get on the Bus.

Bob asks what's new. Moe talks about how he lost his lucky clover, and the others don't really believe in good luck charms, right Bob? Bob disagree and says he has a lucky penny. It was raining for a week and one day he found the lucky penny, and it stopped raining! Wow, so lucky! Bob follows up, saying too bad it rained 12 days straight afterwards. Guess it wasn't lucky after all. He then makes his penny disappear with a sleight-of-hand trick. Well maybe they can find another clover.

He transforms the bus so it rockets into the air and flies them to a field of clovers. As they search, they find some but they are either too big, or too dull or grey. Moe feels sad, so Deedee presents him with a Happy Clover Hunting card.

Bob arrives at the venue and the Doodlebops thank Bob as they disembark. They see some of the fans wearing green clothes. Moe says he can't do the show and rushes inside. Backstage, Deedee and Rooney present Moe with a seed, but all they have is an onion, which Deedee finds yummy. They greet Jazzmin who says she has a lucky paper clip and offers it to Moe. Moe ponders maybe it'll be lucky for me since it was lucky for Jazzmin so he tries it. They play "You and Me Together" on stage.

After the song, they return backstage and Moe thanks Jazzmin for the paper clip. He asks how long she's had it, and Jazzmin replies about ten minutes; she needed them for her papers. Moe understands now. True luck comes from your self, and not an object. Bob then arrives saying he found Moe's clover from the clubhouse. Moe declines it politely and says that he makes his own luck now. That's good because Deedee wants to eat the yummy onion, and she bites into it.

On screen, Deedee tells a knock knock joke to Mudge, and then the Doodlebops sing their goodbye song.