The Doodlebops

Season 2 Episode 26

Moe's Lucky Clover

Aired Weekdays 9:30 AM Mar 05, 2007 on Disney Channel



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    • Murphy: Doodles that was positively funkalicious.
      Moe: All because of my lucky clover.
      Rooney: Scientifically speaking, Moe, no object can give you good luck.
      Deedee: Yeah.
      Moe: Well, cloverly speaking, Rooney, my clover does bring me good luck. And I'll prove it. We'll another game of (checks pocket but...) My clover's gone!

    • Moe: The rope is kind of lucky too. Every time I pull the rope, I always get wet.

    • Deedee: Hey, you know what I just realized?
      Moe: (holding crayons up) That turquoise and blue are almost the same color?
      Deedee: No! That we have some chillout time to do whatever we want, which means, we could scrub the floor, trim our toenails, or eat an onion.
      Rooney: You want to do those things?
      Deedee: Well, do you have a better idea?

    • Deedee: Knock knock.
      Mudge: Who's there?
      Deedee: Detail.
      Mudge: Detail who?
      Deedee: Detail is wagging de dog. Get it? The tail is wagging de dog.
      Mudge: Why isn't de tail is wagging the cat? Cats have tails too!

  • Notes

    • This episode debuted on March 5, 2007 for Playhouse Disney Laugh Out Loud week, and later encore broadcasted on March 17, 2007 for St. Patrick's Day.

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