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  • My initial impression was I didn't really want to see the series. It is a bunch of clowns with weird pastel colors, and they just sing and dance. But I stuck with it and here ya go.

    I already had seen plenty of live-action kids' programming with The Wiggles. The first season seems fairly low-budget. The clubhouse lighting isn't that bright.

    About two years after they premiered on Disney, I gave it a chance. They somehow fit in a brand new song every episode, and their singing talent sees to be one of their biggest strengths. Gimmicks are starting to be established such as the Rooney inventing things like the Honkophone, Moe learning how not to be obnoxious, Deedee being captivated with fame, and the supporting characters helping them along.

    As the series progressed through the second season, which I actually saw first, the format became even stricter, which meant full servings of the intro song, the Get on the Bus dance routine, the knock-knock joke of the day, and even a kid of the day. This can prove extremely boring for parents, but for preschoolers, routine is a good thing; they will need to get used to following a schedule in school, plus they can look forward to their favorite segments like Don't Pull The Rope. The writers continue to bring variations on all the same jokes and somehow still put out a catchy new song. By then, other shows like The Wiggles would have recycled all of their songs to new videos. The makeup is much better than in season one, and the interaction between the cast is a lot more polished.

    The third season sees the return of Frank Meschkuleit as a puppeteer. Jason Hopley movies on to do other puppet programs like Mr. Meaty, which seems to attract a different audience. Some of the quality starts to dip a bit while they experiment with other variants. There are still some new songs but I could see that three seasons would be more than enough to be a decent ride. Disney is slowing down the broadcast of season 3 but somehow the concerts are still in demand.

    The two adults in the show get some good screen time as they interact with the trio, although they usually have to stick with the script for the lines in that Bob Saget kind of way. I could see them busting out all sorts of jokes off-camera.

    Some children's shows cover way too many topics, but this show focuses mainly on how to behave around others. No reading or counting required, but kids get to learn a catchy song, a dance move, find items, and knock-knock jokes full of simple puns that are even explained in case your kid didn't get it. There isn't any name calling or unresolved negative behavior like a regular children's show; if there are names, it would be something like Muscle-Bound Moe or Deedee Superstar.

    Overall, it's a decent kids' show and got me interested enough to write recaps. Seems like the market these days is saturated with preschool shows, so it may not float to the top if you have to choose, but if you're stuck with Disney in the morning, or you love Canadian produced shows with music, give it a spin.
  • The doodlebops are great! Not only do my kids love watching them! Why did i classify this as a guilty pleasure?. . .

    The doodlebops are great! Not only do my kids love watching them! Why did i classify this as a guilty pleasure? Well mainly cause i brought my kids to there LIVE concert in Montreal and i think me and my wife had almost as much if not MORE fun then the kids watching and participating in the show. ^-^

    Not only does my 4 year old love to get up and watch them on Kids CBC (Canadian channel), but he loves to sing there song but he dances and jumps around in almost the same choreography. One thing is for sure, there is no doubt in my mind that the show was definitely worth it. Seeing them LIVE was a completely different experience then seeing them on TV. And my son could not believe his eyes when that curtain pulled up and he saw the for the first time.

    On a parting note, moms and dads lets be honest. If you have been to there show i think WE are the once that had the most fun out of it!!! ^-^
  • Love it!

    I am almost 28 years old. I'm a grown man, and I love The Doodlebops. I have a two year old son who loves this show, and since he's been watching it, I've grown very fond of it myself. The music is catchy and fun to dance to. The characters are very colorful with great personalities. The lessons you learn from this show come in handy. Shows like these will help children with life. You learn things such as friendship, facing your fears, or being honest. I don't understand why people dislike this show. I'm an adult, and I love it. The Doodlebops are awesome.
  • Who thought of this really?

    Ok at first when i had to watch this show everyday with my little cousin I couldn't stand it. I was like who wanted to watch a bunch of grownup dance and sing acting like idiots. Will after 3 months of watching them I started to get into them. The blues my fav. There songs are catchy and I watch it everyday with no complain now. My fav is the bus song, my little 11 month old cousin loves to hear that song and she dances to it with them (though not dance just like them) but it makes her happy and its an ok show.
  • its kids rock band

    and theres nothing better then seeing a guy in make up dump water on his face and a lady that comes out of a wall lol oh well moe is the best without him this show would bite dust fast the moms have to drag the kids to this i would cry to the hardest piont if i had to go why are there two guys thay should have two girls it would be funny nothing is better then telling kid to worship hell it lol hard oh im parker im a newbie here so im haveing fun and kick shows mail me.
  • What where they thinking!!??!!

    The Doodlebops is a musical comedy series for children starring Deedee, Rooney and Moe Doodle. They are the ultimate rock and roll band - at least as far as preschoolers are concerned - and they hang out and practice their song and dance routines in the coolest rehearsal space imaginable. Sort of a cross between PeeWee\\\\\\\'s Playhouse and The Monkees, the show focuses on music, dance, comedy and pro-social educational issues such as sharing and perspective taking.This is probly one of my favort show to hate.My friends little sister loves this show and shes in their right mind made this show.i give it a 1 beauce it has a plot and ect.
  • It's awesome!

    This show is perfect. They teach good morals and have a cute rock edge to them. My children love it! A+++.
    For all of you who think that these people are 'freaky', don't realize how much they are contributing to our children. Yeah of course they dress funny, but these people don't mind it, they are getting paid for it, and you know, some people are just made to enetertain. I think it's wonderful and I'm glad my children stumbled upon this show. Once again, it's the perfect show for the youth of today.
  • ok this show is.......FREAKY the people on it, i have to give them props for actually seeing themselves in the mirror like that, i cant understand why am so afriad of it but the faces and colors are just freaky!

    this show is truly ... origainal! i have no idea why it is so creepy, the faces nad the idea is just creepy, usually i can stand disney kids shows because i have younger siblings but this show my sibling wont even watch when i comeso n she screams and runs. she is truly scared, even though it is kinda creepy its highly addicting, i cant stop watching even though i no i will regret it, its hard to stop because you dont understand whats happening i think that its a great show for very young kids but not for me
  • Some crazy crap that's on Playhouse Disney in the U.S.

    Oh my god! This is probably the crappiest show I've ever seen! It's freaking Canadian Wiggles with scary looking puppets (did you see that creepy moose head?) and horrible makeup! They look like human versions of the muppets but worse! I just plain don't like Dee dee at all , Rooney is gay, and Moe looks like a Simpsons fraggle. And one question: How come every time they get on the bus it makes a noise that sounds like a busted record player? You know, I've seen a lot of kiddie shows before, but this one is just too hard to like now that I've seen one episode of it! This is the kind of show that shouldn't be on TV! In fact, I hate it for even existing!
  • I'm sorry but I have to say this..

    I lasted through "The Doodlebops" for 2 minutes... even my husband though I deserved a medal for lasting - I lasted longer than my daughter! The show is about 3 friends who are in a band - sounds okay, however their attitudes are so sickly annoying - as are how they are dressed/look. The suits they are in are so brightly coloured and are not very fitting - I almost laughed so hard I wet myself, when I first saw them. I'm glad my daughter does not like it, she would be so upset - it is now banned from my television!
  • This is one of the best shows on disney channel (play house disney)! my cuz jo said this is an awsome show, so I watch it! its awsome! My bro dosent watch it though hes dumb! he watches those ugly shows like barney! I HATE IT!

    This is a cool show i like music and i love this show! i am so happy when this show comes on! who dosnet like it! o yea... someone who has no life! This is the best baby show ever! I know its a baby show but who cares!?! Maybe u do cuz u have no life!
  • They are terrific!

    My son and I sit here every day watching the doodlebops. It teaches and he loves music to dance to. Deedee is adorable with her little laugh and imagination. Roonie looking so innocent and cute. Moe being so rambunctus and outgoing. Hope I get there cd collection in the U.S. soon, I hate ordering stuff online. Great show yall keep it up.
  • CAUTION: Canadian children's TV show, The Doodlebops can be highly addictive!

    Several months ago while searching for something on TV to entertain my now 2 year old little girl, I happened upon The Doodlebops. At first I thought: "what IS this?" But after watching it for a little while, I become captivated by its simple charm. The musical talents of the 3 lead performers is beyond dispute! This show keeps my toddlers interest and I find that the songs egt "stuck" in my head all day long!
  • This show is a very bad cross between Pee Wee's Playhouse and the Wiggles. Totally unoriginal and a complete waste of time.

    I do not recommend this show at all to anyone with kids. Let me see a band who plays kid songs and live together and are a family. Isn't that the Wiggles show. And they live in a house with puppets and human friends. Huh, wasn't that pee wee Hermans place. Total rip off. Besides all that, the show is non educational, boring and ridiculous. I like when my kids shows have imagination and creativity but this is just stupid. There is no point to this show and it is very repetative. I know its good to repeat things a couple of times so kids can learn and get things, but this show only repeated the same crappy skits over and over again. They didn't even teach the kids anything useful. Glad its on Hiatus and hope it doesn't come back.
  • love it.

    my little girl loves them. i think they are great for her. good role modles. the only problem i have with them is i\'m tried of the reruns. when are they giong to put new shows out. and then you can\'t find anything on them either, like dvd\'s and suff like that for home. what a smae the could make money, becouse i know i would buy it.
  • Weird but keeps you watching

    I really feel kids love the show but I don't feel it really teaches too much. I do think the woman who plays daisy doodle has an amazing voice. But the blue guy bothers me He seems too out there for me. I am very mixed between liking it and not. The bus driver doesn't really suit for a kids movie either in my opinion. It is a show you have to get used to. You'll find yourself watching it and wondering why do I have this on? There has to be something better then this on! But some people may dsagree with me and that's fine!
  • A fun show that teaches young children evryday things without them knowing it! Great music that you'll find yourself singing throughout the day too!

    My 2 year old ABSOLUTELY LOVES this show! She wakes up singing the songs the best she can; she asks for them when the show is not on and she does nothing but giggle, laugh and sing during the whole show. I was a little leary at first, because I thought the show was too old for her, and my husband let her watch while I was in the hospital having our 2nd baby, and she\'s been hooked on it ever since! And the sad thing is, I find myself singing the music all day! I\'d like to find a cd of theirs so we can listen to it! A great show that has wonderful ways of teaching things to young children! We Love You Doodlebops!
  • This show is GREAT!!!

    I love this show even though I am 11 years old. LOL. My mom and brother david (14 years old) watch it every morning! Today was Jumpin\\\' Judy! This show only family knows I like, though it is a great show that should be shared with the world! My favorite character is Moe Doodle!
  • Personally, I don't let my daughter watch this show.....

    This review is not to 'bash' on anyone else, I respect everyone else's opinion and am only submitting this as MY personal opinion.
    This is one of the few shows that as soon as I hear it come on, I change the channel. (another is Married with Children).....The music is repetative and everything that they say and do is cliche. There are only a few shows that deal with different themes, songs, and 'issues'. This show is pointless and a waste of mine or my daighters time.....besides, one of the guys is gay and though i'll teach my daughter to not hate, i'll also teach her to not accept ideas or beliefs she doesnt have to.
  • This show is Funny!!

    Its a great show....too bad not many people know I like it. I watch it every day, but its kinda emmbaressing knowing that I watch this. And even since im 14!!

    I still like watching it, just as long as nobody TOO important know I watch it. I did tell a couple people, still its a really great show that makes me hum catchy tuns!
  • Fun, they have some Japanese influence.

    This show when I watched it over the summer mornings... yes I watched it and I liked it!
    They could've made this better if they didn't added the little kids and it could of been a nice metero-youknowwhatshow But its ok. I Like how they keep a black singer in there closet :).
  • I think this show is great! My 2 year old daughter loves it. First thing she says is Bops on? I think that is pretty special.

    Great show to teach children about the right things to do. My daughter loves it. I have to tell her that the Doodlebops are sleeping whenever they aren't on. You should see her face light up when they come on the screen. I wish there were products to buy for her.
  • This show is amazing!!

    My two year old son loves watching this show. I watch along with him and enjoy it as much as he does. This show is entertaining, fun, and educational. I recommend this show to any parents with toddlers and preschoolers. Not only will the kids love it parents will love it too.
  • Im 15 and i watch The Doodlebops. I think Moe is the best.

    I like the show. My 2 year old cousion got me watching it. When i was baby-sitting him. I don't know what about the show I like but I love it. I think it is how they act,they do what they want and their songs they sing. I just dont know. I just love them.
  • I would have never guessed this would become my favorite show.

    Like many moms, I started watching the Doodlebops because my first grade daughter asked me to tape a new show while she was at school. Soon my love for this show surpassed hers. It has elements of both \'70s era live action kids shows and variety shows. The performers are first-rate singers and dancers. Possibly the best ever seen in a show geared towards young children. The song writing is great. Catchy tunes you find yourself humming all day. The stories are sweet with important lessons for young children. Also mixed in is alot of fun and humor. Did the producers of this fabulous show have any idea that their fan base would extend to a much older crowd? This is the one kids show, I watch over and over. I wish all the cast and crew continued success.
  • it's a good show I'm 13 and I love the Doodlebops.

    It's a show for all ages. I like the song they sing. I memorized half of them. The actors are all good. THey have stong voices and they work together to make the show good to watch. My favorite character is Moe I don't know what it is but he just makes you love him.
  • this is the most wonderfull show i have ever seen in my whole life!!

    this is really a great show for kids and i really admire the cast that makes this show just the way it is its supurb i cant even fit words in my mouth to its greatness my nieces really enjoy it and even i enjoy it and im 16 years old i record it every morning for me to watch call me obsessive whatever but i thinks its great!!!!

    p.s your a great person jon.
  • Its a hit!

    My 19 mo old daughter loves to sing and dance. Whenever the DoodleBops come on, she gets down and sings along. It is so awesome to see clean wholesome tv show for us today. In the midst of sex and violence this is a refeshing show. Keep up the great work.