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  • My initial impression was I didn't really want to see the series. It is a bunch of clowns with weird pastel colors, and they just sing and dance. But I stuck with it and here ya go.

    I already had seen plenty of live-action kids' programming with The Wiggles. The first season seems fairly low-budget. The clubhouse lighting isn't that bright.

    About two years after they premiered on Disney, I gave it a chance. They somehow fit in a brand new song every episode, and their singing talent sees to be one of their biggest strengths. Gimmicks are starting to be established such as the Rooney inventing things like the Honkophone, Moe learning how not to be obnoxious, Deedee being captivated with fame, and the supporting characters helping them along.

    As the series progressed through the second season, which I actually saw first, the format became even stricter, which meant full servings of the intro song, the Get on the Bus dance routine, the knock-knock joke of the day, and even a kid of the day. This can prove extremely boring for parents, but for preschoolers, routine is a good thing; they will need to get used to following a schedule in school, plus they can look forward to their favorite segments like Don't Pull The Rope. The writers continue to bring variations on all the same jokes and somehow still put out a catchy new song. By then, other shows like The Wiggles would have recycled all of their songs to new videos. The makeup is much better than in season one, and the interaction between the cast is a lot more polished.

    The third season sees the return of Frank Meschkuleit as a puppeteer. Jason Hopley movies on to do other puppet programs like Mr. Meaty, which seems to attract a different audience. Some of the quality starts to dip a bit while they experiment with other variants. There are still some new songs but I could see that three seasons would be more than enough to be a decent ride. Disney is slowing down the broadcast of season 3 but somehow the concerts are still in demand.

    The two adults in the show get some good screen time as they interact with the trio, although they usually have to stick with the script for the lines in that Bob Saget kind of way. I could see them busting out all sorts of jokes off-camera.

    Some children's shows cover way too many topics, but this show focuses mainly on how to behave around others. No reading or counting required, but kids get to learn a catchy song, a dance move, find items, and knock-knock jokes full of simple puns that are even explained in case your kid didn't get it. There isn't any name calling or unresolved negative behavior like a regular children's show; if there are names, it would be something like Muscle-Bound Moe or Deedee Superstar.

    Overall, it's a decent kids' show and got me interested enough to write recaps. Seems like the market these days is saturated with preschool shows, so it may not float to the top if you have to choose, but if you're stuck with Disney in the morning, or you love Canadian produced shows with music, give it a spin.