The Doodlebops

Season 1 Episode 15

Strudel Doodle

Aired Weekdays 9:30 AM May 02, 2005 on Disney Channel

Episode Recap

Deedee enters and sees a red balloon. Rooney arrives. Deedee and Rooney introduce themselves. Where is Moe? A message falls from the balloon. They see a message that looks like a treasure map: Take ten steps that way. They count and walk ten steps. There's an X and another clue. They take seven steps to another X. This has another message to take three steps back, so they do that. They find Moe behind a cloth under the desk. They reintroduce themselves and then do the pledge. Rooney asks, "Who wants apple strudel?" Both Deedee and Moe want some, so he leaves to go get it. Deedee is on the couch showing Moe some slippers. She puts them on the ground, but as they converse, a furry creature grabs one and leaves. Rooney arrives with strudel but he forgot the plates and folks. He places it on a low table and leaves. Meanwhile Moe plays some bongos, when the furry creature, which is actually a dog, arrives next to the strudel ready to snatch that away. As Moe rests for a bit, he feels something lick his hand. Rooney comes back and notices the strudel is gone. Moe declares he's been slimed, while Deedee continues to look for the slipper. One of them sits down on the couch, and the dog yelps. Yikes, under the blanket, is it a ghost? They uncover it, and find a puppy! How cute! They don't find a name tag; perhaps it had fallen off. For now they will give him a name; Moe calls him Strudel Doodle. They introduce Strudel to Mudge, who isn't happy about it. Then they break into a song that has the words "You are my friend." Mazz arrives, and the Doodlebops show her the dog. Rooney asks if Mazz can help find its owner. She agrees to call around, and suggests they take him outside for some fun. Mazz says goodbye for now, and Rooney has an idea of setting up a jump rope as a leash. Speaking of ropes, Moe's rope drops into view. Don't pull the rope! But he does, gets soaking wet again, and shakes it off. Outside, the Doodlebops play. Deedee tries to get Strudel to fetch. She throws a ball, but he just stays there and looks back. Rooney is busy putting up flyers. Deedee tries again with the stick, but no luck there either. How about a bone? Deedee throws a bone, but Moe comes back with it. Then Bus driver Bob arrives. They do Get on the Bus while the dog watches. Bob says, "That's a cute friend. Where did you find him?" The Doodlebops explain the situation. Bob takes the bus on a "doggy detour" where they get to see all the different dogs out on the park. Moe gets worried they'll find the owners too soon, but Rooney comments, "I bet his owners miss him." Moe replies, "Oh, I didn't think of that." The bus arrives and they go and greet fans. Moe carries Strudel and they introduce him. Backstage, Mazz is with the mom and daughter who are the owners of Clyde (Strudel). They thank the Doodlebops for bringing Clyde, and the Doodlebops invite them to stay for the concert. On stage they sing their song of the day: My friend you're my good, good friend. Mazz comments what a great day it's been, but then they hear a thud. Mazz asks Bob if he closed the stage door. Bob forgot, and they hear some elephants trumpeting. On stage, the Doodlebops play a second song, "take a look in a book" and then a third song "I love to hear the sounds - is it high or is it low" Deedee tells Mudge a knock-knock joke, and then they sing their goodbye song.
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