The Doodlebops

Season 1 Episode 15

Strudel Doodle

Aired Weekdays 9:30 AM May 02, 2005 on Disney Channel



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    • Deedee: Knock knock.
      Mudge: Who's there?
      Deedee: Snow.
      Mudge: Snow who?
      Deedee: Snow-body but me.
      Mudge: (groaning) Uhhhhhh.
      Deedee: Get it? (It)'s nobody but me.
      Mudge: Now that's just silly. Goodbye.
      Deedee: (laughs) I'm so funny.

    • Deedee: I'm Deedee Doodle.
      Rooney: I'm Rooney Doodle.
      Moe: I'm Moe Doodle.
      Doodlebops: And we're the Doodlebops.
      Mudge: The polka-dot socks?
      Kid: No, the Doodlebops.
      Mudge: The smelly green socks?
      Kids: No, the Doodlebops!
      Mudge: If you say so. (sniffs a sock)

    • (After the Doodlebops sing their song of the day.)
      Deedee: So how do you feel about puppies now, Mudge?
      Mudge: Beh. About the same. The tune was kind of catchy.

    • (Deedee shows a dog to Mudge.)
      Deedee: Look who came to visit. Isn't he cute?
      Mudge: Get that beast away from me.
      Rooney: Oh he just came to say hello
      Mudge: If you want to say hello, shake hands, say "Hi." You don't go around slobbering on everyone.

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