The Doodlebops

Season 3 Episode 1

The Name Game

Aired Weekdays 9:30 AM Apr 09, 2007 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • As they review ideas for trying something different, Rooney suggests trying new instruments, and pulls out his Honkophone from season 1.

  • Quotes

    • Deedee: Do you know how the Doodlebops stay cool?
      Mudge: No, how do the Doodlebops stay cool?
      Deedee: They sit by their fans!

  • Notes

    • Season 3 novelties
      The opening has a larger concert view.
      The pledge acrobatics have increased quite a bit.
      Jazzmin joins in more often on singing the Song of the Day when it is first presented.
      The dance is now called the Doodlebop Dance of the Day, and the video segment where they teach the dance is replayed in front of the kids at the concert.
      The Doodlebops instantly put on their jackets and change costumes by spinning around.
      The Get on the Bus segment has been redone. Each Doodlebop gets a focused part in the song. Also, in many episodes, the song cuts to Bob's part.
      The concert hall is a different venue, and shows more kids trying out the dances.
      The Knock Knock segment features regular jokes and puns again.
      During the closing credits, the Doodlebops are signing autographs and greeting fans.

    • Cast credits
      Frank Meschkuleit is credited in the main cast as a Puppeteer again, as in season 1.
      Ron Stefaniuk is credited as a Puppeteer again, as in season 1.
      Audio Murphy has a different voice. He is no longer played or voiced by Jason Hopley.
      The Kid of the Day is longer credited.
      John Catucci is still credited as Giovanni Catucci.
      Lisa Lennox is still credited as Lisa J. Lennox.

      Lineup changes
      The opening credits order is now as follows:
      Bus Driver Bob
      Mr. Moosehead
      Audio Murphy

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