The Doodlebops

Season 3 Episode 2

Think Pink

Aired Weekdays 9:30 AM Apr 10, 2007 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • Think Pink is one of the phrases used in the cartoon series The Pink Panther which has numerous gimmicks where things turn pink color.

  • Quotes

    • Deedee: Hey Mudge. What colour is a burp?
      Mudge: I don't know. What colour is a burp?
      Deedee: Burple! (laughs) Get it? Burple? (laughs) I'm so funny!

    • (The Doodlebops greet Audio Murphy.)
      Murphy: Hey, jivin' june bugs, it's the Doodlebops. Hey, check it out, crew. I got a brand new music stand. It's smooth, it's sleek, it's (Deedee touches the stand.) PINK? Whoa, something's wrong with my sunglasses. I'm seeing pink!

    • Deedee: Don't pull the rope.
      Rooney: Don't pull the rope.
      Kids: Don't pull the rope!
      Deedee: Moe, if you want the rope to turn pink, just say the word.
      Moe: That's okay, Deedee. I think the rope is fine the way it is. But I will say the word. (pulls rope and gets drenched, shakes it off) And the word is: WET.

  • Notes

    • For Season 3, the Get on the Bus video gets clipped depending on episode length. Some episodes it skips to Bob's section of the song.

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