The Dooley and Pals Show

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The Dooley and Pals Show

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South Carolina ETV, the series' co-producing agency, called The Dooley and Pals Show "A terrific children's series from a star far, far away." Designed to fit in with most other PBS Kids shows, The Dooley and Pals Show cobined live-sized space creatures Dooley and his robot friend M.A.R.T.I.E. with ordinary Earth people. Among Dooley's new friends were children Nick (male) and Maxx (female). The show was replete with 3-D animation, children's drawings, and vox pops (incorrectly identified by some as "kid on the street" segments). Programs always ended with a Dooley log entry summarizing the lessons learned, and a lively song praising the "Dooley Day" he had just shared.

Produced in the facilities of The Disney-MGM Studios in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, The Dooley and Pals Show was distributed by American Public Television from April 2, 2000 to April 1, 2003. After that date, the eleven-station ETV Network in South Carolina was the only place to find The Dooley and Pals Show. Despite this setback, ETV is negotiating with co-producer Mark Riddle to revitalize the series. In addition, Dooley stil appears at some ETV-sponsored events, such as the South Carolina State Fair, held in Columbia, SC each October.moreless

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  • When you thought Barney and Friends was hypnotizing children more than any show on tv, you probley have never watched Dooley and Pals.

    The plot of Dooley and Pals is some alien(named Dooley) lands on earth and some robot comes too. And a group of kids whose ages range from around 7-10 years old come over to play, learn life lessons, and learn about the Bible. Does that sound like fun? Not to me! Ok, this show takes a lot from the show, Barney and Friends. But, I understand why, because Barney is possibly one of the most merchandized(sp?) children shows ever. I do not see why the people who created this show could have came up with a more original show (If they did it could have had a chance of having new episodes being made now).

  • What's better than learning lessons from a friendly alien who appears in your backyard with a robot and never shows a change in emotion on his face? Nothing.

    When i first saw Dooley and Pals I thought it was cute for my kids. After the second time I began to enjoy the show. This is a wonderful show for kids of all ages and elderly people with low self esteem. When I first heard Dooley pretending to be a gangsta rapper I laughed so hard. This really is a great show for kids and teaches them lessons like how fix a tire, how to properly shoot, burn down a village in one night, and how to critize the government and not get arrested. But what I really love about this show is that Dooley performs autospies on deceased presidents, and shows the kids how they can do it to their pets with tools found at home. I really wish this show wasn't canceled. Now my kids have switched over to Mtv and dress up like that mentally handicapped guy Ashton Kutcher.moreless