The Doris Day Show

Season 3 Episode 1

Doris Finds an Apartment

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Sep 14, 1970 on CBS

Episode Recap

After realizing that she was tired of commuting between her father's ranch and San Francisco, five days a week, Doris and Myrna take a look all over town for an apartment for her, her sons and the dog. However, most apartments would only take kids and no dog, or vice versa. After nearly running into two pedestrians, she sees an apartment opening over Pallucci's Italian Restaurant, owned and run by Louie and Angie Pallucci.

Angie shows her the apartment, and Doris falls in love with it, and immediately takes it. At first, Angie is put off by the fact that Doris has two sons and a dog, but she rents it to Doris anyway, and it doesn't matter to her about the other issues. Angie also becomes one of Doris's good friend.

While setting things up in the new apartment, with some help from Myrna and Ron, Doris is welcomed to the house by the welcome wagon lady, and two airline pilots who seem to think that Doris and Myrna are stewardesses. Among other chaos, Lord Nelson gets out of the house, and Doris gets another dog who looks like Lord Nelson.

Meanwhile, Angie, who had brought up a huge pizza for Doris and her family, is arguing with Louie about what she did. Louie, at first, is angered at what happened, and despite Doris's explanation about the chaos that had happened, intends to throw her and her family out.

However, Doris's sons, Billy and Toby, announce that Louie's pizza was delicious and they liked it. This immediately changes Louie's mind and, because he feels that he can't deprive Billy and Toby of nourishment thatthey can get from living above their restaurant,allows the Martins to stay. After Louie agrees to let them stay, the entire company, including Louie,enjoy the housewarming party.