The Doris Day Show

CBS (ended 1973)





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  • Doris Day made her way on TV...

    Without a doubt, this series had some great things going for it things got going it was stopped made it hard to really make a hard to write a great reveiw but here it goes.
    The show went through numerous changes, the first season Doris Martin (Day) recently widowed, moved to her father's farm with her two boys, after the season ended the series might had ran out of ideas to stay within the farm, so the second season brought Doris to find a job in the city,while still on the farm, she commutes there, by the third season, she along with the boys moved into an apartment nearer her work.
    The final two seasons had her as a single lady working as a photographer for a magazine, gone was the entire cast from the privious seasons.
    While the show might have gone on for another season or so, Doris her self called it quits.
    A wonderfully made series that no one actullay cares about.It's a delight to watch, the first season was a bit sappy, but it got better during the next few seasons.