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      From DOWNER WEDDING PROPOSALS AND WEIRD PRODUCTS - Truly awful wedding proposals get the "Downer Channel" treatment this week; and Jeff B. Davis tries to interest people in unique foods like Che Guevara breakfast cereal, Dolphin Jerky and dog food made from dogs. Other skits include "Low Moments of Birthday Clowns," "Why Being Nice Is A Mistake," "Things You Hear In Hell" and "Gosh, That's Insensitive," among others. Mary Lynn Rajskub, Lance Krall and Wanda Sykes also star.moreless
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      Many people complain about cell phones, with interludes of crashes into cars and buildings, and plummets off of bridges, all with the drivers continuing their conversations. Wrong Hug Moment 71 Mary Lynn tells her grandmother she's getting engaged and hugs her, and her grandmother, in turn, squeezes her butt. Horrible things to hear in hell. The four take bites of fresh-baked cookies and burn their mouths. Why Is Mary Lynn screaming? She used her microscopic vision to see the germs that live on her toothbrush. Great Moments in Downer History Gerald Ford signs the Voluntary Metric Conversion Act. Walter on Hold Walter calls a telemaintenance line and watches his car get towed, but can't do anything because he doesn't want to lose his place in line. Cat Lassie: Timmy gets trapped under a fallen tree, and Cat Lassie stares at him, doing nothing. World's Second Worst Combover/World's Worst ComboverMy Awful Boss People complain about their boss' bad characteristics, and a composite of these characteristics goes on a rampage through an office. The Downside of Being a Dung Beetle A beetle tries to push a ball of dung back to his wife. Noises Can Drive You Crazy A man carries a leaf-blower through a downtown area. Thank Heaven God chooses three Spanish guys and a doctor from California to join him in heaven. Footage of the Running of the Bulls follows. Walter On Hold, Part II Walter turns down sex to keep his place in line. Anal Retentive Rage An obsessive-compulsive man learns his wife left him and takes out his anger by slightly moving some items in his living room. Diets A professional model "adjusts" a woman's scale. A sprinkler system is tested in a congested airport. The Withholding Family Parents crash down the dreams of their son, who has been accepted, full-scholarship, into three Ivy League schools. Meet the ParentsWhite Guys Rocking Out Footage includes Duke basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski and President George W. Bush. Pet Peeve of the Week People talk of their pet peeves, to laughter from the cast members in a talk show setting. Uncomfortable Girl A woman goes to get a massage but doesn't want to be touched by the masseur. Walter on Hold, Part III The muzak on the phone becomes the Angry Screaming Men's Choir from Finland. Wanda's "serene" fountain floods the office with ear-busting noise. Not-in-Demand Lookalikes "Al Gore," "Barbara Eden," and "Barry Manilow" tell their stories. Period Drama Betsy Ross sews twelve stars and stripes, a dozen, onto the flag rather than thirteen, a baker's dozen, and Thomas Jefferson chooses the wrong time of the month to point out her mistake. Cat Lassie sleeps.moreless