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  • Bring it back!!

    I loved Dr. Ablow! He was always kind & considerate towards his guests & audience. Non-confrontational. If I were to EVER go on a talk show; this would be it. He helped people by being nice. PLEASE bring it back! I'm not much of a talker; the review just told me I had to have a hundred words or more. :::::sigh::::: Dr. Keith wouldn't make me do a hundred words; I'm sure of it! :::ahem:::
    He seems/seemed to know how to get through to the people he had on his show. Hopefully they are all doing better now. Thanks! : )
  • this is in response to your show raised by a racist whiched aired friday march 3rd.

    DR. KEITH,
    I watched your show "raised by a racist' I feel you were so wrong. Yes there is racisim, but try to understand where he was coming from. He was a black panther, that alone says something. He is a vietnam vetran, that says even more. We as blacks went to vietnam. died, was wounded or survied,but at that time a black man in the south could not even vote. I am not a racist but i know the struggle that we faced then. You were very unfair to him. I respect your profession, but you were wrong. if he had a chance to tell his story, maybe you would not had called him a liar so many times.Had you lived in our shoes you would understand. RONALD BOLDEN DETROIT MI.
  • I was just watching the show for the first time it happend to be on racsism. It was about an african american man and his daughters who he raised to be rascists.

    So as I stated before I watched the show and to my horror I saw a man who clearly has emotional and social problems. I was completley disgusted in the manner of how the supposed doctor handled himself. He resorted to juveniale tacticts and announcing to america here you have it this it what a racist looks like He didnt once try to help this man nor did he address the issue at hand but instead He decided to call him names.If this makes for great tv and ratings then its absolutly appauling.For the record I am of Italian decent and I am not a racist and I am also a happy and out proud gay man. So as if there were any confusion I am not siding with the racist and disagree with him but I am himan and I beleive the good doctor portrayed him in an inhumane manner. ajp517
  • A very good show with a good cause.

    The one thing I love about this show is that Dr. Keith never has a biased opinion. Unlike many psychiatrists, He sees both sides to every story, and truly tries his best to help out in any way he can. It's very under appreciated. I actually just found out about it by switching through channels, and now I watch it everyday. It has now become my favorite talk show. It showcases real people with real problems, and does not exploit people in a humiliating way to get huge ratings. I only wish it was on at a more reasonable time.
  • I don't think he has a personality!

    His show could be viable, accept that he has the personality of a therapist; ie. 'how does that make you feel?' and 'what do you think?' phrases are often used. But, that's not really exciting enough for syndicated TV. Of course it's a great thing that he is trying to help people, but he also needs to remember this is a TV show, and not the therapist's couch-it needs to translate to the television.
  • Dr. Keith Ablow could be great, but he needs a better group to choose the topics. I'm not worried about cyber-bullying as much as I'm worried about just plain bullying and how to stop the school shootings.

    Dr. Keith Ablow is a very good TV talk show host, although he needs a little tweeking yet. This is such a new show that I'm hoping it can get better in time. Dr. Ablow needs to stop giving his resume on each show. We understand he is a Doctor of Psychology and a good one. We don't need to know each and every one of his speciaties and what kind of people he has helped or worked with. There is a reason he is on TV and there is a reason he is called Doctor. That's all we need to know. After that, we just need a good topic and how to help these people. Topics that really hit home! School shootings and why are they happening so often? What to do about Ephedrine being sold in convenience stores and gas stations! What is the difference between Bipolar disorder and depression? There are so many topics that people have suggested. I just hope that the people who choose the topics will listen to the TV talk show viewers. That's what really counts and what really matters.
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