The Dr. Keith Ablow Show - Season 1

FOX (ended 2007)


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Episode Guide

  • Eating Disorders, Fame and the Pressure of Hollywood
    Eating disorders in Hollywood are talked about.
  • The Real Housewives of Orange County
    The Real Housewives of Orange County cast talks about the second season of the show.
  • Psychic Twins
    Psychic Twins
    Episode 74
    Terry and Linda Jamison known as the Psychic Twins predict what will happen in 2007.
  • Life After Supernanny
    Two families discuss their experiences before and after a visit from the show.
  • Anger Illness: Overcoming Rage
    Dr. Keith Ablow helps people with anger issues.
  • Serial Cheaters
    Serial Cheaters
    Episode 71
    Dr. Keith Ablow helps women deal with a significant other's infidelity.
  • A Family in Crisis
    A Family in Crisis
    Episode 70
    Rape victims discuss their ordeals with their families.
  • Living the Truth: Emotional Eating
    A discussion of adolescent weight issues with author Abby Ellin.
  • Holiday Family Feuds
    Different families try to reconcile for the holidays.
  • Teen Stars: Sex and Drugs
    Leif Garrett and actor Dustin Diamond appear. They discuss the pitfalls of fame at a young age.
  • Teen Stars: Sex and Drugs
    Leif Garrett and actor Dustin Diamond appear. They discuss the pitfalls of fame at a young age.
  • New Internet Dangers
    Dangers that happen on the internet.
  • Infidelity and Betrayal in Families
    Families that are split apart because of lies, deception, and betrayal.
  • Raised by a Racist
    Raised by a Racist
    Episode 64
    Families beset by interracial strife.
  • Moms Still Living the Wild Life
    Talks about mothers with wild life styles
  • Trapped: Afraid to Leave the House for 15 Years
    Helping a woman who's been afraid to leave her house for more than a decade.
  • Single Mothers Face Conflict
    Dr. Keith Ablow Helps single mothers who need financial and emotional support.
  • Intervention 911
    Intervention 911
    Episode 60
    Parents come and talk about their kids with drug addictions.
  • Plastic Surgery: If I Look Perfect Will I Feel Better?
    Looks at fallout from cosmetic surgery.
  • Rain Pryor: Joy and Loss with a Celebrity Father
    Rain Pryor talks about her dad Richard Pryor (1940-2005}
  • Inside the Mind of Celebrity Exes
    Looking over failed relationships with celebrities.
  • Is He My Greatest Love, or My Biggest Mistake?
    People who canceled their weddings, look back on their decisions.
  • Inside The Bunny Ranch
    Featured on HBO's hit undercover show, "Cathouse," the Bunny Ranch, a legal brothel in Nevada, has gained notoriety around the world. Dr. Keith talks to some of the "Bunnies" from the ranch and its owner, Dennis Hoff, about what’s really going on behind the doors of this infamous establishment and how they and their loved ones feel about the world’s "oldest profession."moreless
  • Inside The Lives Of Little People
    Little people reveal the daily challenges and ridicule they have had to face growing up as small people in a big world. Dr. Keith delves into what their lives are really like and whether they’ve struggled to find love and raise a family.
  • Life After A Reality Show
    In an intimate interview, "Brady" kid Christopher Knight and his wife, Adrianne Curry, winner of "America’s Next Top Model," reveal very personal details about their tumultuous childhoods and the life-altering abuse Adrianne suffered as a teenager. Dr. Keith also talks to the Leding family from season one of "The Simple Life," who reveal what Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie are really like when the lights go down and the cameras stop rolling.moreless
  • Updates On Dr. Keith's Most Memorable Guests
    Past guests from Dr. Keith's most memorable shows share how he has helped them successfully overcome their struggles with The Anger Illness, addiction, hoarding, twin rivalry and troubled romantic relationships.
  • Feuding Families Share Thanksgiving
    Feuding families from past shows return to the show in a last-ditch effort to reunite in time for Thanksgiving. Dr. Keith helps them put their differences aside and move closer this holiday season.
  • Can Sex Therapy Save Our Sexless Marriage?
    Couples struggling to stay together because of problems in the bedroom look to Dr. Keith and "sexpert" Tracey Cox for help. Will these couples be able to rekindle their long-lost love lives?
  • Inside The Minds Of Adult Porn Stars
    Dr. Keith goes inside the minds of some of America's most famous porn stars to find out why they chose this controversial and potentially dangerous profession.
  • I'm Afraid Of My Teenager
    Dr. Keith talks to a family living in fear of their teenage son who has threatened to kill himself and them. Can Dr. Keith find the root of the problem and get them the help they desperately need?
  • Anna Nicole Smith: The Family Exclusive
    Anna Nicole Smith's mother, Virgie, and other family members speak out in an exclusive interview about Anna Nicole's life, loves, drug abuse and the devastating loss of her son, Daniel.
  • FATabulous
    Episode 46
    Meet plus-size women who say they're hot, sexy and aren't ashamed of their super-size figures. Dr. Keith gets the skinny on fat with plus-size models, internet "feeders" and the men who love them.
  • I Want To Lose My Virginity
    Adult virgins open up to Dr. Keith about their overwhelming desire to lose their virginity and reveal the fears that are holding them back. Plus, Dr. Keith speaks to a 29-year-old woman who is on a quest to lose her virginity before her 30th birthday.
  • My Fair Brady: Now Newlyweds
    Dr. Keith talks to former "Brady" kid Christopher Knight and Adrianne Curry, winner of "America's Next Top Model." Will these newlyweds live happily ever after? Dr. Keith reveals the truth about this couple's "surreal life."
  • Anger Illness: A Crisis Erupting
    Mothers who slap, grab and yell at their children may be suffering from what Dr. Keith calls The Anger Illness, a condition that causes uncontrollable rage. Find out what the symptoms are and learn how you or someone you know can get help.
  • The Secret World Of Teen Sex
    Teenage girls divulge their secret sex lives to their mothers for the first time, and Dr. Keith uses these sensitive revelations to build stronger mother-daughter bonds.
  • Families In Chaos: Nanny 911
    Dr. Keith and Nanny Deb from FOX's "Nanny 911" help parents learn to deal with their out-of-control children and try to stop the chaos before things get worse.
  • Public Headlines, Private Pain
    Keith speaks exclusively to Alison Clinton, Sara Evans' best friend and former nanny, who is at the center of the country superstar and "Dancing With The Stars" contestant's bitter divorce. Plus, Dr. Keith talks to a former page for Senator Foley and Kid Rock's ex-girlfriend, whom he broke up with to marry Pamela Anderson.moreless
  • Fatal Attraction: Obsessive Love
    Dr. Keith speaks to guests whose lives were put in serious danger when they became the targets of a fatal attraction.
  • Reality Check: Teen Parents
    Dr. Keith works with teenage moms to assist them in dealing with the hellish reality of having to raise kids on their own and at their age.
  • Secrets Revealed: Living the Truth
    Dr. Keith works with couples who have been living together and completely lying about who they are and where they come from, leading to an emotional few minutes as everybody reveals who they really are.
  • Moms Addicted to Pain Pills
    A councelling session for parents who are addicted to over-the-counter pain medication.
  • Last Chance: Repairing the Father-Daughter Bond
    Dr. Keith helps three sisters confront and forgive the father who abused them throughout the early years of their life.
  • The Exclusive Interview: John Mark Karr
    In his first and only public media interview, Dr. Keith sits down with John Mark Karr, the man who falsely confessed to killing child beauty pageant star JonBenet Ramsey.
  • 'House of Carters': Inside A Superstar Family
    Nick & Aaron Carter and their family sit down with Dr. Keith to talk about their new reality show, and dive into their respective rocky childhoods. Particular emphasis is placed on the sisters' early life, and what it was like for them to deal with their brothers' fame at such an early age.moreless
  • Inside the Lives of Women Who Hoard
    Dr. Keith helps mothers whose obsessive hoarding is affecting the rest of their families. He works with them to make life changes in order to mend their familial relationships.
  • Inside the Mind of Single Women
    Dr. Keith teams up with Cosmopolitan's editor in chief and author, Kate White, to go inside the minds of women in their 30's.
  • Newly Married... Early Trouble
    Dr. Keith helps a married couple decide whether they can move past some basic, yet signifigant, problems in their marriage, such as financial issues and habitual lying.
  • Anger Illness: An Epidemic?
    Dr. Keith counsels quick-tempered moms about their out-of-control anger in an effort to save their troubled relationships with their children and prevent future generations from suffering from emotional abuse.
  • Life After 'Wife Swap'
    These two families were part of ABC's reality show Wife Swap. During their participation these two realized the faults in their family relationships. Now, for closure, Dr. Keith helps put these problems to rest once and for all.
  • Bailey, CO And Amish Country, PA: The School Shooting Aftermath
    Dr. Keith goes live to Lancaster County, PA to talk with Amish community leaders about the recent school shooting tragedies occuring there. In-studio, Dr. Keith Ablow counsels the friends of Emily Keyes, the school shooting victim.
  • Unfaithful Wives, Controlling Husbands
    Dr. Keith helps couples who seem to be stuck in an infinite loop of problems: husbands are controlling of their wives because of their fear of infidelity, and their wives are unfaithful to them due to their partner's controlling nature.
  • Secret Addictions Disrupting Lives
    Dr. Keith speaks to women whose lives are consumed by their offbeat addictions, from excessive spending to extreme shoplifting.
  • Teen Daughters: Mom's Parenting Is Too Little Too Late?
    Dr. Keith helps mothers regain their authority over their out-of-control teenage daughters.
  • Families Too Close for Comfort
    Dr. Keith helps a family that has lived together for almost all their life let go and become independant, successful people.
  • Cyberbullying
    Episode 15
    Uncovering the new fad of cyberbullying, where bullies take on forms of abuse that go on the face-to-face verbal trashtalk, moving onto the internet. Is it as harmless as it seems?
  • Inside the Lives of a Polygamist Family
    Interviews with various polygamist wives, unraveling insight to the polygamist way of life.
  • Will She Choose to Live or Die?
    Dr. Keith counsels a single mother whose suffering with a variety of personal problems, as well as trying to keep her family from simply going under.
  • Bad Patch or Bad Relationship?
    Focuses on a common problem: couples going through bad times. The question is, are they going through a few routine arguments or is the marriage simply failing to work?
  • Coping With Twin Rivalry
    An ongoing battle between two bitter twin sisters is reaching a near-fatal level of fighting. The family turns to Dr. Keith for help.
  • 9/22/06
    Dr. Keith reaches out to newlywed husbands and wives, whose marriages are being tested by cheating and lying.
  • 9/21/06
    Dr. Keith speaks with a group of celebrities as they share the stories of the failed relationships with other public figures.
  • 9/20/06
    A confrontation between a group of adults whose parents left them when they were children, and the mothers who abandoned them. Questions are answered and relationships are rebuilt.
  • 9/19/06
    A family, torn together by a consecutive string of marriages and divorces, is on the verge of completely breaking apart from each other. They consult Dr. Keith for help.
  • Katharine McPhee
    Episode 6
    Dr. Keith sits down in an interview with Katharine McPhee, of American Idol fame. She shares with us her early childhood, the numerous self-esteem and eating problems she had during that time, how she overcame these problems, and her journey to becoming a finalist on American Idol.
  • The new age challange is known as the blended family. The blended family is one where one family is supposed to blend with another just because the parents of two different families have fallen in love and have gotten together. The parents don't see the challange as they are the ones in love and expect their families to do the same. It is not always the way it goes however. Children often don't get along with the other children. One child or another feels left out. There are many obsticles that a blended family must overcome when the parents fall in love.moreless
  • An interview with Charlie Shanian on his very public and disastorous divorce with his ex-wife, Tori Spelling.
  • Dr. Keith helps a woman addicted to cocaine. As she consults the psychiatrist, a tale of four generations of her family, all of who are swept into the same circle of drugs. Dr. Keith tries to help the entire family overcome both the family's addiction and their denial of the problems.moreless
  • Dr. Keith takes his viewers inside the complicated and corrupted mind of John Mark Karr, the alleged pedophile who falsely confessed to killing JonBenet Ramsey. Quientana Ray, one of Karr's victims, helps Dr. Keith unravel the mystery.
  • VIP Pass: Groupie Secrets
    People share their brushes with fame.
  • Premiere Show
    Episode 1
    In homage to the tragic 9/11 attacks, Dr. Keith Ablow uses his talent to help the relatives of victims of the attacks, by rebuilding their family and healing emotional scars. Includes an interview with New York Firefighter Regina Wilson, and a group of soldiers who were sent to Afghanistan as a result of the attacks.moreless